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How would the Evans react to their S/O asking for attention/affection? Not being whiny or anything but just asking for it. I had a p bad day so I'd love some Evan love 💕💕


  •  Gladly comply with your wish
  • Cuddle with you and asking you about your day
  •  Gives you lots of cute little kisses
  •  Puts on your favorite movie and brings you your favorite snacks
  •  Tells you whatever made you had a bad day can suck him


  •  “I’ll take care of the kids and then we can do whatever you want, babe.”
  •  Cuddles with you for a while and let’s you rant to him about your day
  • Makes you dance with and he holds you extremely close the entire time
  • Makes sure there isn’t anything else you need him to do for you
  • Carries you to bed and passionately kisses you before snuggling with you until you both fall asleep


  • Would wrap you up in his arms and kiss your head
  •  Stays at your house that night to make sure you are okay
  • Gets in bed with you super early so you’ll have a larger cuddling space
  • Makes you dinner and brings it to you in bed
  • Pulls you on top of him so you can rest on him for the rest of the night


  • Pull you on to his lap and wrap his arms around you
  • Asks if there is anything you need him to do for you
  •  Lays down with you with one arm wrapped around you and the other holding your hand
  •  Tells you that you should take a break and just lounge around for a few days
  • Offers to go to town and buy you one of your favorite comfort foods


  •  At first would only let you sit on his lap with an arm around you
  • Eventually lays down on the couch with you and actually cuddles
  • “Darling, if someone made you feel this way all you need to do is tell me who and it will never happen again.”
  • Kisses you gently 
  • Orders Mrs. Evers to prepare things for the next day for him so he can spend more time with you


  • Would stop what he was doing to cuddle with you
  • Makes dorky jokes to get you to smile
  • Lots of cute little kisses
  • Carries you to bed
  • Makes sure you fall asleep before  he even tries to


  • Reluctant at first 
  • Starts with just sitting next to you and holding your hand
  •  Lets you rest your head on his chest and rubs your back
  •  Asks if there’s anything he can have the servants do for you
  •  Wraps an arm around you while you are laying in bed that night
Il diavolo non viene da noi con la sua faccia rossa e le corna.
Lui viene da noi travestito da tutto quello che hai sempre desiderato.
—  American horror story
Il diavolo esiste e non è un ometto rosso con corna e coda.
Può essere bellissimo perché è un angelo caduto ed era il preferito di Dio.
—  American horror story

I get beat up a lot in this show…                                                                                                                           and I do not like it one bit"