tatsuya yoshikawa

Daily Sketch 71: Seeing as it’s officially a new year I am redoubling my efforts to actually draw something everyday. I sort of fell off of this little daily sketch project these past couple months but there’s no time like a new year to have a fresh start and get things done.

Anyway with that said, starting things off with a pic of Nina from Breath of Fire 4. 4 is my favourite game in the series and as such has my favourite character designs of the bunch. I think the simple character designs that focus of strong silhouette and sharp lines are really appealing, and it’s some of my favourite work from Tatsuya Yoshikawa.


I made another rule 63 Breath of Fire characters set! This time from BoF2. Nina and Bleu became way too hot. *u* 5/5 would bang. And I imagined that Jean would definitely use makeup if he were a woman. I didn’t change anything about Spar on purpose. Spar is already genderless so I can’t really genderswap them.

Original portraits were created by Tatsuya Yoshikawa.