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i love the matokis but i'm still struggling to remember their names... i can only remember totomato because it's like tomato and he's blue and he's a robot and he's zelo

Hi cutie! So it can be confusing to remember them all, but if you know the order of BAP from oldest to youngest and you memorize the first parts of the names of the matokis with their colors, it’s actually kinda easy! Here’s a quick guide to the Matokis by member:

Yongguk, Shi Shi, red: Like Yongguk, Shi Shi has a tough image and is a leader, and idk if this helps but when Yongguk debuted with “I Remember” his hair was red lol

Himchan, Tats, pink: Just remember Tats as Himchan because Himchan doesn’t have tats (tattoos). Tats is pink, which is a color associated with women, which can be associated with Himchan as BAP’s “mother figure” (can you tell how much this description is a reach lmao)

Daehyun, Keke, white (pink underneath though lol): This one is easy to remember because in Korea laughing is often translated as “kekeke” and Daehyun is always laughing! Not to be shady but you can remember white as his color because fansites are always trying to fucking whitewash him *cough cough*

Youngjae, Joko, yellow: Oh gosh this is easy too! Youngjae is alwayyyys cracking lame jokes, so he’s a Jokomato! And his color yellow starts with a “Y” and Youngjae also starts with a “Y” :D

Jongup, Dada, green: If you’ve seen Tadah, you know Jongup’s iconic line “BAP, we’re heavier than dumbbells” and Dada is usually working out and lifting weights. Just remember that money is green and Jongup’s the type to get lit at clubs and make it rain and he’s everyone’s daddy (Dada) so yeah…I actually am cringing at this sentence lmao

Zelo, Toto, blue: This one you already know but if you ever forget, just remember Toto and Zelo (both end in the letter “o”) are the babies of the group and their color is baby blue :)

Hope that helps you cutie anon! Lately the Matokis haven’t been featured on album covers as often anymore but if you check out the Japanese version of Feel So Good, BAP are actually wearing their Matoki colors so it’s easy to tell! Let me know if you have any other questions! <3


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Ok it’s only been an hour since B.A.P released the cover art for their 5th mini album but I’m already ob-freaking-sessed with it. First of all, I love that B.A.P always use their Matokis for their album covers (although I’d love to see their beautiful faces on it, the Matokis are also baes af) but yo can we just talk about each Matoki for a minute?

They got Shishi driving around like a madman looking gangster af but we all know in reality Yongguk aint drivin around nowhere because he still doesn’t have his license lmao.

Just look at Joko. Joko looks pissed as hell that Shishi’s driving, cuz u know he wanna take charge instead. He’s just like “biiiiiitch lemme drive”. Typical Youngjae tbh.

I’m pissing myself rn at Dada. DADA AND JONGUP ARE THE SAME PERSON ISTG. Look at him not gving a single flying FUCK about hanging on that bar. You know why he dont give a fuck? Because he’s a part of B A MOTHAFUCKIN P, HEAVIER THAN DUMBBELLS BITCHES WHATS GOOD.

Keke is me every time my mom says we can go to McDonalds. This bitch is so excited he doesnt even give a shit where Shishi is taking them. He’s just like “woohoo.” He probably thinks they’re goin out for ice cream or something lol.

Tats is honest to God Himchan. Look at this sassy moth-a-fucka. That hand tho, he boutta slap bitches like they’re newborn babies or some shit. I got mad respect for Tats, u do u boo.

Omg Toto. This kid. Istg. This kid is boutta be the death of me. This baby, when is he gonna grow up. You got this robot child hanging on for dear life while this crazy mofo Shishi tearin up the road.

The consensus for Carnival: it’s lit.