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Red Velvet Fanfiction Masterpost

I know how hard it is to find good girl group fanfiction so I gathered the best red velvet fanfiction i’ve read. Most of it is seulrene but these ones are so good that even if you don’t ship them you can still love the story. Links in the titles


-Whisper In Her Ear by slipperbear

Seulrene, lots of violence and suffering so if its not your thing beware

-Noisy Thoughts: by scarletstring

wenrene, other pairings as well but i don’t wanna spoil anything, roommates

-Tea Party for Two: by scarletstring

wenrene, escort!wendy

Temporarily Yours: by null_emotion

Seulrene, probably the best fake dating au i’ve read

-Ardent Roses: by MenaMarco

Seulrene, royal au

- The Night Circus: by invicarious

creepy circus au?? Idk but i love it

-The Fools In Eden: by adamandeve

Seulrene, mature content


-Smoke and Pepermint: by null_emotion

Seulrene, smoker!seulgi

-Kisses: by kkangsseulave

Seulrene, fake dating au again

-First Love 101: by MyHeaven

Seulrene, pure angst

-Finding Solace: by adamandeve

Seulrene, mature content, really good but don’t  read if you’re uncomfortable with violence and rape themes

-Hate Me Now, Love Me Later: by adamandeve

Seulrene, all the cliches, slowburn

- Chalk: by dugonggie

Seulrene, high school, fluffy fluff

-Photographic Memory: by lunaisfly

Seulrene, supernatural themes


-Dating Teacher Bae: by adamandeve

Seulrene, kindergarden teacher!irene, slice of life

Kaleidoscope: by slipperbear

Seulrene oneshots collection

-Campfire: by LiNafied

Wenrene one shots collection

-Of All The Tatoo Studios In All The Towns: by sergeantclaire-f

Seulrene, tatoo artist!seulgi

-Sirena: by snapplelinz

Seulrene, mermaid!seulgi

-If Eyes Were To Speak: by adamandeve


-That Idiot Kang: by adamandeve


-Local Cosmos: by sergeantclaire-f


-13540: by eisiam

Seulrene, time loop

I’m sorry that there are only like three that aren’t seulrene but they’re the ship i know more about. Please tell me if you know more good rv fanfics regardless of the ship

I'm sorry Monsieur Victor

Hi my name is Jean Ultime Madeleine Valjean Fauchelevent Leblanc and I have snowy white hair (that’s how I got my name) with a beard the same color and soft blue eyes like the heavens and a lot of people tell me I look like a saint (AN: if u don’t know what that is get da hell out of here!). I’m not related to Bishop Myriel but I wish I was because he’s a major fucking good man. I’m an ex-convict but I torn up my yellow passport and broke parole. I have a hidden tatoo. I’m also a factory owner, and I live in a small town called M-sur-M in France where I’m very respected. I’m the mayor (in case you couldn’t tell) and I wear mostly worn clothes. I love charity and I give all my money there. For example today I was wearing a yellow coat with a mismatched hat and a black waistocat, a white shirt and brown leather boots. I was looking very kind and melancholy. I was walking outside my factory. It was raining so there was a guy trapped under a cart, which I was very sad about so I saved him. Inspector Javert stared at me. I put up my middle finger at him.