10 People You Want To Get To Know Better

I got tagged by taticarus

Name: Travis

Time & Date: 12:34 AM | 21 June 2015 

Average hours of sleep at night: 6

Last thing I googled: “how to tag someone in a post on tumblr"

Birthday: 11 November

Gender: Male

Sexual orientation: Bro…
Height: 5'9"

Favourite color: Green

One place that makes you happy: driving the back roads of my home town. 

I am wearing right now: blanket.

Last book I read: “The Six Wives of Henry VIII” by Alison Weir.

Most used phrases: I’m sorry.
Favourite beverages: Dark Coffee

Favourite food: Hummus forever. 

Last movie I watched: I don’t see a lot of movies. Lots of Netflix shows though. I’m currently rewatching some of “The West Wing” among other shows. 

Dream vacation: Argentina is next on the list.

Dream wedding: non-existent. 

Dream pets: Chocolate Lab and a Ginger Cat.

Dream job: list is too long. something humanitarian, nerdy, and international.

My ten: disregardingreality alaskanspringtime thomas-garrett northern-gentleman iamzeked betteroffintheocean leo-haunted arcampbell94 beardovermatter

and I’m just gonna leave this here: taylorswift