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Undress Me - “strangers undress each other and get in bed. Nothing else. No rules.” #intimacy #romance <3


First kiss - 20 sconosciuti si baciano per la prima volta

Sicuramente il fatto di avere il ciclo in questo momento e di essere, in generale, una stupida sentimentale avrà contribuito, ma mi sono commossa guardandolo.


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“Undress Me”

In a sequel to the first viral video appropriately titled “First Kiss” (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IpbDHxCV29A) In which they asked 20 random strangers to kiss for the first time, the creators now asked random strangers to undress one another. 


20 Strangers Are Asked To Kiss On Camera VIDEO

In a world filled with disconnect, where most of us choose to get lost in our phones rather than interact with anyone that we don’t know, the idea of kissing a stranger sounds preposterous. A group led by Tatia Pilieva decided to challenge this by asking 20 strangers to kiss one another for the first time on camera. The results are a perfect mix of awkward and adorable that is more than worth checking out…


First Kiss: a short film created by Tatia Pilieva, wherein 20 strangers meet and kiss for the first time. Incredibly sweet, beautiful, and a little funny. Music by Soko, who is also included as one of the kissers. 



We asked twenty strangers to kiss for the first time….


Watch: Strangers kiss in powerful ‘First Kiss’ video

For her “First Kiss” video, filmmaker Tatia Pilieva asked 20 strangers to kiss on camera. While just a few minutes long, Pilieva’s project captures the range of emotions present in scenes where the first meeting immediately precipitates a first kiss.

Her subjects, men and women of unknown sexual orientation, all exhibit similar emotions when faced with the awkwardness of an artificial setting. Some try to talk away their nerves, others laugh or fidget, but ultimately they all end up surrendering to the concept of inevitable intimacy with a stranger. 

The black-and-white video, powerful in its simplicity and candor, also gives credence to the idea of sexuality as an act, or an action. There is no difference between the nerves or intimacies of the men kissing women, the men kissing men or the women kissing other women.

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“We asked twenty strangers to kiss for the first time….”


Remember that first kiss with someone new? Of course you do.

Well a short film has recorded a bunch of strangers make out for the first time, and the result is part beautiful, part massively awkward. Filmaker Tatia Pilieva has managed to capture perfectly that nervous energy that comes from people before and after their first kiss.  The difference being these people have never, ever met before.

But what do you think - too cute or too weird?


First Kiss - Short Film by Tatia Pilieva

20 strangers are asked to kiss one another for the first time…

I am in love with this.