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See basically Kyle Gallner and Evan Peters are the same person. They take on similar roles and are both HORRIDLY under rated.

Exhibit A: They both played shooters

—Tate in Piggy Piggy

—Kyle in Cold Case, Rampage

Exhibit B: The both did the “gun hand” thing

Exhibit C: They cry (and look adorable while doing so)

-- Kyle in Law and Order SVU, Impulsive

Exhibit D: They both play dark, edgy characters

--Kyle in Jennifers Body

And Lastly, Exhibit E: They are both handsome, talented,happy people despite the evil,hateful characters they play


p.s this took forever to make, so I hope you like it! ;)


The 1st gif represents who you are:

The 9th gif represents how you feel today:

The 7th gif represents your taste in music:

The 4th gif represents your relationship with your friends:

The 17th gif represents your love life:

The 3rd gif is something about you not many know:

The 15th gif is how you act when you are alone:


The 20th gif is how today will go for you:

The 11th gif is how your life will be:

The 13th gif is how people see you:

The 6th gif is how you will spend your last day on earth:

The 2nd gif is how you act around the person you are attracted to:

The 10th gif is how your gender sees you:

The 16th gif is how the opposite gender sees you:

The 19th gif represents you at your happiest:

Haha! I just love doing these :)

I prepare for the noble war/ Tate


I knew it wasn’t normal, to see these things. I’ve learned over time I have no control over it either, I was owned by it. The skeleton man. He invaded my mind, my thoughts, his fluid stride down a slightly familiar hallway. As he grew more distant to me, I felt an odd recognition of his surroundings…but I couldn’t fully identify it. I saw only the back of his slick hair until he approached the end of the hall and halted to a stop. A smooth pivot turn revealed his skeleton like face. Our eyes met, and that’s when I try to release myself from him. His eyes were strangely warm opposed to his clenched jaw. The visions continued, Skeleton man always playing the lead. “How often do these visions occur?” Dr Harmon asked. His eyes were determined, but for some reason I sensed fear in him. He didn't move often, his muscular calf sat like stone on the opposite knee. It was comforting to see him like this, him in his cherry brown leather love-seat, coffee on the glass table separating our seats. This is how I always thought of Dr. Harmon, or Ben as he restricted me from calling him.  “Frequently” I admitted threw my teeth. Dr. Harmon had a way about him, wisdom, or something along those lines. I knew he saw me as much less than I saw him. I was inferior, obviously, I was insane. Insane. I laughed a little in my head. “what happens in these visions?” Dr Harmon urged. I stared up at the ceiling, the dark shadows and natural light from the French window danced together forming shapes to my liking. I was amused by the way they got along, mixing and mingling forming patterns from the blinds. “I prepare for the noble war..” I began.

written by: http://purrlikeakitten.tumblr.com/