Happy Valentine’s Day from the developers of Your Affection! We thought we’d mark the occasion with an update of sorts (development is going very smoothly!) - and celebrate with some of the amazing, beautiful art that has been made exclusively for the game!

Your Affection will feature 15 original illustrations by 12 different artists, and we are so grateful for all of their incredible work! Check them out here!

@ai-wa | @bedsafely | @dyinglikeicarus | @hanuwabbit | @krisrix | @naociel-cosplay | @preservedcucumbers@retrodynamics | @simongannon | @strangestquiet | @star-gal | @tattedmariposa

If you have time, please take a moment to check out their art, follow them, and if you can spare it, maybe even commission a new work of art!

Stay tuned for more updates, and if you’re just hearing about us for the first time, read more and download our demo here!

remyrony  asked:

Souyo fics? I would absolutely love them :)

as you wish!! there are a lot of good souyo fanfiction out there so this is gonna be just a list of my favorites or it would be endless (also, i haven’t read any in a while so no new stuff)

nebulous by delicatty (my fav, i love their dynamic in this one so much, ongoing)
Yosuke Fucks Up by phantomdoodler (best crack fanfiction ever, i cry with laughter everytime)
A Magician’s Last Trick by yosukeisgod (very very angsty but i love to suffer)
Sympathy Crime (nsfw, contains adachi x yosuke and is very fucked up but super good and well written)
Tomo, not as in “Friend” by Amielleon and tattedmariposa (involves a cat)   
As the Sun Kissed the Horizon by pennysparkle
You Say the Words that I Can’t Say by deadmansbones
Kiss Me Again by akhikosanada
A Foregone Conclusion by scatter
Because It’s You by winterinmyveins
Truth in Someone Else series by Angevon
Thoughts series by Cawaiiey
Close Calls series by Chocchi

i am absolutely sure i’m forgetting some but i guess this is enough for now…..

tattedmariposa  asked:

Riza Hawkeye, for the meme? :3

{Send me a character and I’ll tell you:}

First impression: An Adult in a Sea of Children… My Favorite Character. She has been Chosen.

Impression now:
 What a wonderfully fleshed-out and considered character! She’s an adult who acts like an adult but who has her moments where she’s allowed to be scared for herself/afraid for those she cares about/emotional/EVERYTHING. She’s a badass but she doesn’t have any kind of superpower: just her wits and good common sense. And boy oh boy if she doesn’t have some great character development.

Favorite moment:
 There are so many scenes with her that stand out to me, like when she cries because she thinks Roy is dead, when she tells Barry the Chopper to shut up/back off and takes charge of the situation like a boss, ughhh so many good scenes. But I think my favorite is when she sits Edward down in her apartment and talks to him. That was so nice.

Idea for a story: Yeah I still think about that FMA-SNK crossover sort of thing I was going to write where the FMA characters were in SNK’s world. I had it mapped out pretty well and everything…

Unpopular opinion: I doubt I have an opinion about Riza that anyone would disagree with, honestly. 

Favorite relationship: Roy, mostly because they have this really charged (not sexually, I just mean in general history. It’s kind of complex to even think about, let alone put into words, but it’s intimate–and terrible. They were both so naive before the war, and what’s truly amazing about them is how they relied on one another and grew in similar directions…and better yet, that they understand one another better than probably anyone else ever will. And yet throughout the canon there is never anything explicitly sexual about their relationship or necessarily even their attraction to one another. I like that it’s all kind of up in the air. They are what they are and everyone gets to appreciate their relationship as they like, though it’s clearly one founded in mutual respect and love. Nice.

Favorite headcanon: I think she has extremely mixed feelings regarding the tattoo on her back and how she chose to destroy it.

tattedmariposart  asked:

2, 14, 29

2. Is there a trope you’ve yet to try your hand at, but really want to?

This used to be Asylum AU. After plotting one out and obligating myself to write one and being like “actually there is no good way to start this”, I no longer have that urge. :P

14. What’s the worst writing advice you’ve ever come across?

oh god how could I pick just one!?

make your writing more vivid by using synonyms / don’t use the word “is” / don’t use passive voice / don’t use “thought” or “know” / don’t make your protagonist too interesting / show don’t tell / write what you know by which i mean are YOU a medieval princess I THOUGHT NOT


29. If you could write the sequel (or prequel) to any fic out there not written by yourself, which would you choose?

does the next chapter of uncharted fates count

tattedmariposa  asked:

Julius, for the meme?

