tatted loose


Today was one of the slowest days of the year. “Mike do we have any appointments?”  Calum asked bored out of his mind. “Nope, we’re empty today, hopefully some walk ins show up.” He answered. “Ugh, a ninety year old named Glatice could walk in and I wouldn’t even complain.” Calum groaned. “Gross dude, we would probably have to turn her down anyways, cause there’s no way to tat skin that loose.” Luke added smartly. “Thanks for the gross imagery guys.” Ashton sarcastically spoke looking up from working on sketches. Everyone’s laughter was cut off by the phone ringing.  Ashton reached over picking up the phone. “This is Ashton from Black Lotus Tattoo, how may I help you?” Ash greeted kindly. “Hey, I was wondering if you guys have any appointments available today?” She asked. “Yeah! We’re pretty much free for the whole day so you can come in when you want, and there’s four of us today, so you have your pick.” Ashton said. “Okay um could I make an appointment with Michael?” She asked. “Of course, what time do you want to come in?” “I’ll just take the soonest he has.” She answered. “He’s free until tomorrow so you can just come in, but I’ll still put your name down.” Ash answered. “Okay, put it under Y/N.” Y/N said. “Okay, we’ll see you in a little bit Y/N.” Ashton said hanging up the phone. “Was it a ninety year old named Glatice?” Calum asked causing everyone to laugh. “Mike you have an appointment, she’s on her way.” Ashton yelled towards the back where Mike was. They laughed and joked around til the bell on the door chimed letting them know that a customer was there, making everyone’s head turn and their eyes fall on a beautiful girl. “Hey, I’m here for an appointment.” She spoke smiling at everyone there. “You must be Y/N.” Michael smiled putting his hand out. “I’m Michael, you can call me Mike.” He flirted. “Okay, I’m a little nervous this is my first tattoo.” She blushed. “That’s alright pretty girl, I’ll take good care of ya. Do you know what you want?” MIchael asked. “I want an Evergreen pine on the inside of my wrist.” She beamed. Michael wondered what the story behind it was, but he decided to save it for later.  “Alright, darling let’s get this sketched” Michael said leading her to the back only to find Calum and Luke waiting for him. “What do you two fools want?” Mike laughed. “Ya know Mike, we don’t have any appointments til later on, we can take care of this pretty lady for you if you’d like.” Calum spoke with a smirk. “No thank you gentlemen, I would like to take care of this pretty girl myself, now go make yourselves useful and help Ash with the phones” He replied. “Sorry Y/N, they’re idiots.” He laughed. “That’s okay.” She giggled. “Okay gorgeous, what do you think of this?” He asked showing her the sketch. “It’s absolutely perfect! I love it so much!” She squealed. “Okay, love I’m gonna prep your wrist. Are you nervous?” He asked doing just what he said.  “Um, yeah. how bad do you think it will hurt?” She responded. “I don’t think it will be too bad, It’s just small so it will be quick too.” he replied. “Okay.” she said taking a deep breath. “Are you sure you’re okay sweetie? I’ll help you be as comfortable as possible okay?” He asked rubbing her back. “Thank you.” she said. “So what made you choose an evergreen?” Mike asked starting his gun. “I’ve always loved trees, they’re beautiful and we depend on them so much.” She explained. “I’m guessing evergreens are your favourite?” Michael asked. “Yeah they always have been.” She smiled. “Alright, sweetheart looks like you’re done.” Mike said wiping off the excess ink and letting you look at it. “It’s amazing thank you so much!” She squealed. “Of course babe, and if you ever want to go out sometime just let me know.” Mike winked handing her a slip of paper with his number on it. “I could do dinner tomorrow night if you want, pick me up at six.” She smiled at him. 

tbh i just want a relationship where we both hold each other in silence, and i send them cute good morning messages and weird selfies, and we can go on little adventures too big cities, and eat lots and lots of pizza. i also really want someone who’ll understand how damaged my heart is and will be ready to put the pieces together. most inportantly, someone who loves music and loves counterparts and neck deep and we just can bE LAME POP PUNK CUTIES, LOVE ME

loquaciousquark  asked:

Fenris, endless 'waking up' from one dream into another, but he hears Danarius's voice in all them. ALTERNATELY, if you're sick to death of me giving you Fenris stuff: Isabela, being chased.

*laughs* I think we both may have the same problem, RE: Fenris. ;) And, ahem, this got a touch dark. :| :|

He does not scream when he awakens. It is the first thing one learns as a slave: do not make noise that might attract the master’s attention. Nightmares come and go, but screaming, interrupting, calling attention to oneself: all of this is forbidden, unless one relishes punishments. 

Or worse, a master’s amusements. 

He is safe; it is the mansion in Kirkwall, familiar broken windows and rotting boards. It is early afternoon, by the sun streaming in the windows, the sounds from Hightown. He is, for want of a better term, home. He should go call on Donnic, perhaps even head to the Hanged Man to see Varric. 

The door opens, and he hears the familiar rat-tat-tat of claws on loose tiles. A mabari. Hawke. 

Fenris smiles and he goes to fetch a tunic, so he is not in just his small clothes when she reaches his bedroom door. 

Except the wardrobe is open, empty like a dark yawning mouth. There is crying in the streets, sobbing, and the claws on the tiles scratch now, moving slow and steady as they ooze closer. 

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