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Now I want to see this as goody two shoes!Castiel getting really overwhelmed by hearing punk!dean praising him/confessing his love as they have sex for the first time. But of course, Dean being the fucker he is, has to go and ruin the moment by making fun of Cas. And Cas wants to be mad at him for being such an ass, but he also realizes that it’s just the dean he fell for and he wouldn’t have it any other way.


[Zelo gets tattooed]
Rated: Mature

You sighed heavily turning the page of your book. You’d been bored out of your mind lately. A lack of motivation and inspiration was going to be the death of you. It was like you wanted to tattoo, but you just couldn’t find the right client.

You needed a new muse.

Sleepy walked up the narrow staircase holding a bag of from your favorite street cart. “Hey, I brought ya somethin~”

“Oppa!” you grinned seeing your older brother make his way inside “You can be amazing when you wanna be” you chimed reaching out for the bag. “Gimmie”

“Ah- say please” he held the bag just out of reach.

“Yah, Sleepy-Oppa! Give me my food you tree”

“Alright here” he set the plate of tteokbokki in your hand. “You really should consider eating something other than tteokbokki”

“Give me one good reason why?” you pouted, shoving the skewer in your mouth. “If you’ve already found perfection, why seek anything else?”

He groaned, raking a hand through his hair. “Why are you like this?” He made himself at home, flopping down on the tattoo bench, and resting his arms behind his head. “Where is everybody anyway?”

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I really need people to talk about Dean and Luna’s friendship during and after the War.

At first, they can only talk to each other about what they experienced on the run/being captured. Dean’s the one Luna tells about what it was like to be kidnapped, about what she heard while in the Malfoy basement, about how hurt she was and how scared. Luna’s the one Dean admits to what it was like being on the run, terrified every single night, and how being captured was both a relief and the most terrifying thing to happen.

Bill and Fleur are very nice and kind and never mind them hanging around Shell Cottage, but Dean and Luna feel pretty alone and isolated and turn to each other for company.

Dean and Luna swapping techniques about how to achieve certain textures while painting.

Luna gets Dean into more 3D art and charming final pieces, like she did with her lion hat.

Dean gets Luna into prose and animating 2D pieces to give them just a bit of life.

Dean can’t stop talking about how much he misses Seamus and how he’s finally gonna ask him out when they’re finally reunited. 

Luna can’t stop gushing about Ginny and how beautiful she is and how she just wants to go on an adventure with her.

And then everything comes to a head and Voldemort is dead and Dean has asked Seamus out and Ginny and Harry are inseparable but Dean and Luna are still there for each other no matter what.

Seamus learns what Luna’s favorite tea is and makes it for her when she apparates over after a nightmare and Dean hugs and comforts her as she tells Dean what her nightmare was, too softly for Seamus to overhear.

Dean and Seamus have talked about their experiences, of course, but it’s still Luna that Dean goes to in order to work out how he feels about whatever he’s learning to cope with this week.

Dean paints a beautiful, serene mural for Luna on the walls of her flat, charmed to give feelings of peace when she touches certain spots. Luna creates a detailed tat for Dean that covers his shoulder and upper arm and part of his back and chest.

Luna’s periodically invited over for dinner. Dean’s invited to tea dates.

Luna is Dean’s best wix when he marries Seamus. Dean’s the person that Luna always makes sure to tell where she’s headed on her next adventure. If she forgets or doesn’t have the chance to tell Ginny, Harry, Neville, Hermione, or Ron, they always know they can check with Dean on her whereabouts. 

Dean helps organize spreads for The Quibbler and sometimes does cover art. Luna is Dean and Seamus’ favorite babysitter for their young twins.

Just, Luna and Dean, okay?

“Tit for Tat”

WWE Imagine

Request Dean Amborse x Reader
Word count:1195
Warnings: Smut, Language, unprotected sex. ( USE A CONDOM!! ALWAYS PRACTICE SAFE SEX! )
Author’s notes: Thank you for the request!
Prompt: Smutty, Angry Dean :O

“No you listen Dean! I don’t care if it’s a scripted kiss! You should have told me first!” You yelled, anger welling up in you as the tears stream down your face. You hated crying, but when you got angry, you couldn’t help it. “Y/N! Open the fucking door! Let me explain!” Dean boomed through the door of your hotel room bathroom. This whole thing had started when you turned on the show for tonight, watching as Dean pulled Chris Jericho’s tag team partner in for a unexpected kiss, giving Becky the chance to roll Jericho up for the three count. You knew it was scripted, but it made you angry that he wouldn’t tell you.

“Why don’t you go see if Nattie wants to talk about it?!?” You scream back. “For fuck’s sake Y/N! If you don’t open this fucking door right now I swear to god I’ll break it down!” Dean’s voice drops low, his voice dripping with venom. He was being serious. You swing the door open angrily, staring him down. His eyes were full of anger. “ Now” he says, walking forward and grabbing your shoulders. “ Let me fucking tell you something” He says, his hands climbing up your neck to cradle your face, you furrow your brows trying to pull away, but he tightens his grip. “I DO NOT, want anyone, anyone, but you, you stubborn, angry, jealous, over reacting, beautiful woman” Dean’s eyes bore into yours, making you squirm. Oh no, he wasn’t getting off that easy.

