Ya’ll made the weddin so special heh!! especially Tanzie for almost ruinin it, Oda for crashin it, n Rep for dramatic effects!!! my groom bros Motobro, Nobu ‘n Shuester (where did ya go man?!)
N’ ofcccc my best bro forever Tatsu!!

Most of all i wanna thank yuka for sayin yes n now bein trapped with me FOREVER! mwhahaha

42 Battle Royale Related Asks:

Yoshio Akamatsu: What’s your favorite video game?

Mizuho Inada: What’s your favorite fictional universe?

Keita Iijima: Have you ever had a friend stab you in the back?

Yukie Utsumi: Do you consider yourself more of a leader or a follower?

Tatsumichi Oki: Do you like sports? Have a favorite?

Megumi Eto: Have you ever dealt with bullying?

Toshinori Oda: Do you play any musical instruments?

Sakura Ogawa: What’s your relationship status?

Shogo Kawada: What’s the biggest lie you’ve ever told?

Izumi Kanai: How long do you think you would last in the program?

Kazuo Kiriyama: What’s something you picked up on really easily?

Yukiko Kitano: Have you ever been envious of a friend?

Yoshitoki Kuninobu: What’s something that can make you really angry?

Yumiko Kusaka: What’s the bravest thing you’ve ever done?

Yoji Kuramoto: If you were chosen for the program would you trust anyone?

Kayoko Kotohiki: Ever had a crush on someone you didn’t stand a chance with?

Hiroshi Kuronaga: How would you describe your friend group?

Yuko Sakaki: What’s your greatest fear?

Ryuhei Sasagawa: Ever done anything illegal?

Hirono Shimizu: How likely are you to forgive someone who’s wronged you?

Hiroki Sugimura: Do you have any skills that would greatly aid you in a program situation?

Mitsuko Souma: Have you ever manipulated anyone or been manipulated by someone?

Yutaka Seto: What or who never fails to make you laugh?

Haruka Tanizawa: Have you ever kept a big secret from a friend?

Yuichiro Takiguchi: What’s your favorite anime/T.V show?

Takako Chigusa: Has your own pride ever gotten in your way?

Sho Tsukioka: How far would you be willing to go to win the program?

Mayumi Tendo: What’s something that not many people know about you?

Shuya Nanahara: What’s your favorite song/band?

Noriko Nakagawa: What’s something you like or can do that people wouldn’t suspect?

Kazushi Niida: How do you show someone you’re interested in them?

Yuka Nakagawa: Do you think you could keep your cool if you were chosen for the program?

Mitsuru Namai: Have you ever been in a fight? If not, how do you think you’d do in one?

Satomi Noda: What’s something that makes you stressed?

Tadakatsu Hatagami: How trusting are you?

Fumiyo Fujiyoshi: Who do you talk to when you’re having a problem?

Shinji Mimura: If your class was selected for the program, what would be your strategy?

Chisato Matsui: If you could visit anywhere, where would you go?

Kyoichi Motobuchi: What is/was your favorite subject in school?

Kaori Minami: What’s something you’re insecure about?

Kazuhiko Yamamoto: How did your last relationship/crush end?

Yoshim Yahagi: Do you believe in true love?

I’ve done it I’ve recorded each time a certain BR character cried in a panel of the manga

here is the most useful information you’ll ever get

1. Yoshio Akamatsu: 40
2. Keita Iijima: 32
3. Tatsumichi Oki: 1
4. Toshinori Oda: 23
5. Shogo Kawada: 8
6. Kazuo Kiriyama: 0
7. Yoshitoki Kuninobu: 22
8. Yoji Kuramoto: 14
9. Hiroshi Kuronaga: 1
10. Ryuhei Sasagawa: 0
11. Hiroki Sugimura: 41
12. Yutaka Seto: 155
13. Yuichiro Takiguchi: 48
14. Sho Tsukioka: 2
15. Shuya Nanahara: 322
16. Kazushi Niida: 6
17. Mitsuru Numai: 10
18. Tadakatsu Hatagami: 56
19. Shinji Mimura: 79
20. Kyoichi Motobuchi: 22
21. Kazuhiko Yamamoto: 1

1. Mizuho Inada: 8
2. Yukie Utsumi: 38
3. Megumi Eto: 47
4. Sakura Ogawa: 15
5. Izumi Kanai: 4
6. Yukiko Kitano: 36
7. Yumiko Kusaka: 24
8. Kayoko Kotohiki: 137
9. Yuko Sakaki: 120
10. Hirono Shimizu: 15
11. Mitsuko Souma: 164
12. Haruka Tanizawa: 17
13. Takako Chigusa: 25
14. Mayumi Tendo: 1
15. Noriko Nakagawa: 236
16. Yuka Nakagawa: 4
17. Satomi Noda: 26
18. Fumiyo Fujiyoshi: 4
19. Chisato Matsui: 33
20. Kaori Minami: 34
21. Yoshimi Yahagi: 87