tate langdon american horror story

Imagine moving into the Murder House

The large house loomed over you ominously as you stood in the yard, holding a box of your books. There was something about it that didn’t feel right, something that screamed for you to run far and run fast.

Despite these feelings though, you didn’t have a choice.

“It’s perfect, isn’t it?” Your dad asked, a huge smile adorning his face. He was so excited about the prospect of starting over with this new house and his new job, it was all he had been talking about for months. He thought this was what you both needed and honestly you didn’t have the heart to object.

“Yeah, it looks nice,” You agreed, forcing a smile. In the back of your mind something still felt out of place, but you brushed it off as nothing. ’It’s just a house,’ You reminded yourself. ’I just need to get used to it.’

Although as these words echoed through your head, your eyes were drawn to an upstairs window. You could’ve sworn you saw something move, yet nothing was there.

Probably just a rat or something. This house is pretty old.

Finally after taking a deep breath and ignoring all the warning signs screaming at you to stop, you followed your father inside.


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American Horror Story: Cult

I am so happy about this whole season. I was so worried after Roanoke was almost a complete nightmare (not in a good way). This season really showed how great of an actor Evan Peters is and I’m so glad he was pretty much THE main character. Kai Anderson is easily one of my favorite of Evan’s characters (aside from Tate, of course). One of my favorite seasons so far and hopefully they will continue to be great!

Side note: Apparently, next season is suppose to be a Murder House/Coven crossover? Thoughts? What characters from those seasons do you want to see back? Of course, I would LOOOVEEE to see Tate again.

Imagine: Kai Anderson 

The past week you have been on edge, suspicions have started rising in your mind and your anxiety is showing through. You swear that there’s someone who’s been stalking you, following you everywhere. At first you thought you were losing your mind but now you know it’s for sure because some things that have happened are just too real to just be made up. 

Your boyfriend, Kai, whom you’ve been involved with for 6 months & living with now for three weeks has become aware of your anxious behaviour and decides to confront you about it one morning when you were making breakfast for the both of you. 

“Mm something smells delicious”. Kai walks in to the kitchen with a smirk on his face and messy bed hair. 

“Yeah, I’m making waffles”. You reply smiling at his charming face, knowing this was one of his favourite breakfasts. 

Kai wrapped his strong arms around you from behind, as he moved all of your hair to the left of your shoulder, giving him plenty of skin to nibble on, on the right side of your neck. You couldn’t help but lightly moan as his easy given pleasures. 

After you both ate breakfast, had sex on the counter a couple of times and talked about Kai’s plans to become president, you decided to start getting some dishes cleaned whilst Kai went and showered. 

He then returned back to the kitchen and placed a gentle kiss on the top of your head as you wrapped your arms around his torso, a little too tightly maybe. 

“Y/N, I know something’s up with you, you’ve been acting super on edge lately and it’s started to show, tell me, what is it? I can help, you know that.” He lifted your chin with his finger, so you were eye to eye with him, making it impossible to hide your fears or lies anymore. 

You sigh, “ Kai, I think someone’s been watching me.. I know it sounds strange but the other night when you were in the basement having one of your meetings and I was in the shower I heard a clicking noise coming from the bushes outside the window and I kept seeing flashes. I’m pretty certain someone was taking photos of me. Not only did that happen but when I took a nap yesterday when it was only me in the house I woke up and the front door was wide open, with a note on the door that said “I’m going to marry you one day”. Now, Kai, tell me of i’m losing my mind”. 

Kai’s face was priceless. It was unreadable. You couldn’t tell if he was angry, humoured, unfazed or anything. He just had a blank expression on his face as you both stood there silently then for the next minute or so. 

“Say something please”. You mutter. 

“Stay here, I’m going to go and take care of this”. Kai replied sternly, kissing your cheek before grabbing his coat and walking out of the door, slamming it on his way out. You were relieved but also a tad worried as you had no idea what was going on in Kai’s mind. 

____2 days later____

Kai had been gone two days now and you started to panic. You had called everyone in his army, Winter, Ally, Ivy and got that desperate that you even went to visit Oz to see if he’d seen Kai. No sign of him anywhere and now you had just about lost it. You pulled over your car into a parking lot of some random park in town and just burst into tears, hitting the wheel and probably looked like a crazy woman but you didn’t care right now because all you cared about was if Kai was okay. 

As if you were blessed, moments later someone was knocking on your window as you had your head in your hands before. You jumped up in your seat and turned to see Kai, himself, healthy and a huge grin on his face. You rolled the window down and grabbed his face, pulling into you as you gave him a very passionate kiss as to which he returned. 

Once you settled a bit after the kiss, you could barely form words. 

“Where were you? I was worried to death, I thought I’d lost you for good!” You exclaimed concern written all over your face. Kai just kept smiling at your reaction. 

“I told you I will take care of it, and I did”. He smirked. 

“What? How?” You were puzzled but so so very happy right now. 

“Let’s just say, It wasn’t hard to track down this guy once your sister told me about your possessive ex-boyfriend from high school who never got over the break-up”. You were surprised that it was your ex from high school, you didn’t think he’d end up like that but still, you don’t even care now, the only thing that matters is that you have Kai back.