You lean back like you’re trying to look at his face and he real eases you like you had hoped he would, before you can think better of it, you cock your hand back and bring it forward hard, the smack resonating through the tile bathroom, intensifying the effect. You look him in the face, a red mark welling on his cheek. “ Now we are even” You purr, as you make a run for the bedroom, trying to close the bathroom door behind you. He catches you quickly, spinning you so that you can see into his eyes. He was angry, and shocked, but there was something else there, Amusement? “ You really, really, shouldn’t have done that Y/N” Dean growls, spinning you so he is pressed into your behind. You could feel his hardening cock pressing into your lower back. “Dean I’m sor-” “Oh no you aren’t, but you will be.” He interrupts you, his words making you shiver, and your stomach tighten in anticipation.

“Dean please!” You whimper as he walks forward, his large hand engulfing both of your wrists as he pulls his belt free with the other hand, then walking backwards so he is sitting on the edge of the bed. He yanks you forward, pulling you over his knee, and lifting your dress up over your rear end, exposing your white lace panties. “Dean!” You squirm as he yanks them down exposing your mound and ass. “Be quite” He says, his tone tells you not to try him. You wiggle, uselessly, there was no way to get free. “ Tit for Tat Miss Y/L/N “ Dean’s voice was low and husky as the belt came across your ass hard, making a loud smacking noise. “ AHH!” “Ow!” You protested, wiggling as the stinging sensation dulled almost immediately.
“Again?” Dean asks, his voice breathy. “ Yes please” You purr, your pussy was throbbing. “ Please what?” Dean asks, the belt cracking against your skin again, biting into you, “ Please Sir!” You nearly moan, Dean’s fingers find your entrance, gliding just on top of it, teasing you ,making you push back against his fingers, begging for some kind of release. “Please Dean” You whimper again, Crack! “Please who?” His voice was teasing. “ Please Sir, Please Sir!” You correct yourself, whimpering as you wiggle your stinging behind. “ You’re so wet baby, you want my cock?” Dean teases your pussy again. “ Please!” You beg, your voice raising a octave, you needed him so badly. Needed release.

“Your wish is my command” Dean laughs, flipping you suddenly, yanking you upright with him as he stands, his mouth crashing into yours. His tongue pushes into your mouth, entagling itself with yours, and you kiss him back for a moment, his hands unbuttoning his jeans, and sliding them off. He grabs the hem of your dress and yanks it over your head, making you giggle. His mouth never leaving yours. He spins you, panties still around your knees and pushes you over the bed so that you are flat against it, you ass sticking out over the edge. “ Mmmm Please Sir” You whine, wiggling your ass as him. Mistake, He smacks your ass hard, making you squeal. “Ah!” you giggle. “Ready?” he asks, positioning himself behind you, you can feel the head of his hard cock pressing against you. “ Yes Sir” You moan, pushing back to meet him as he sinks deep into you, his hips pressed against your ass.

“Oh!” You moan, he was huge, it felt amazing as he started thrusting faster, pulling almost completely out, then pounding into you again, making you grip the sheets and moan out profanities. “You like that Y/N?” He growls, reaching forward to grab a fist full of your hair, pulling you up almost tot the standing position.
“Yes Sir” You manage, his other hand finding your throat, squeezing as he continues to pound into you from behind making you squeak out a moan. You grip the forearm of the hand he has wrapped around your throat, using it as leverage to push back against him. “God fucking damn it Y/N you’re so fucking tight!” Dean growls into your ear, biting your lobe as he does. “ Oh Fuck, Dean! Oh god Dean!” You moan a orgasm rips through your body hard, making you scream. “ Yeah cum for me baby Cum!” Dean grunts, pounding harder into you.

He pulls out of you suddenly, leaving you wanting and empty, he spins you so that you’re on your back, and yanks your panties down your legs, exposing your pussy. “I want to see you cum this time!” Dean growls his hands finding your hips and pulling you to meet his cock as he roughly plunges himself into you again, making you close your eyes and arch your back up, moaning loudly. “ Open your eyes I want to see you baby” Dean murmurs softly leaning down to kiss you, softly before he crashes into you again and again, His breath becoming ragged. “I’m going to cum!” He grunts, pushing deep into you, unloading. The warm sensation sends you over the edge, and you throw your head back, and moaning out Dean’s name.

He collapses on top of you, breathing heavily, trying to come back down. “I’m still upset” You smile, kissing him softly. “You’re mine” You say matter-of-factly. “Yes Ma’am I am, always.” He looks into your eyes.

Dean: “Why does my little Sammy have a tattoo, he’s just a child, look at him”

Sam: “i’m a strong independent woman now Dean, stop taking care of me and take care of yourself”

[ c a n ’ t  k i l l  m e ]

Demon!Dean playlist, 8tracks

  • We Are Born When We Die | Apollo Sunshine
  • Breathe | Puscifer
  • Lose Your Soul | Dead Man’s Bones
  • God is God | Juno Reactor
  • Killer (ft. F*U*G*Z) | Bastille
  • I Can’t Say No (To You) | Vast
  • Walk to Oblivion (ft. Ralph Pelleymounter) | Bastille
  • Prisoner | The Jezebels 
My Destiel Fic Masterpost

By request I am linking all of my fics by ship (or you can do it the easy way and either go to my AO3 or my new fic blog (I try to update and am working on linking them, and eventually I will post ficelts)

I write a variety of ships (Mostly Destiel, Cockles, Wincest and some J2…I will master post those later but here are a few of my better Destiel fics and I will add more later. I take requests/prompts for any ship)

Warning– All of my fics are mature/explicit. They are smutty but all have a storyline/plot with a few one shot deals. All either are continuing which I add to all the time with multiple chapter or part of a series.

