beargirl1393  asked:

I hope it's okay to ask a question, even if it's kind of trivial. I've wanted to get a tattoo since I was sixteen (I'm in my early twenties now). Back then, I didn't have a job because I was focusing on school, but now I do. The one I have is temporary, but I've got applications in to several other places and once I do have a new job, I really think I want to go through with it and get a tattoo. The problem? My cousin got one a few weeks ago, and his mother will say I just did it to copy him.

yup, totally okay! no ask too big or small! which is why i say go for it! if anyone asks about the cousin (which i doubt) then tell them he was the final inspirational push you needed to get the ink you’ve been planning for years! generally, waiting to get a rly meaningful/symbolic tat is seen as honourable. hope you go and get your tat, becareful tho- they are addicting! :D