tatoo japanese


When you are a fangirl and a shipper, you take ever freaking scrap you can to piece your ship together.

When I hear McCree’s line ‘Reach for the Sky’ I ALWAYS think of Hanzo’s SORA skin (which, as you guessed it, translates ‘SKY’ from japanese), and I really want to explore other similarities or ‘coincedences’ of their lines and skins more. (i plan to do the White Husbands one, the Mystery man and Young Hanzo skins too. just need to get my shit together)

If fangirls could sneak into animes and fuck around with their ships...
  • J.J [posts picture]: new tatoo in Japanese dedicated to my girlfriend. A fan offered to do it for free.
  • Yurio: katsudon, what does this say.
  • Yuri: Yuritchika...Yuratchka.. Oh shit.