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You guys said Fidds and Tate bonding : 3 

Don’t worry. The shocks will feel more like when your foot falls asleep. Fidds wouldn’t zap his son :P


Shades of Ten

David Tennant in costume as the Tenth Doctor wearing his own sunglasses
(…the Doctor’s sunglasses look different than David’s)

Excerpt from DWM 408 by Benjamin Cook (during Planet of the Dead filming)

[…] David is more focused on his shades.  “I’ve had my sunglasses on again,” he tells make-up man Steve Smith.  The specs leave a slight mark on the bridge of his nose, requiring a retouch.

“Not again!” sighs Steve.

“Well, it’s bright,” David grins, “and I look cool in them.”


“Green is for the things I understand. Yellow, is for "I’m working on it,” and… Red means I have no clue.“ (4x03)
"So green is solved, yellow is to be determined, blue’s just pretty.” “What does red mean?” “Unsolved.” (3x15)

i love malia & stiles so much. THEY’RE SO CUTE

bonus blue! now featuring monster girls and their squishy human boyfriends

Monsters Are Just Trees - Tate Langdon Imagine

“I’ve tried to find out where I’m suppose to be. And I figured I don’t belong anywhere”. You half whispered under your breath. It was late, and Tate and yourself were having one of those heartfelt conversations that only occurs at night time.

“You belong here with me stupid”. He responded while patting you gently on the back. You knew you belonged with him. But then again, no you didn’t. Because you were alive.

“Tate, this house belongs to the dead. You know I can’t stay”.

“But I love you”. He looked straight at you with his big brown eyes. The blonde curls creating shadows on his face from the bright ceiling lights.

“You love Violet”.

“I love you. You are my sun. I gravitate towards you”.

“You’ve always been so good with words. If you love me so much then make me like you”. At first he smiled, but then that smile turned into a look of confusion. You could feel the blood pumping through your veins. Rushing. You were nervous now that you had admitted, that the difference between the two of you were too grand.


“Make me like you so I belong here”. Tate still looked confused. He didn’t understand it, and you couldn’t blame him for it. He was after all, under the understanding that everything was okay between the two of you. Which it was, if it wasn’t for you being alive, and him being dead. “A ghost”

In a harsh voice he said “what? No”. He also lowered his eyebrows and made a sort of frowny face at you.

“Take me home Tate”

“Do you mean”? he got onto his feet.


“But I won’t kill you”. He shook his head violently from side to side, while he backed away from you. As if you were going to attack him.

“Just take me home. Make me belong here like you did with Violet and the others”. You got onto your feet too, and started moving towards him. You could see the worried look on his face. His eyes getting wetter as you moved forward.

“She did it to herself. You know what I wouldn’t give to be alive”? He half sobbed for a second. Then he dried off his eyes with his one hand, and with the other he reached out for you. You automatically went in for a hug, like you had done so many times before.

“But that’s how we can be together”.

“No I don’t want you to die. I just want you to keep coming back when the day is done”.

“I won’t stay young forever”.

I don’t care”. He’s tone was harsh. “I’ll love you even when you are old. The monsters are just trees”. He pushed you out from the hug so that he kept his hands on your shoulders, still holding onto you. Still looking out for you. 

“What’s that suppose to mean”?

“It means that what you fear in the world isn’t real. Or at least not as bad as you think. Like I don’t love Violet anymore”. You could feel a tear running down your face. Why were you crying? You felt happy. “There’s already a million different ways for you to never leave this house alive, and I don’t want to be one of them”.

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Can u do a fic where stiles and Malia get voted cutest couple

yes give me ALL the high school au’s

“Oh my God, Stiles, look!”

Scott had a ridiculous grin on his face, and shoved his yearbook across the lunch table.

“What, did they get a bad photo of me? I swear to God, I think Cynthia is out to get me with that camera.” Stiles eagerly grabbed the book towards him.

Instead of being on some Student Life page where he can usually find awful candids of him (No, really, last year Cynthia managed to get a prime photo of him at the homecoming dance looking like a complete spazz. He had to give her credit for being bold enough to make it full page.) but instead, the Senior Superlatives.

“Wha-” his eyes skimmed over the page, noticing Scott under the title as “Most Outgoing” and Lydia under “Most Likely to Succeed”. He was about to comment on them, until he saw it. Right smack in the middle of the page.