Truth or Dare Destiel!AU-College

Dean & Cas are roommates in college, they have been best friends since high school. They are also friends with Jo and Charlie, who live next door. Jo knows that Cas has a huge crush on Dean, so she decides to have a small party to get them together. They start playing truth or dare and Gabe dares Dean to kiss Cas…(Just added Chaper 3, now Dean and Cas are together and have not been able to get enough of each other)

No Holding Back

When Dean gets injured on a hunt he starts telling Sam why he loves Cas, not realizing no one actually knows he is in love with Cas because when he hit his head he got a slight case of amnesia. Sam calls Cas so he can heal Dean and Cas is surprised when Dean admits he loves him. Cas takes Dean to a place he always wanted to have sex with him, and they finally have sex after wanting it for years.

Story of how Dean and Cas finally get together, and all of the hot crazy sex they have. Smut but a plot, I will be adding more chapters soon.

Not Such a Terrible Life Destiel!AU- (CEO!Dean Smith & Assistant!Castiel Novak)

(Destiel Love Story)
AU where Dean Smith just inherited the family business he thought he escaped from. He falls in love with his assistant, Castiel, who has been in love with Dean for over five years. Now that Dean is back and he is his assistant, he has no idea how he is going to get him, but then he realizes Dean is in love with him too. Cas helps Dean deal with his father’s death and figure out what to do to fix his relationship with his brother, who he has not seen in years since Sam went off to college. They quickly realize they are in love, and Dean makes a move, which leads to lots of sex. (Tons of smut but also a plot)

It All Started With a Kiss From an Angel

Starts with Dean depressed when he and Cas have a small fight. Dean had been depressed as hell so Sam convinces Cas to talk to him, knowing they have feelings for each other. Cas nervously makes a first move and that leads to the best night of their lives (so far). In Chapter 2, Dean discovers that angels have some really awesome special powers that come in really handy for sex, Cas experiences hot tub sex for the first time. I just added Chapter 3, they spend a little time with Sam and before heading to the bar they have more sex and Cas tops for the first time. I did start a side storyline for Sam. (Set in S9)

Happy Hour   Destiel!AU (Bartenders)

College didn’t work out for Cas, so he moves back home. His best friend Jo gives him a job at her mom’s bar and a place to stay. He has never worked in a bar before so Jo has him working with their best bartender, Dean, who also happens to be the guy that Cas has been obsessively crushing on and secretly in love with since he was in middle school. He doubts Dean will remember him, or that he will want to be with him. Little does he know that Dean has been wanting him just as much for just as long.


Angel Eyes (Destiel!AU- College!Dean Highschool!Cas)

The story of how Dean and Cas (my own personal AU version) fall in love, and centers around their relationship.

Castiel has been in love with Dean since the first time he saw him picking Sam up. Sam invites them to stay the weekend because his brother is throwing a party. Dean falls in love with Castiel. (I wanted to just have a fun, happy story because nothing like that ever happens, no emotional scarring– It is about 75% Destiel sexual content, but I am working on the perfect ending, I just added Chapter 6)

Castiel and Gabriel are twins who just moved to Lawrence about a month ago and are best friends with Sam (They are seniors in high school). Sam is about to move in with Dean (who is 21 and in college) when one of his room mates (Balthazar) is moving away. Crowley is their other room mate. I am kind of just adding to this story as I get inspiration, it will be a predominately Destiel story.

For the First Time in Five Years

Five years is much too long to want someone, a lot of sexual tension builds up….this is the story of how it all came crashing down.

Inked (Destiel!AU- Tattoo Artist!Dean)

Castiel’s brother drags him along when he gets a tattoo. As Cas is sitting there waiting for his brother to get his tat, he notices Dean and instantly falls in love with him. He is incredibly shy but Dean isn’t…they end up in his Impala.

Morning Wood

Castiel and Dean are at a motel. Dean just went and got Cas (Human!Cas) to bring him back to the bunker because he cannot live without him there. He has harbored feelings for him since first laying eyes on him, and now that Cas is human he feels he should make a move. Cas is confused about humanity, he is not sure why he feels such a strong pull towards Dean and when he wakes up with a boner, he asks Dean about it. This leads to Dean explaining what to do, which leads to them having sex (Takes place early S9)


Dean wants to do something special for Cas so he takes him to see the fireworks on the 4th of July and things definitely start (and end) off with a bang

Ménage à…What’s French for Four? Destiel!AU 

A different kind of Destiel love story–Cas & Jo are best friends, they go to a party to find guys to hook up with. Jo just wants to find a guy to have sex with, no strings attached. Cas is a lot more picky and wants a hot guy that he can start a relationship with but also wants to have sex. They both find the perfect hot guy, only it is the same guy-Dean. They come up with a plan to get him to have a threesome with them, but Cas wants Dean to himself and Dean actually starts falling for Cas.

