*Day 1 of 100 days of productivity challenge* So I’m “attempting” to do the 100 days of productivity challenge to see how I progress with my work aswell as keeping me on track. Today I went through some issues of Tatler Magazine and collected some images to show how insects and creatures are used in the fashion industry, I then displayed them in my sketchbook and added a few notes.


Geordie Greig was Kate’s PR man, he worked at Tatler as Editor and now is the Editor of the Mail on Sunday which is the Daily Mail’s Sunday Paper.

Although she leaked to Katie Nicholls too until about 2009 and then something happened and Katie turned on Kate and she stopped having all the exclusives. 

Some things you may find interesting 



Tatler's etiquette guide on what not to say when you're newly engaged

Tatler has put together a list of don'ts for the newly engaged in a bid to eradicate outward signs of ‘smugness’ - just days after Pippa Middleton announced her engagement.

I used to think Tatler was quite an ok magazine but they don’t seem to be doing themselves any favours anymore with the stuff they write nowadays (unless it’s meant to be all in good fun?)

Also, this is one of the comments:

 'Do you realise that Pippa is organising all these ‘paps harrassing her’ photoshoots? How do i know? The house has a wall around it and underground parking garage. Yet the photos are from inside the walled compound and she’s walking to a car parked on the street outside the underground garages’. (would you say it’s true?)


Those houses do all have walls in place and underground parking.