On my birthday at the end of July I visited the Tate Britain to see the Lowry exhibition. I have been a fan of Lowry for as long as I can remember so it was brilliant to see his work first hand. The exhibition was fairly small, but told the eventful story of Lowry’s life and career as a painter. I can now see why he has been named the painter of modern life, the sheer detail and stories behind his work are so powerful, capturing the quality of life during the industrial revolution and the effect it had on the people. 

My favourite painting of the exhibition was the ‘Industrial Landscape’, which was a large panoramic view of a growing city. During the industrial revolution, the skies were black and filthy because of the thousands of factories. Which made living during this time very bleak and miserable. Lowry would always avoid using too much black in his paintings, to make his work more inviting and uplifting. Instead he would use white and cream, making the streets and sky cleaner and purer, almost as if there was a blanket on snow, which was far more aesthetically pleasing!