They go back to Dean’s house and learn he is Sam’s brother. They all mess around in the hot tub and Cas & Dean have sex.

The French Mistake 2.0

We all know Dean & Sam got sent to an AU where they became Jared & Jensen, but what happened to Jared & Jensen?

My version of The French Mistake (with a few changes-most of all Misha lives) Jared & Jensen wake up and think Misha is pulling another prank on them. They agree to pretend to be Sam & Dean until it drives Misha crazy, only they don’t realize it is actually Cas. Jensen and Misha are together so Cas thinks Dean is making a move on him.

All I Want For Christmas Is You

Sam has a plan to get Dean and Cas to finally admit they want each other. After he gets Dean to agree to actually celebrate Christmas, he makes a bet, which ends in Dean and Cas under the mistletoe…and that’s when things get good.


Speechless by  Satan Mark 2 (Queen_of_Hell)

Pairing: Gabriel/Sam Winchester

Length: 1160

Rating: T

Warnings/Tags: Pre-slash, mute!Sam, 

Summary: Gabriel’s owned his shop for six years, and the boy’s been coming at the same time for four of those, yet somehow they’ve never spoken.


This story is absolutely adorable. Gabriel’s great at being clueless, Sam’s just all-around wonderful, and Dean’s an awesome big brother. It doesn’t help that I’m also a huge sucker for mute!character stories. -Tyler  

I’m really on a mute! Sam kick lately and this is no exception. It’s really sweet tat Sam gets Dean to read out his asking for a date at  poetry night. I just want more - Lauren

One Last Night

Imagine expressing your fear of dying to Dean, and him taking you out on “one last night” to live wild and without any regrets.  

Author’s Notes: Reader requested Dean x reader. It’s a mix of “imagine having one last night with Dean” and “imagine being a bad influence on Dean and chasing each other in the junkyard." It’s full of excitement, fun, fluff, little bit of angst, little sexy, and some humor. It’s different so let me know what you think!  Warnings: lots of reckless behavior, drinking, angst.

The song One Last Night inspired it and goes perfectly for listening.

I took another swig from the beer in my hand, my head tilted upwards towards the starry sky spread out above. It was absolutely stunning. Every little pinprick in the floor of heaven was shining brighter than I’d ever seen before. I wondered if every nighttime really looked like this, or if my extra appreciation of life was making it seem especially beautiful. The cold drink in my hand could have been contributing as well. My mother used to say that each constellation was the work of angels who lived solely to create beauty for us to stare up at. Of course, now that I knew most angels weren’t much to look up to. Before hunting, back when I was a child, everything was so much simpler. It was pure.

"Hey, earth to Y/N.” A finger flicking my temple brought me back to the present. Dean was leaning on the Impala beside me, his own bottle clutched in his fist. His curious eyes seemed to glow in the soft light as they examined me. “You can be such a space cadet sometimes.” I chuckled and shook my head at him, unwilling to admit my thoughts were a lot heavier than just daydreams lately. The chirp of crickets and gentle humming of distant cars throttling down the highway were the only sounds in that empty field. It was a nice break to have some peace and quiet for once. Dean extended another beer in my direction but I declined and finished the one I had been sipping.

“It’s not like you to turn down round two…” His brow furrowed and he shifted to face me squarely. I was used to my partners mannerisms, his physical tells. He was about to start prying into my personal life. With a causal sigh I returned my gaze to the stars above. As much as I loved Dean like a brother, I wasn’t interested in discussing what was on my mind, not tonight. “Come on, what’s up.” Dean inched closer and clapped a hand on my shoulder. The gesture was the closest thing to affection that he dared. “You’ve been acting weird, ever since Sam broke his leg.” I thought back to the day and the hunt that almost led us to our death. Sam nearly got himself killed protecting me, and Dean was still recovering from the beating he received. To them all of this was so routine. Even with a broken leg Sam was continuing his life like nothing had happened. I, on the other hand, couldn’t shake the feeling of dread that rose up in me after that hunt. It was the first time that I truly understood just how close to the grave we all were. Since then, every simple day seemed so precious.

“Dean, I’m dying.” The man at my side flinched and nearly dropped his drink. Varying emotions began to twist his features before I realized I had misspoken. “I mean, I guess we’re all dying. Every second I’m closer to the day that you and Sam burn my bones, cause god knows I’ll go first.” The atmosphere between the us suddenly shifted as Dean recognized my meaning and heaved a sigh. A loud clinking noise echoed as he tossed his empty beer down into the pile of bottles. 

“Don’t talk like that.” He sounded exhausted and stern, but I couldn’t hide these thoughts anymore. I threw up my arms and laughed a desperate, scared laugh. A gentle breeze tossed my hair as I stared at Dean. His gaze was averted now but I knew he was still listening intently.

“Why? You should know more than anyone how true it is. How can you just ignore it?” He ran a hand through his hair and shook his head at the starry sky.

