Out Today: The Wicked + The Divine 12, Darth Vader 7, Uber 26 and The 2nd WicDiv Trade.


Let’s reverse order from that mouthful.

The second trade for the comic, collecting issues 6-11. Details of mail order can be found over here. And here’s the trailer…

You can get it from your local comic shop, or digitally either from Comixology or direct from Image.

Issue 26 of Uber, the penultimate issue of Uber: Volume 1. It’s the Battle of Calais, and the largest confrontation so far. 

Available from your local shop, or Comixology. There’s also a preview in that Comixology link too.

The second arc starts here, with Darth visiting a certain couple of homes on Tatooine and Aphra getting a new mission. Also, violence and politics.

It’s available from your local comic shop or digitally. Preview here.

And finally…

And the start of our third arc, with Kate Brown on art in the main story (and Jamie/Matt doing a short back-up.) Yes, that means if you pick up the trade and feel the need to jump aboard, you totally can.

You can get it from your local comic shop, or digitally either from Comixology or direct from Image

Tatooine sunrise? by Mrs eNil 

We were lucky enough to be able to watch the sunrise each morning from our water bungalow. We could have watched it from our four poster bed but instead, in true ‘eNils on holiday’ style we would get up especially early just to watch it (oh and take pictures of course!). I have lots - so does Neil - but this is my favourite. For me I like it because of the lens flare (is that what causes the second sun?) and not in spite of it.

So I’ve been thinking about this since I rewatched ROTJ yesterday. Honestly, Luke insisting to his father than he needs to save him (while Anakin is dying in his arms, mind you) and Anakin assuring his son he already has, gets me every time.

And it also reminds me of the twenty year old Padawan we see on Tatooine, who laments to Padme about how he couldn’t save his own mother, and insists that someday he’ll even stop people from dying (this is pretty fricking tragic when you think about how he’s telling this to his future wife whose life he won’t be able to save, again.)

Just thinking about the parallels between Shmi’s death and Anakin’s death really kill me. And it’s heartbreaking to think about how with both of them, as they’re dying, are just happy to see their sons. Shmi said “Now I am complete.” to Anakin right before she died, and I feel like Anakin probably felt similar to that once he finally was allowed to look at his boy with his own eyes.

Basically this post was meant to be me rambling about how Anakin has grown a lot and it turned into this mess of a post so ignore me.

Anakin Skywalker at the 30th Anniversary of Naboo’s victory over the Trade Federation
Chanel, Spring 2010

What if… Anakin Skywalker decides to resign from Jedi Order, although he refuses to tell the council why, after Padmé tells him she pregnant. After Anakin dreams about Padmé dying while giving birth, he convinces her to leave early for Naboo where they tell her family about their clandestine marriage. Unknowingly because the couple wasn’t on Coruscant, they thwarted Palpatine’s plans for Anakin and prevailed him from turning to the dark side. Nor was Anakin present when the Jedi confronted when Mace Windu killed Sidious. Next two decades or so Anakin and Padmé try raise to their children all the while the Republic is falling apart and wars break out around them…

If Obi-Wan had any doubts about Anakin leaving the Jedi Order behind him, they would’ve been gone now. He knew some in the order cherished the thought that the Chosen One would come to his senses and return to the order, including some of his fellow councilmen. But Obi-Wan knew his old padawan, Anakin Skywalker did nothing halfway. Still as the younger man stood in front of him, one who was stronger in Force then he had ever been. Yet for the first time since he met Anakin, he felt certain that his brother would not give in to that suffocating darkness that Obi-Wan sometimes sensed in him, since the war broke out. Even if that same darkness will ever truly leave him, but both the Light and Dark sides of the Force surrounded Anakin, but there was no conflict between the two sides of the force, instead they were in complete balance with each other.

No, for the better or worse his former apprentice had finally found his place in galaxy. For thousand of years the Jedi Order stood as beacon of light within the Republic. Unchanged for centuries, and that had almost been their downfall and still could as Order was unwilling to evolve. As their was a ripple in the Force, gentle for now but growing every day and centered around Anakin. A revolution unlike any other, the beginnings were there but never in his life had Obi-Wan dreamed he would witness the next great schism within the Order.

1000-alshain asked:

1) Han and Leia 2) On Tatooine, where she's a farm girl raised by the Larses coming into town to get some power converters, and he's at the bar she walks into.

ok so i’ve decided that things in parentheses dont count as sentences FIGHT ME

It’s just a routine pickup; the kind she does every month. She doesn’t notice the guy sitting at the bar, which was oh-so-conveniently connected to the body shop. 