It was a picture of him kissing Malia, taken after a lacrosse practice judging how they are on the bleachers outside and Stiles has his practice gear on. He remembers that day pretty vividly, even though it was almost three months ago.

Malia always comes to his practices and watches in the bleachers, cheering for him despite no actual game taking place. Even though his teammates think it’s annoying, Stiles is always endeared. He never had someone who was willing to take time out of their day to just be there for him, nonetheless a girlfriend.

He made it a habit at every break to meet Malia on her spot on the bleachers to kiss her and tell her he loved her. It was a small gesture on his part, but he hoped it showed his admiration enough.

And that was the picture that was smack dab in the middle of the Superlatives page, with the heading “Cutest Couple: Stiles Stilinski & Malia Tate”. And it actually was a good photo. It was clear, natural lighting, and had a perfect angle. It was great.

“Oh my God. Oh my God.” he gaped, couldn’t take his eyes off the page.

“Stiles, you guys got Cutest Couple!” Scott eagerly implied, shaking the book in his hand.

“I can’t believe you of all people were put under any title with Cutest or Couple” Liam contested, pulling the book toward him to actually see. He deserved the french fry Stiles threw at him.

“What about Cutest Couple?” Lydia joined them at the table with her lunch bag, Kira and Malia in tow with trays in their hands. Malia sat to Stiles’ left, and instinctively kissed her cheek without a thought.

“Look!” Scott held up the book for the girls to see.

“Oh my gosh!” Kira squealed, grabbing onto Malia’s arm. “That’s so exciting, congrats you guys!”

Malia’s brows furrowed at the book. “I don’t get this, what does this mean? And how did they get this picture?”

Stiles glared across the cafeteria, Cynthia and her other editor friends sitting at their usual table.

“Cynthia is a photography fiend, that’s how. I’m surprised this isn’t a picture of me mid sneeze.” he gestured to the book. Lydia rolled her eyes at the comment and looked to Malia.

“Senior Superlatives is basically a superficial voting contest. The senior class votes on who their favorite people are for different topics, and the winners get placed in the book.”

“So, they think me and Stiles are the cutest couple?”

“Don’t act so surprised.” Kira comments, rewarded with a confused look from both Stiles and Malia. When she realizes their looks are genuine, her eyes go wide.

“You guys literally are bound by the hip. You’re always holding hands or kissing. And not even in a gross, PDA type of way. It’s cute. Just look at you now!”

Stiles didn’t even notice when his arm had moved around Malia, hand on her side and holding her close to him, or how their ankles are hooked together.

“I didn’t notice it all that much, honestly. Huh.” Stiles blinks. He’s always been so used to being by Malia’s side. She makes him happy, calmer. Good. He turns his head to look at Malia, who does the same, and squeezes her side with a lopsided grin.

“Cutest Couple. Stiles and Malia. I can dig it.” he said.

And what he loved was that Malia didn’t think he said something dumb, or roll her eyes. She just smiled that smile he loved and leaned in to press her lips to his, kissing him soft.

Liam makes a gagging noise in the background.

Stiles throws a handful of french fries his way without even pulling away from Malia.

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Please please please do a video on vegan pregnancy and birth pleaseee! The process, any tiredness/sickness, difficulties and the delivery process. Congrats he looks beautiful :)

Next vid that we will film!  We are doing shifts right now where I stay up late watching Tate & change diapers & give him monkey rides (happiest baby on the block, the Swing part is his fav all parents need to know this & super thankful to my friend Eric & Happycow.net who recommended it to me) so mom can get some sleep & then I sleep in the morning.  We are lucky to have BVB around to run errands and keep the place tidy, she really has shined in all of this!  But pretty much my lifestyle has changed none, I just have a better excuse to stay up & answer Tumblr questions :) 

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Another heartbreaking headcanon: imagine if, after millenia the Murder House ghosts start to fade. Imagine it. Now imagine Violet finding it out and looking for Tate because she wants to forgive him before that happens to him too but she arrives it's too late and Tate already faded. Imagine it.


Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal

Merry Christmas guys!! I love each and every one of you and I’m so thankful to have you guys in my life!!

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