eyyy i made a cool hair ref for Guy cause his hair is… so hard to draw… and then i decided to make one for everyone!  models-resource saved my life and now they can save YOURS TOO

anal-recovery  asked:

hey there! your piece "trouble breathing" really, really speaks to me and i was wondering if you would give me permission to have it tattooed?

Absolutely–I’d be honored. I’d love to see the end product if you end up having it done! If it’s helpful for your tattoo artist, here are the plain lines from that piece:

anonymous asked:

hey, sorry to bother you, but I just saw your 'wolfchops' drawing and I was seriously considering getting it tattooed, is that okay? if so, the linework for that would help a lot. I know it's an older piece and you may not have it easily accessible but if you do.... I'd be over the moon. your art is INCREDIBLE by the way, keep it up!

Hey, thanks for the nice words! I was able to dig up the lineart for this ol’ thing, so here you go! (tumblr makes it hard to insert a hi-res image when I’m answering asks, so you might want to shoot me a quick PM so I can give you a version that doesn’t suck, haha)


Tales of the Stage - The Last Score - Live and Theater at Yokohama Arena Character Visuals

Sync, Legretta, and Mohs have also been confirmed under the ensemble cast. There will be a pre-recorded prologue skit written by Takumi Miyajima (TOA main scenario writer) featuring the original voice actors.


Pictures from Dengeki Online’s Tales of the Stage - Last Score - Report

Going in order from left to right, top to bottom:

  1. The cast dancing to Karma
  2. Legretta doesn’t want to give Ion back
  3. “Dancing Van” in action during the hypnotizing Luke scene
  4. Acrobatic Jade, also a minor meme alongside Dancing Van
  5. Guy’s gynophobia at work
  6. Anise breaking the fourth wall and asking the audience who is their favorite character
  7. Ion’s death
  8. Frings’s death
  9. The cast at some point in the stage play which I don’t remember well
  10. Luke, Tear, and Asch stage actors hitting off really well with Luke and Tear’s voice actors

[Image source and Dengeki’s report (in Japanese)]

I already did an event report last month so I won’t rehash things, but here’s a good number of visuals to go with the mini-summary from back in the day!

anonymous asked:

hi! would you mind if i get your "mountain spirits see and love you" tattooed? if not, would you want to see it when it's done and could you post the plain lines? thank love ya 💖

I wouldn’t mind at all! I’d love to see the end result if you end up getting it done! Love u too my dude.  (There was another anon who asked about getting this one tattooed as well–these lines are for both of you. As well as anyone else who wants them, haha)