“Because I’ve made peace with it, Y/N. I know that’s how I’m going out, in a blaze of gunfire. I wouldn’t want it any other way…I’m not giving up, but I’m ready.” I wasn’t sure if I should feel happy for him or saddened by the lack of emotion in his voice. “I’ve helped people, I’ve made friends close as brothers, hell I even had my own little family once.” Dean never talked about Lisa and Ben, ever. For him to even be mentioning them in passing was out of character. I was grateful that we were close enough for him to speak so plainly about what hurt his heart so much. Suddenly he caught up my eyes with his, a bit of pleading visible there. “But you- you’re still young. If this isn’t the life you want, then get out. Honestly, I don’t want you to risk yourself if you’re not 100% sure you want this.” His words were fast and full of concern. I shook my head at him and reached over to take the beer he had already cracked open.

“No Dean, I do. Really. It’s just… I don’t want any regrets, you know?” I drank from the bottle hungrily and tried to avoid the stare that was boring into my skull. I couldn’t face him when these personal words were tumbling freely from my lips. “I mean, I’m not as old or as experienced as you. I’ll probably never get or have a child. I’ll never do the things people put on their bucket list, like skydiving or kissing someone in Times Square… I’ll never even grow old with someone I love.” I was blushing now and I never once looked up from the dark glass in my hand.

“I just want to really live, you know? I mean hell, if it’s the end of the world we might as well be living it up. Not sitting in an empty field getting just drunk enough to laugh a little.” My chuckle was more of a choke as I tried to hold back the tears that blocked my throat.

“Dammit, Dean. If I’m gonna die so young, I’m sure as hell gonna live first.” My loud explanation was met by complete silence. I spoke as if the whole world could hear me, but it continued on as it always did, oblivious to the emotions ripping open my insides. I felt vulnerable and naked in that deafening stillness, even with just one man at my side.  

“Okay. Then let’s go.” Dean’s sudden response startled me. I looked at him with a questioning brow.

“What do you mean?” He grabbed our things and swung open the driver’s side door of the Impala. There was a certain sense of mission in his movements as he stuck the key into the ignition. When he looked up at me, I was surprised by the new character his face had taken.

“Let’s go live.”


My heart was racing as Dean pressed his foot down further on the gas pedal, the throaty roar of the engine only adding to the adrenaline in the air. I couldn’t believe he was doing this. Light from the street lamps we throttled under lit up his face in series of flashes. Even in the sporadic illumination that seemed to animate his features, I could see that he was grinning. His expression was determined and wild. Another loud acceleration sent us bouncing up over the dirt road and peeling out into the open highway. Dean cast an excited glance in my direction as I began to laugh and buckle my seatbelt frantically.

“Easy there, I’m not going to wreck my baby. You trust me right?” There was a certain fire dancing in his eyes as he rolled down his window and hung an arm outside to pull against the air flying by. Despite how causal and careless he was acting, I didn’t feel unsafe. I always liked the way he drove, with one arm outstretched to grasp the wheel at it’s highest point. He was the picture of experience and power. I nodded in response to his question and lowered my own window. I wasn’t sure what we were going to do, but I could tell from the sparks in Dean’s gaze as he watched me lean out the passenger side door that it was going to be a memorable night. My hair streamed behind as I stuck my head out into the nighttime darkness we raced through. I could feel a new kind of vitality filling my lungs and seeping into my veins. Even with the roar of wind in my ears I could hear Dean chuckle before he set the radio to full blast. I was gripping the base of the open window and the side of the Impala tightly, but a strong hand still reached over to hook several fingers on the belt of my shorts. Even while we were goofing off he wasn’t going to let me do anything stupid. A satisfied and exhilarated smile played across my lips. If any night could be our last, I was going to live this one like I was dying.


 For a while we just drove aimlessly, singing at the top of our lungs like two teenagers without a care. Finally Dean began to slow the Impala until we came to a stop on the side of the road. I couldn’t make out where we were exactly, since it was completely dark outside. There were no other cars or store lights in the distance. I nervously shifted in my seat and searched the blackness around us for any sign of where we might be.

“Dean, where the hell are we? And why are we stopping?” He silently turned off the radio and cut out the engine, leaving us surrounded by a nighttime stillness that gave me chills. I could hear every breath between the two of us and smell the spices of Dean’s aftershave. The sharp contrast between this moment and the energy of before left me unnerved. The hunter’s face was straight, although his lips held the essence of a suppressed grin.

“You’ll see.” My legs were shaking with leftover adrenaline and anticipation when I stepped out of the vehicle. Heat signed my touch as I used the still-warm hood of the car to find my way foreword. A hand suddenly gripped my side and guided me in a blind walk ahead. Dean’s touch was reassuring, his palm sliding upwards on my back when he heard my anxious breathing.

“You’ll love this.” I swallowed nervously, my mind racing with possibilities. As my eyes adjusted I could make out a bridge in front of us, it’s partly metal frame softly glowing under the moonlight. If this wasn’t Dean I would have been back in the Impala by now. I was startled by the echo of our feet on wooden planks. When we reached what seemed like the middle of its length, he turned me towards the railing and i gasped. Beautiful water stretched out before us, it’s rippled surface barely moving in the peaceful night. Sparkles danced across the little waves and shimmers it created. Humid air blew across the skin of my legs and arms as a reminder that I had been sweating all day. The water looked gorgeous, and inviting. As I gripped the rail and leaned to admire the scenery I heard the sound of something soft hitting the floorboards. He wasn’t… I turned in time to see Dean shedding his outer clothing. His shirtless chest glistened moisture from the summer heat, making it seem even more sculpted. I was glad he couldn’t see the way I was blushing, although from the tone of his voice he might have guessed.

