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You got a promotion!???!?! HOLY SHIT GOOD JOB!!!!

Thaaanks. Starting Friday, I’ll be in Erik’s position: Head Teller and CSR of the Med Center branch, and the bank’s Credit Card Representative.

Now, if my co-workers stopped being asshats…. Oh, well. It’ll get better. I’ll just continue channeling my inner Donna. ;-)

… If you want it bad enough, it will come. Bottom line. That little tid bit is straight from Mihalopoulos.

If you want to get smashed while your parents are gone, we’ll get smashed.

If you want to be a writer, you’ll be a writer.

If you want to make your own alfredo sauce, you’ll make your own alfredo sauce.

It’s just that simple. I heard it from an Aussie, who heard it from a Buddhist monk, and now you’re hearing it from me because it’s true.

—  Ladies and gentlemen, my best friend Erin, circa 2008. Wise words that still hold true five years later.
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tatertotsurprise asked:

Booooooom this is what you get!!!! ALL THE Q'S!!!!! 103 93 60 55 46 41 30 5 1 HEEHEEHEEHOHOHHAHAHAHAOOHHAVAAHEHEEEE

I like what I got and your laughter is contagious, Tater Tot! ;-) Thanks for the questions. Also, the order of the numbers pleases me. Hee.

103. What was your last holiday like? As in, Christmas, or just the most recent holiday? The most recent holiday that comes in mind is Labor Day—walked in the parade supporting IBEW Local 510 with my dad and my brother Jason. Afterwards, we ate lunch in Bancroft Park—they had a pasty, I ate hot dogs. It’s one of the few times a year my dad and I do something together. It’s nice.

93. What was the last dream you had about? Oh, man. I’m horrible at remembering dreams. I think the last one had something to do with being in Marquette … but I couldn’t tell you anything else. Ugh.

60. Was today a good day? Since today has just begun, I’ll talk about yesterday—yes, yesterday was fun! Work was fine, had our usual Thursday Beer and Cheetos the last half hour. After work, I went down the canyon to see the Real Salt Lake vs. LA Galaxy (soccer) game. And RSL won! Despite the overtime and added minutes by the refs, it was pretty excellent. However, now I’m tired from getting home so late. :-P

55. 3 things you’re terrified of?

  • Bees, wasps, hornets, yellowjackets. Keep away from me, you scary bugs!
  • My parents dying. How about that never happens, okay? Okay.
  • Blindness? I really don’t like being in complete darkness, so this would be horrible. 

46. Do you miss the way things were six months ago?
 Six months ago I was in my hometown, working for the bank again, helping with the credit card program conversion. While I was able put that extra experience on my resume? No, I do not miss it. Being here in Utah, working for Sundance, I’m bettering myself far more than staying in my hometown and working for the bank. My decision to leave again was a good one.

41. Where did you get the shirt/sweatshirt you’re wearing? I’m wearing a tank top and a cardigan. Tank top from Kohl’s. Cardigan from Gap. 

30. Do you wear the hood on your hoodie? Very rarely. I’ll wear the hood if I’m just lounging around the house. I’ll only wear it in public if it’s raining. Silly, I know.

5.What are you looking forward to in the next week? Since it’s Friday, I’m looking forward to the weekend. Swimming at the Aquatic Center nearby. Work-wise, I’m looking forward to getting all those damn customer service documents completely updated.

1. What would you name your future daughter? You see, I don’t really want kids. However, if I were to change my mind, and had a daughter, I think her name should be Lena.

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Jesus this is ridiculous. Become violently ill instead.

LOL I wish, but actually, things would be far worse–she’d be calling constantly to ensure I’m not dying, want to take me into the walk-in clinic, coming over every day despite me saying I’m fine. It’s Sue–of course–and there’s a fine line of what you can and can’t do with her. Heh. I offered  having dinner here so I wouldn’t deal with cat hair in the food, or her getting mad when I want to leave in the middle of a Lifetime movie. I do love Sue–really, I do–but she can drive me absolutely crazy.