First impression: Zzzz
Impression now: I guess it’s pretty sad that there was a little boy who got turned into a vessel for a dragon god and he had to die and stuff, but honestly Zzzz. We know next to nothing about Julius as Julius, and Loptyr!Julius feels kind of undercooked in FE4. He feels more real in FE5 for what little screen time he has there.
Favorite moment: When he tries to be charming in FE5 and you get to see a little glimpse of his charisma. Also when he’s threatening Arvis.
Idea for a story: In my King Sigurd AU, the twins were born anyway and Julius was a meek little minor Baldo/minor Loptyr kiddo whose heritage was a big secret that came out in a bad way. 
Unpopular opinion: IDK what’s popular. He’s not a shitty and unimpressive villain but I just don’t like him that much, and any hint that he was a bad seed pre-possession (as in the graphic novels) is a turn-off. 
Favorite relationship: They’re all abusive that we see. I wish we could see more of how he related to his more useful vassals like Hilda. He saves her and Arion both after all.
Favorite headcanon: OK, we have this teenaged vessel of a dark god with damn near unfettered power and a hot goddess-y GF. Life in his circle sounds like decadent Roman emperor funtimes cranked up to 11.

tattedmariposa  asked:

10, as time flies by through the callous lights

dfskgfd i completely forgot i had this meme in my queue

10) why did you choose this pairing for this particular story?

- it was for a friend who really likes owainigo, so that kind of cinched the deal there, but fartes was also the thing (of all things) that finally got me interested in their relationship from a romantic angle.  which isn’t to say i dislike their dynamic or deny that they have massive amounts of subtext, just that i couldn’t bring myself to see it romantically in fea, probably b/c i have Shit Taste www  in any event, i’m also endlessly fascinated by the stuff laslow says to odin abt his increasingly faulty memory, and i wanted to apply the hammy yet genuinely romantic stuff owain says to frobin in hotsprings scramble to someone who isn’t, you know, his mom’s peer w/all the power imbalance that entails.  hence, fef owainigo weepypasta, featuring my continued inability to write owain’s dialogue.

tattedmariposa  asked:

25 and 38? :3

25.   your bookshelf?

[send me a # and i’ll take a picture]

I have several bookshelves but…they are empty because most of my books are still packed away. So here’s what I’ve got unpacked. :P

Computer room closet shelf:

And then a short bookshelf with some particular faves on it (that’s usually hidden behind some plastic tubs but I moved them to take this photograph):

(If I get this number again I’ll take closer pictures of the shelves but otherwise this is good.)

38.   something irreplaceable?

My gramma’s ring which I’ve worn every day since her passing in 2008.

(my hands are so ugly lmao please disregard them entirely.)

tattedmariposart  asked:

tell me about a Henry/Olivia artist/muse AU :3

Henry was introduced to art through an art therapy thing he was sent to in his teens. The therapist was very cool and encouraged them to toy with whatever kind of art felt right to them and showed them all sorts of art from lovely art books she brought with her, and Henry took a liking to abstract expressionism. However, it wasn’t really something practical for him to keep up as he was shuttled around state homes, and once he went to serve in the military for two years he had pretty much forgotten all about it.

He came back to his homeland with nothing more than the clothes on his back and a lot of emotional baggage. Twice a day, he would drift back to a homeless shelter for a bite to eat and someplace to sleep. As it so happens, it’s right next door to an open-air theater. Everyone would watch the performances as they stood in line for soup.

One night Henry saw Olivia dancing, and he thought it looked so lovely that it stirred something in him that still liked form and color and movement and expression. He stole five bottles of spraypaint and spent a night filling the back wall of the shelter. In the morning there was an uproar and it was clear that someone had caught him sneaking out, so Henry left before they could arrest him.