“Come on, don’t look at me like that. You wanted to really live, so let’s live.” I was stifling giggles as he removed everything except for his boxers and stepped up to the edge beside me. I could see the expectation in his eyes.

A quick glance between the water far below and his clothing behind us made my mouth drop slack. “No!”

His white teeth lit up his smirk. “Yes.”

My chest was rattled with erratic beating. I was terrified of heights, and the distance from here to the surface of the water seemed like miles from my perspective. “Dean…” He stepped over the railing and on to the narrow ledge keeping him from falling. He was only inches from jumping without me.

“You don’t want to be up here all by yourself do you?” I took a deep breath and stared at his smiling face instead of the long way down. He was egging me on with his eyes, his expression challenging. I might have bit off more than I could chew by inspiring this wild behavior. “I’ll be with you the whole way down. Remember, no regrets?” He was right. I quickly unbuttoned my blouse and pulled off my shorts, too busy reassuring myself to care about the way Dean was looking me over. I needed help breaching the railing and he extended his arm for me to cling to. Looking down to the water was a mistake, and I clambered closer to his side.

“I don’t know if I can…” He chuckled and tilted my chin to face his. My eyes were wide with fear and my lips parted with anxious panting, but he was perfectly calm. “Trust me?” My racing pulse had less to do with my terror and more to do with how close his bare chest was, and how his thumb almost reached the corner of my mouth while he held me in place. I nodded slowly and he laughed at my hesitation. The touch slipped from my jaw to grab my hand and he motioned to the blackness below us.

“3…” I shook my head rapidly and backed up as far as I could as he began to count. “2…” A thousand reasons that I shouldn’t be doing this were running through my mind, but one reason that I should squeezed my fingers and smiled wide. “1” Time seemed to stand still as we flew from the bridge and through the air. There was no horizon to fix my eyes on, since it was completely dark. I couldn’t see how close the water was or discern how long we had been falling. The only thing I was certain of was the hand that held mine. Suddenly we pierced the watery black and I lost hold of Dean. My heart was racing and my mind buzzing with electricity when I resurfaced. My partner popped up beside me, his mouth still upturned in excitement. “You okay?” I sputtered and slicked hands over my face and eyes. To be honest, I was more than okay. Dean’s soaked hair was much darker and stuck up at odd angles. When I responded I could see water droplets trail over his freckled cheeks and into his open grin.

“Let’s do it again.”


We were a mess of soggy clothing and giggles when we ran back to the Impala. Dean produced a few blankets from the backseat and wrapped my shivering body up tightly.

“Sam’s going to pitch a fit when we get back to the house so late.” I frowned upon realizing that going home meant our crazy time together was nearly over. I didn’t want it to end. “What’s wrong?” He noticed my saddened contemplation and placed his grip on both of my blanket covered shoulders. I shrugged and tried to hide from his prying examination.

“I was just thinking it’s still not that late… Do we have to go back yet?” Asking that question felt so childish, especially when encased in blankets and with water still dripping down my face. At first Dean’s eyebrows shot up, but then he seemed entertained by the suggestion. He bit his lower lip for a moment before ushering me into the car.

“You’re secretly a little wild child aren’t you?” He ruffled my head in an attempt to dry it more, or maybe just to tease. "I know the perfect spot.“


A few hours of drunk karaoke later we somehow ending up at Bobby’s, where we had been staying. The taxi driver probably thought the couple in his backseat were insane. We were still damp, sloppily dressed, heavily intoxicated, and belting out the best of the 90s when we stumbled out his the cab. I clutched Dean’s arm to keep myself upright, the other preoccupied with the blanket I held tightly to myself.

"Hey, are you sure this is the right place?” I muttered, gazing at the sea of stranded vehicles around us. It took me a couple minutes to figure out that it was the salvage yard. It looked vastly different in the faint, flickering light. A heavy weight leaned on my shoulders and shrugged.

“I don’t know, but you can’t carry a tune in a bucket… and you drink like a girl.” I wrinkled my nose at Dean and rolled my eyes. When he laughed I could smell the whiskey. I’m not sure how many shots we both took before I surrendered to his victory as the superior drinker, not that I wasn’t already aware he could out-alcohol me any day. The man was practically made of alcohol. As I sorted through my drunken and disorderly thoughts, hot breath tickled my ear.

“Hey… better hope you don’t run like a girl.” Suddenly the blanket covering me was ripped away and Dean disappeared into the maze of junk cars and discarded parts. I yelled out his name and nearly fell over with laughter. It look a moment to regain my balance and to begin searching through the yard for him. The world was practically spinning as I checked behind every corner for my partner. We were like two children playing hide and seek. When I saw a heel vanish behind a the dented bumper of an old firebird I sprinted toward it clumsily.

“Dean! I see you!” There was no sign of him when I reached the spot and I sighed dejected. The sputtering noises of the lamp overheard was the only sound. Once again I found myself panting and full of edger curiosity. My drunken ears never picked up on the crunch of feet approaching my back.

