Imagine having a relationship with Tate and being polar opposites...

request: You can make a headcanon of how it be a relationship between Tate and a reader who is completely opposite to him ( the dark and light it …. she is like a Mysti Day but no actualy she)

a/n: i wrote her a little more like a happy goof than a misty but tried to keep a little bit of her in there


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  • you always run up to him and kiss him on the cheek, “GOTCHA!!”
  • he sits quietly and reads a book while you hum and flit around the room dancing to upbeat music
  • “you have so much energy, don’t you get tired?”
  • “not when i’m with you”
  • you run over and throw your arms around him
  • walking around the beach and holding hands
  • you look at the sky and turn to him, “you know it’s sad that the world is so beautiful and so many people can’t see it.”
  • “the world sucks, anyway you’re prettier,” he kisses you on the cheek and puts his head back down
  • you always wearing flowy dresses and light colors
  • tate’s dark colors complimenting yours
  • anytime he says something negative you pout
  • “sorry” smiling and pushing his hair out of his eyes
  • “it’s okay it just makes me sad when you’re sad”
  • him always telling you how much he loves you
  • “I LOVE YOU”
  • tackling him

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Malia Tate headcanon?

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  • When you first started to get to know Malia, her blunt comments hurt you occasionally
    • but she was waaaaaay too proud to apologise sometimes
      • however when she said something that almost made you cry, she realised how big of an affect she had on you and how much she didn’t want to see you ever cry ever again, let alone with her as the cause of it and she like IMMEDIATELY regretted it and apologised profusely
        • she followed you around like a lost puppy for the whole day because you said you didn’t forgive her
          • you lied, you did, you just liked having her with you the whole day
  • She’s 110% ready for a fight 24/7 if someone says one bad thing about you
    • it doesn’t even have to be bad it could just be anything somewhat negative and she’d be like “What the fuck did you just say?”
    • she’s definitely had a go at Stiles for teasing you, even if he didn’t mean it
      • he made sure to never tease you again
        • (at least not around Malia)
  • Fem!Reader
    • She was super comfortable with her feelings for you, a girl, but what she wasn’t comfortable with was the fact that she actually felt that way in general
      • she definitely had to go to Lydia for advice all the time
        • “She’s so cute! Why is she doing that with her face!? Does she not realise how cute that is!?” “This would be a lot easier if you just asked her out”

~ Clara

Stalia: what could have been

I really wish Malia had been written better. They had a pretty cool concept: A girl that’s been living as a coyote because she didn’t realize what she was until it was too late and now that she has friends and a life she needs to start the long process of acclimating to society. Brilliant. In theory. Instead of focusing on her journey of discovering who she is, from what her personality is to what her favorite music is, the writers decided to focus on getting her maneuvered into just the right position to be Stiles’s love interest. They made her, a girl that hasn’t lived in human society since she was a small child, the romantic partner of a teenager that has the advantage of knowing more about her by virtue of researching werewolves than she knows about herself. They shoved a potentially fascinating struggle to catch up to her physical age and connect with her remaining family (Derek and Peter) far away into the background in favor of “Math is hard so I’ll just date Stiles”. Disappointing.

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