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About Portugal vs France

“They can’t do it” said French people.
“They have a weak team”
“They did well coming until the final. But they aren’t going any further.”
“They only have Ronaldo.”

As someone who doesn’t care about football, I spent the whole night rooting for my country this time. I can understand their comments, since I never thought we would pass the semi-finals, actually. Our team was weak. And that’s true. But it’s still not right to be celebrating before it’s happenned.

And we did it.

Throught France’s unfair game: their tatic of hurting Ronaldo, “our only strengh”, didn’t work.

When the game was at its 100 minutes I thought “even if we lose, their pride might be at least a little shattered, since we were going to be soooo easy, but looks like not.”

But we won. We won through the 120 minutes of game. Through 120 minutes of watching our players getting hurt, falling, and the arbitator didn’t even make justice to them.

When you think something is impossible, remember that Portugal won Euro 2016, when France was already celebrating “their given victory”. Being honest, the French team was really stronger. But being a little more honest, Portugal won by dedication and team work, and that’s so important.