tatooine temperature

imkerf-uffle-d  asked:

- person A hogs all the covers and person B’s solution is to spoon them

The only thing worse than Tatooine by day, Quinn thought bitterly, was Tatooine by night. Scorching temperatures plummeted at sunset until he could see his breath. And this night in particular….

“You’re brooding, Captain.”

Mara’s voice was soft, and he could tell without looking at her she hadn’t opened her eyes to speak.

“I’m not brooding, my lord, I’m merely reflecting on the sequence of events that caused this mess.”

It was a comedy of errors, really; why Tusken Raiders would be camped along the road taking potshots at passersby was beyond him. Mara turned onto her side to meet his gaze, her amber eyes glowing in the darkness. Kriff but she was so close… closer than propriety would ever have allowed. And still less close than Quinn, in his too-frequent fantasies, wished she could be.

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