“Gotcha!” Two strong arms wrapped around my chest and pulled my into a warm embrace. I gasped even though I knew it belonged to Dean. We tumbled backwards and I heard his back collide with the door of a car. His laughter shook his chest, and consequently, my body against his. I turned to face him and laid my hands across his shirt to steady myself. Misty eyes and a carefree grin made his face seem years younger. There was none of his usual, well hidden, concern. Although the alcohol we had consumed no doubt helped us forget our worries, there was something much more lasting than that in the way we laughed and held each other. He looked truly lighthearted. I snuggled my smiling face into his chest abruptly and he didn’t seem to mind. I wished that this moment would last forever, but the faintest glow of a sunrise was stretching across the sky. In a way, this had only furthered my desire to live. I wanted a hundred more nights like this. I looked up at him and saw his head was tilted back in complete calm.

“Dean, thank you for this.” I closed my eyes against him and he tightened his grip around my shivering body. We were a mess of airdried hair and wrinkled clothing, clinging to the last few hours of night.

“But… I still don’t want to die.” My voice cracked and my eyes stung. Even my drunken-self knew what it was missing out on when the sun broke the horizon. Every time I let go of him I would be losing him, a short prelude to a much longer goodbye in our future.

“I know baby.” I was shocked by his choice of words. He had never called me baby, not intoxicated or sober. Both of his hands moved to frame my cheeks. My mind was swimming with confusion and anticipation as he leaned closer to my open mouth in one last act of throwing away our inhibition. The whole thing was very slow, our breath intermingling several times as he inched his lips closer to mine. There was just as much hesitation as when we faltered on the edge of a bridge. If this was the last chance I got, I wasn’t going to regret it. Without another thought I closed the space between us in a kiss that made my heart stop beating. Time stood completely still as hands roamed over backs and fingers combed through hair. Finally, with the break of day, our lips broke apart. Dean looked just as dazed as I felt, his eyes somewhat afraid of what we had just unleashed.

“Neither do I.”


Sam found us around noontime. We were cuddled up together inside a rusted, canary yellow Buick Special, a ragged looking blanket tossed over our bodies. He shook his head in disapproval but there was an undeniable smile in his tone.

“Wake up! Ugh- you two reek of alcohol.” I squinted in the glaring sunlight and clutched Dean’s shirt. Broken memories of the night before came pouring back. I was wondering how much of it Dean remembered, but I knew it must have been most when I saw his guilty grin.

“You are like pre-pubescent teenagers! I looked everywhere for you. Where the hell did you go?” Sam crutches were sinking into the dirt as he walked with his casted leg. “I’m out of hunting for a few days and you guys go completely wild, you can’t do anything without me.” Dean rolled over and groaned, a splitting headache similar to my own paining his skull.

“It’s all her fault.” Before I could react he kissed me with passion and a smirk that I could feel on my mouth. I gasped and tried to push him back but Sam was already snickering.

“You know Dean, I think you finally found a woman who’s actually a bad influence on you, instead of the other way around.” The man looming over me shrugged and looked into my eyes with care.

“It’s the end of the world, Sam. We might as well live it up.”


On the way back to the house I wrapped the blanket tighter around my disheveled body, suddenly aware how ridiculous the two of us looked. Somewhere along the road we must have lost my tank top, and Dean was missing a shoe. Sam would never let us live this down.

“You didn’t get any drunk tattoos did you?” I stuck my tongue out at the younger Winchester and shook my head. Dean clearing his throat caught my attention. I looked over just in time to catch him blushing and rubbing the back of his neck. His eyebrows were raised as high as they could go.

“Yeah… you might want to check on that…”

Sam’s laughter practically shook the ground we walked on.  

Hunting with Sam and Dean had been quite the adventure. In a short year and a half, these guys had grown to be everything you ever needed. Your best friends, your brothers, you might have had a little crush on the pair but that didn’t change the fact they were the best people you knew. 

The last few months though? Things got bad. You found yourself sicker and sicker every day, dizzy with any little effort and coughing blood into your hand. The doctors didn’t know what to call it, everything was way too fast, too advanced. Today, you were sitting on the floor at the foot of the bed, watching the small TV of the motel. Sam was on his laptop, trying to figure out how to keep you alive with only a small grain of hope while Dean, who was pacing back and forth, was scanning around in his fathers journal, loud and angry. 

“You can’t just give up, Y/N. Like we fixed Sam and there are ways to stop this from happening, 

“Dean…” Sam starts, but Dean is already running down lists and suggestions. You don’t say anything until Dean starts screaming for Cas, calling him feathery ass and other frustrated nicknames. “Dean! Stop! Look at her. She doesn’t want to be sav-" 

“Don’t say that!” You sat back, quietly. How did you tell Dean that you were tired of being sick all the time? Of dragging them down? Of having to see them struggle to find a way to protect you and get the job done. Just before Dean could open his mouth again, the flutter of wings sounded and there in his usual coat on and his calm face. His hand came out for yours and you quickly took it, he knew already, how could he not? Sitting next to you, Cas began his own story of people he knew that had lived and died at unfortunate times. Dean, surprisingly, calmed down at the interested look upon your face, Sam even had a little smile on his face. It would be okay, it would have to. Sam and Dean could do their searching later, right now? You just wanted to relax and listen to the soothing voice of Cas. 

It will be okay.