(he definitely notices her)

And he knows she noticed him after an especially annoyed, “What are you lookin’ at, beanpole?” gets shot his way.

anonymous asked:

Some person from freaking Tatooine: "You Europeans have no heat tolerance, it's 25069092 degrees outside right now and I'm fine!"

Where is the lie

Exoplanets: Strange New Worlds

Super Saturn

Around a distant star 420 light years away is a planet with such huge rings that they’re 200 times larger than the rings of Saturn. The rings are about 74,560,000 miles in diameter and contain about as much mass as Earth itself. Gaps in the rings, like we see in Saturn’s rings, are likely created by exomoons orbiting around the planet, clearing out paths between the rings and keeping them distinct.

(Image credit: Ron Miller)

The Planet of Burning Ice

The most remarkable things happen when you push physics to extremes.

Far away in the Gliese star system is a Neptune-sized planet called Gliese 436 b. This world is covered in ice that burns constantly at 822.2˚ Fahrenheit (439˚ C).

The reason why the water doesn’t liquify and then turn into steam is due to the massive gravity of the planet - it exerts so much force on the water that the atoms are bound tightly together as a solid: burning ice.

(Image credit: ABC Science)

The Diamond Planet

At about 7.8 times the mass of Earth, 55 Cancri e is an extremely carbon-rich planet orbiting a carbon-rich star. The intense density of the planet means that about 2/3rds of this planet’s core is made up of diamond. It’s literally a giant diamond (larger than Earth).

(Image credit: CfA)


Hd 188753 Ab is a planet candidate with three suns. That’s more than even Luke Skywalker got! It turns out that binary star systems are actually quite common, however, and there are many worlds out there where the sunsets would happen twice (or more) a day. Maybe one day a lucky couple will sit beneath a pair of setting suns, holding hands as each star dips below the alien horizon.

(Image credit: NASA/Ames Research Center/Kepler Mission)

The Water World (Miller’s Planet?)

GJ 1214b is 42 light years away from Earth. It’s 25% rock surrounded by 75% water. Its surface is an endless ocean not too dissimilar from what you’d see floating on a boat in the middle of the ocean on Earth.

As you go deeper below the surface though, you’d eventually hit ice. The water surrounding the core isn’t ice because of temperature though: the pressure of the water above it is so intense that it crushes the water below from a liquid into a solid form known as “ice VII”.

(Image credit: Found on Kurir)

Earth 2.0

Kepler-438b orbits a star 470 light years away. It receives a similar amount of energy from its sun as does Earth. Its surface temperature is perfect for liquid water. 

On the Earth Similarity Index it’s received a 0.88, the highest score of any world (except of course Earth). Liquid water almost certainly exists there and with it, the best chance for alien life.

This is the sort of planet that makes me wonder when I look up at the stars, if somewhere far away, there isn’t someone looking back.

(Image credit: NASA Ames/SETI Institute/JPL-Caltech)

Star Wars Mad Max AU

Consider this:

Shmi Skywalker as Furiosa, stolen from her community of freedwomen, her son taken from her and never seen again, forced to work in the Imperial prison on Tatooine, slowly working her way up until she’s trusted by Imperial forces, until she can get close enough to the prisoners, until she can stage a rescue of

Padme and the Naboo handmaidens, who are all being held indefinitely for crimes and sedition against the Empire, who have been imprisoned and used as slave labor in the camp ever since they lost the Battle of Naboo when Padme was only fourteen, who have carefully planned their escape with Shmi, but it’s all nearly ruined by

Obi-Wan Kenobi, a half-feral survivor of the Jedi purges, who trusts no one and barely speaks, who tries to steal Shmi’s ship and ends up coming along for the ride instead, after they ditch the fanatical young Inquisitor who was following him

The same Inquisitor who keeps following them, keeps trying to capture them all for the Emperor, until he fails spectacularly and Padme finds him, curled up in the cargo hold and sobbing as he beats himself, and she tells him to stop, not to hurt himself, and she asks his name, and he says

Anakin, Anakin who doesn’t know that he has a last name, but Padme recognizes that name, and she’s up and shouting for Shmi, who comes running into the hold and at first thinks that the Inquisitor is there to attack them again, but Padme says, No, no, he’s your son!

And Shmi is reunited with her stolen child, and they all do a lot of processing, and eventually they decide they’re going to take Coruscant, and you all can extrapolate from here, because I only have one requirement for the ending of this AU, and that is

Shmi Skywalker kills the Emperor.