AHS Roanoke theory

Okay, this is just my theory that I came up with last night while watching Murder House. It might be a stretch but who knows, this show is crazy.
So everyone knows Murder House and Roanoke are directly related, and that in Murder House Billy Dean Howard told Violet the story of Roanoke and how she loved the story [and was getting her own TV show, which came up again in Hotel]. We obviously know that Roanoke is is set up like a TV show, and there’s already a theory that this season is Billy Dean’s show, with her playing Shelby in the reenactments.
Cuba Gooding Jr said that this season is gonna blow people’s minds and that it’s broken up into three parts: episodes 1-5, 6-9, and 10. He said about episode 6 is when the twist happens and our brains will be on the wall.
I’ve also read somewhere that they were seen filming at Murder House, BUT I’ve only seen it once and haven’t been able to find anything about it since, so maybe I imagined it or something (so that’s where my theory might become a stretch).
SO MY THEORY: Yes, Roanoke is Billy Dean’s tv show. And episodes 6-9 are going to be at Murder House. Episode 10 I think the spirits of Murder House will revolt and kill the film crew or something. Like, ya’ll have been bitching about not seeing Evan Peters yet, but I think we haven’t seen him because he’s playing Tate again. Why else would the cast be such a huge secret? Jessica Lange was just on the cover of some magazine with Cuba and Sarah, and yes it’s because she has a new show with Ryan Murphy, but MAYBE she’s also coming back to play Constance for like one episode. I know she’s said she wouldn’t want to do the show again, but she’s also said if they write a good enough GUEST spot or small role she would consider it, so if they wanted her to play Constance again for an episode or two, how could she say no?
It might be a stretch but man now I really want Evan to be Tate again.