Tattoos: Part 1

Title: Tattoos: Part 1

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Nothing…. YET

                 “Did you know Y/N had a tattoo?” Dean asked Sam, curious to the patch of ink up near your hip. You were fell asleep on the bed in Dean’s room while doing research with the Winchesters. You had been living with the boys in the bunker for a few years now. After you saved their asses from a vamp nest a few years ago, they took you in. Your family died a few years back. Torn up by a pack of werewolves, turning you into a hunter.

                Sam glanced up from his laptop, to which was currently filled with research and lore. “Well, yeah. She has the anti-possession symbol. All hunters do.” Sam looked at Dean dumbfounded. He had better things to do than deal with Dean’s curiosity.

                “No. I know that, but I thought that hers is where our tats are.” Dean pointed at his chest where he and his brother had gotten matching tattoos to prevent demon possession. “Y/N has ink on her hip.” He pointed to the patch, his finger slightly grazing your hip. “How many tattoos does she have?” He asked with a smirk.

                Sam looked up, this time more interested in his brother’s curiosity. “Private information.” Sam gave his brother a smug look. “You’re just gonna have to ask her when she wakes up.”

                Dean hated when his brother was stubborn. Sam always knew everything about Y/N and didn’t share a thing with Dean. “Come on, man. I’m just asking how many, not what or where they are.” He paused. “Although, I wouldn’t mind the extra information.” He grinned and threw in a wink. “Please.” Sam had never seen his brother beg before. “I just wanna know–,” But Sam put his hand up, cutting him off.

                “I’ll make you a deal.” Sam grinned. Dean immediately knew this was a bad idea. Sam started again. “I’ll tell you how many tattoos she has and where they all are if, and only if, you tell Y/N about your feeling for her.” Sam looked up at Dean expecting a fist in his face. He then grinned at the look of not anger, but fear on Dean’s face.

                “Excuse me?” Dean knew he never should’ve told Sam about his feelings for Y/N. But one day after a hunt, Dean had one glass too much of whisky, and it slipped out. Sam took advantage of this moment to finally get rid of the tension whenever Dean and Y/N were in a room together. “I-, I-,” Dean sighed. “But what if–”

                But Sam cut him off again. “No ifs.” Dean looked torn. “So, do we have a deal?” Sam raised his eyebrows, looking at Dean. “Deal?” He asked again, with a more yearning look in his eyes for the answer.

                Dean slowly nodded. Sam gestured for Dean to sit across from him at the desk. Dean sat down cautiously, eyeing his brother. “Well, I can tell you this much, Sammy. I am sure as hell not kissing you.”

Have a Nice Summer

Dwell momentarily on a Castiel who is a complete English nerd. Loves reading, writing, poetry, the whole nine yards. Let’s say that in this particular universe, everyone goes to a school where being an English nerd wouldn’t ostracize him from the “herd.” Like, sure, he’s not the world’s most popular kid, but people know him by sight, and like him in a general sort of way. By his senior year he’s one of the head writers for the paper, so they know he’s got a way with words. And so during yearbook signing, Cas is constantly in demand, because he writes such prettily poetic things on people’s books, so much better than “have a nice summer” or “hope I see you again before I die." 

And then there’s Dean.
He’s not the head of the football team popular (though do football teams have heads? Are they called captains? Whatever, irrelevant, carrying on), but he’s well known and well liked by literally everyone. He’s hot, he has notoriously picky taste in dates (which just makes him all the more desirable because logic hush), he drives a nice old car, and he beat up that bully Marv back in freshman year, even before he bulked up, so he’s got that little edge of slightly-scary going for him too. 

Basically, he’s Dean Winchester, motherfuckers.
Anyway, Dean’s sitting over near the bleachers with his yearbook, and he’s got a constantly circulating crowd of people around him, and he’s signing books and telling jokes and just generally giving off the appearance of basking in his own glow.

But the pages of his yearbook are blank.
See, he didn’t want to be irritating and shove his book into the nearest stranger’s face, but at the same time no one he was sitting with were close enough to him to just grab the book and start writing, and so it just didn’t make it into the circulation. Charlie is over with her robotics club friends and Jo is laughing it up with the little student government circle over on the opposite side of the gym, and Kevin has his AP friends and Garth’s got a group of people around him in the corner where he’s probably having his (in)famous sock puppet sign its yearbook photo.

(How, by the way, Mr. Fizzle ended up in the yearbook, Dean has no idea. He suspects Singer, the head of the history department, might have had something to do with it, because he’s always had a bit of a soft spot for Garth, but no proof has yet been unearthed.)

(Mr. Fizzle’s yearbook quote is "You are a puppet, but in the hands of the infinite, which may be your own.” Antonio Porchia)

(Garth’s is “If you’re gonna taste my soup, you gotta blow on it first.” Marmaduke.)

Benny, who would usually be sitting with Dean, isn’t even in school today, as he was bitten by something nasty the night before, and is currently lying in the hospital hoping for no ill effects. 

So Dean signs his name with a flourish and writes quick little notes to every person, only a sentence or two, if that, in the yearbooks of people he barely remembers from geometry in sophomore year, and doesn’t mention his own book

In a quiet moment, he even shifts slightly so it’s not as visible lying next to him.

Cas, by this time, is feeling quite accomplished, riding a little on the high of being momentarily overwhelmingly popular.

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