Full Gara x Tatsurou segment from the Tokyo Chaos broadcast on Nicovideo.


14:10ish, Tatsurou
“960min is too long. We did 690min previously, and that was very long already, this time it’s going to be even longer! I thought we could use the footage from last time and just add however long is still needed but nope, all new.”

“I brought five volumes of the Golgo manga with me, but it doesn’t look like we get any real breaks so I don’t know if I can read them at all haha. Maybe while the other members are talking 8D”

What Tatsurou has there is a mini-ipad case with wallet, this will be sold at the Budoukan lives. It will really only fit ipad minis, so he is worried it might not sell well…

[Translation] The infamous Valentine’s Day picture

This has long been one of my favorite of the official AA art pieces, and there are some interesting tidbits in the artist’s comments. I’ve never seen translations of them before so I decided to share mine ^^

(Image courtesy of court-records.net)

Starting under the blue artist profile box: “Nice to meet you all. I’m the second illustrator for the Ace Attorney series, Iwamoto Tatsurou. It’s been decided that I’ll be using this space for a while for my Ace Attorney illustrations. I hope you’ll all enjoy them. 

“Now then, on this momentous occasion of my first illustration for this magazine, I’ve chosen the theme ‘Valentine’s Day.’ I went with something along the lines of the two Fey girls not properly understanding the relationship between chocolate and Valentine’s Day, and Edgeworth and Larry, who were called in to help. 

“Larry, being good with his hands, took the position of art director, and Edgeworth, conversely, was put in charge of the grunt work. Pearly was probably the one who got Maya all fired up about Valentine’s Day. Feel free to imagine whatever you want, including characters who aren’t actually in the picture. For example, maybe Lotta came and sold that photo of Phoenix that she secretly snapped which they’re using as reference material for the chocolate statue. Maybe Detective Gumshoe comes bursting through the door in a few minutes, lured by the scent of chocolate. Maybe Ms. Oldbag is also making a chocolate bust of Edgeworth, and so on.”