He took a pamplet from the theater with a schedule before he left.

Every night they put on a dancing performance, he’d watch from outside the chain-link fence, then find a sufficiently discreet wall, and paint to his heart’s content. It was a long walk from the shelter that didn’t know to call the police on him, but it was worth it.

I’m not sure how this story ends. Probably rather sadly. But for a little while, Henry is hungry but happy.

@tattedmariposa said: you might’ve just sold me on watching this film

Moana was pretty good. Not great, because in spite of the gorgeous animation and some nice things done with the plot the story beats all fell with calculated Joseph Campbell-derived precision. I saw the live-action Jungle Book, Zootopia, and this all in the space of about seven months and they all had way too much in common under the skin (fur?). Individually I liked them all but collectively… yeah.

But Moana had two completely out-of-left field things, one of them being the sequence with the WTF singing crab and the other being something so whacked you have to see it for yourself. It was like Mad Max: Fury Road meets The Wind Waker meets those little forest critters from Princess Mononoke. Sort of.

tattedmariposa replied to your post:(i know i sent the message hours ago i only just saw your response) I wasn’t anonymously trying to put you down, you reblogged a post telling people to send their honest opinion of you, and honestly you seem to be pretty full of yourself. Don’t ask people to be honest if you don’t want to hear what they have to say.

anon hate is the weakest shit.

Basically xD Like, if you’re going to insult me, at least own it xD Don’t go on anon and be like “I’m not insulting you, but *obvious insult here*”.  Come on.

tattedmariposa  asked:

jugdral? :)

I am going to concentrate on FE4 because comparing FE4 to FE5 is a whole different mindset.

the character i least understand: Huh. Granted for the most part the Jugdrali do not strike me as being very curious people and therefore it is hard to get into their brains for me. Like, I don’t understand how Sigurd didn’t ask himself more questions but I do understand “yeah that’s how he is” and can roll with that. And then you have virtual ciphers like Lester who have little of any consequence to go on. I guess out of characters with actual development… damn, but Manfroy gets hit by the idiot stick and fucks up at the last possible minute. WTFF?

interactions i enjoyed the most: Leif and Lewyn and Bridget and Patty with just about anyone, really.

the character who scares me the most: In terms of “this is a person positioned to do a great deal of harm in the best of all possible worlds” Arthur and Leif set off my alarm bells, but we have canon’s assurance Leif turned out fine. Also side-eying Ares but I’m thinking with Dermott and Lene supporting him things go OK. In terms of “I do not like where this person’s head is at for their own sake,” Gen2 adults bar Hannibal come to mind.

the character who is mostly like me: Uh, pass.

hottest looks character: The sprite art ain’t so hot but take Treasure and various card game OA into account and well, Ethlyn’s adorable, Cipher!Aideen is hot as hell, and original TCG Bridget and Erin are lovely. Sigurd can look nice given the right artist but honestly I prefer the Leonster guys.

one thing i dislike about my fave character: Talk to your damn son, Finn. Seriously. Like, I can’t complain that much about the development of one of FE4′s most-developed characters but dude, just talk to the kid.

one thing i like about my hated character: I just don’t have the feelings of hatehatehate toward most characters that memes like this are probably supposed to feed off of. Like, I guess Chagall is pretty thoroughly detestable? And sad. Do I like anything about Chagall? He makes a better antagonist than most of the FE13 crew, so sure. 

a quote or scene that haunts me: Seliph explores the Yied. It’s a good damn scene, man. Also anything to do with Claude, poor guy.

a death that left me indifferent: Byron. Ishtore. I felt more for mini-bosses like Zane and Maykov.

a character i wish died but didn’t: It’s Jugdral. There is no shortage of death, deserved or otherwise. No minor weirdo villains get a pass or a rehabilitation.

my ship that never sailed: It’s Jugdral. You can sail any damn ship you want if it’s het unless it involves Altena. Anything not het or involving Altena, too bad for you. I ship Altena/Cairpre. Too bad for me.