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kyaaaaa all of them~ even before the event thay already gave a undirect fan service from zakki and wing twitter lol xD

i really hope can attend it ._. but maybe still not my turn yet to meet u tatsun~ and yeeeees!!! u turn to black hair agaaaaain~ yeeeeiy~ \(>O<)/ 

tatsun looks so handsome~ kyaaaa!!! with white pants >< wing and hirarin also looks so cute~ kyaaaa hirarin~ >O</

all fans who can attended this event really lucky~ ><

Haruka and Makoto playing ‘Sim City’

From Free! RADIO CD Iwatobi ES Vol. 2

Nobunaga: Haruka’s seiyuu

Tatsun: Makot’s seiyuu

Mamo: Rin’s seiyuu

Hosoyan: Sousuke’s seiyuu

Nobunaga: But didn’t it show in the End Card before? The scene in which they were playing video games at home.

Tatsun: Oh yeah, they were playing Sim City. (Note: Tatsu insisted before that Haruka and Makoto are playing Sim City idk why lol)

(Mamo started laughing like crazy in the background)

Nobunaga: That isn’t Sim City! Only Tatsu-san insisted that it was Sim City himself…

(Note: The game that Haruka and Makoto played is actually called ‘Tobidase! Deep Sea Creatures’, mentioned in FrFr episode 2)

Hosoyan: How embarrassing…Sim City (laughs)

Nobunaha: Although it was not the same game, but we (meaning himself and Tatsu) played video games together at my home.

Tatsun: Yes we did~

Mamo: You guys are actually living together aren’t you?

Nobunaga: No we’re not, no we’re not, no we’re not…

Mamo: What a good relationship.

Nobunaga: He came over just for playing video games.

Tatsun: I should put my pajamas at his home… (Note: he means that they are almost living together as a joke)

Mamo: Tatsun, you are planning to move in with him?

Nobunaga: No we’re not, no we’re not, no we’re not…But, after all that has happened, how do you say, somehow affected by the anime and characters and other stuff… we respond to that with our sitting plans and positions.