tatted man

hi hello i was tagged by the lovely @kasiwrites thanks love (:

Nickname: syd
Height: 5'1
Last thing I googled: who does she think she is gif (lmao i hate myself)
Fav music artist: taylor swift
Song stuck in my head: well fireproof is on rn so i guess fireproof ((:
Last movie I watched: i think the new beauty and the beast
Last TV show I watched: the unbreakable kimmy schmidt
What are you wearing right now: leggings and a big tshirt
When did you create your blog: i think the end of january 2017
What kind of stuff do I post: harry, fic, and anything else i find interesting
Do you have any other blog: yes i have a main blog, this is a sideblog
Do you get asks regularly: not really lately, i used to lmao idk where y’all went
Why did you choose your url: bc that anchor tat man… it does things to me
Gender: female
Hogwarts house: slytherin
Pokémon team: hahaha i deleted pokemon go before i got to that point  
Fav colour: pastel pink
Average hours of sleep: my sleep cycle app says 8 hours 19 minutes
Fav characters: im really bad at this question im just gonna say the golden trio from hp
How many blankets do you sleep with: depends on the season but currently a sheet and a blanket
Dream job: clinical psychologist

A - age: 21
B - birthplace: rhode island
C - current time: 9:45 pm
D - drink you had last: water
E - easiest person to talk to: my best friend shilah
F - favourite song: at the moment it’s promise by MUNA
G - grossest memory: there was a retreat i organized my senior year of high school and part of it was two seniors against two other seniors and we got to go food shopping and pick the grossest things we could imagine to throw at each other i had to shower for a very very long time afterwards to get coffee grinds and the smell of spam out of my hair
H - horror yes or no: only if i’m with friends 
I - in love: not currently
J - jealous of people: i used to have a jealousy problem but not really anymore
K - killed someone: lmao no why is this question on here
L - love at first sight or should i walk past again: umm im not opposed to either!
M - middle name: justine
N - number of siblings: 2 brothers and a sister
O - one wish: free college tuition for everyone!!!
P - person I last called: my mom
Q - question you’re always asked: “what’s your name? cindy?”
R - reason to smile: it’s summer!
S - song you last sang: all too well by taylor swift
T - time you woke up: i think around 9 AM
U - underwear color: teal
V - vacation: i never go on vacation but i’m going to LA on june 16th ((:
W - worst habit: not proofreading essays before submitting
X - x-rays: i’ve had a few on my hands and chest i think and once on my ankle maybe 
Y - your favourite food: burgers and fries!!!
Z - zodiac sign: aquarius

i tag: @stylishmuser @roseonhissleeve @edwardstyles @inkedangelhaz @summertimewolves and @nips-and-tats