• Natalia:If you want to take on Luke, you’ll have to go through me.
  • Anise:And me.
  • Van:Is this a joke? I will not be threatened by two little girls.
  • Natalia:You don’t want to mess with us.
  • Anise:She’s a hair puller.
  • Tear:And you’re not just dealing with them.
  • Guy:You’re dealing with all of us.
  • Jade:Except me.
  • Guy:Except Jade.
  • Jade:I don’t care what happens.

The Apparition of Tatlin’s Tower In Moscow, there is no escape from an affect of anticipation: I am waiting that, if not uncovered by another city corner, Tatlin’s Tower would unscrew itself from beyond my feet in magnificent swirls, like a galaxy which has detonated, its long sleeves begin unfolding.

I used to observe all seven Moscow towers from my balcony, but now several are obstructed by new buildings. At least one “new tower,” so-called Triumph Palace, was erected imitating the architectural forms. I heard some insist there are nine (or something) “Stalin-empire skyscrapers” in Moscow now. #Moscow #architecture #Tatlin #tower

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