tatoo finger

Nothing more symmetrical than Nature 🍃

piece by brusimoes

Request: Can you do married headcanons with halfdan or harald please?

- Him always calling you „my queen” instead of your name

- The biggest wedding ceremony ever seen

- Him cutting his hair

- Him not wanting you to join him on his raids because he fears for your safety

- You going anyways

- Spending long nights talking about the future

- Tracing his tatoo with your finger

- Halfdan being your best drinking buddy

- Him falling for you after you save his life

- You being a total badass

- He loves to see you covered in the blood of your enemies

- Going on countless raids together

- You admiring his loyalty

- Sex in public places

- You having to prove yourself to Harald

- After you did so, he loves you like a sister


Is this a headcanon? I wasn’t exacty sure I’m doing the right thing. lol