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Tate Langdon x Reader: Crazy

Words: 240 Requested: No (A/N, I’m starting by writing mostly fluff because I’m still working on angst and smut.) “Why’re you in my room?” I asked Tate as he paused my small tv. “I was waiting for you.” I set my backpack by my desk, looking over at what he was watching. “Warehouse 13? Good choice.” He nodded, wrapping an arm around me as I sat next to him. “I wanted to watch the shows you like. I got you into nirvana.” I laughed softly, kicking off my boots so I could pull up the blankets. “At least it’s Friday, I can spend the weekend with you.” Tate smiled at me and I heard Ben and my dad talking down the hall. “Have you… talked to Violet since me and her got in that fight?” He shook his head. “No. She doesn’t like it…” I sighed as I heard dad and Ben go down stairs. “And by it, you mean us.” “I thought you where gonna leave me when she told you everything.” I nodded in a partial answer. “I can’t say I didn’t think about it. But I care about and love you. It might be completely and totally messed up but… Honestly, I’m not sure I care that it might be.” Tate laughed and ran a hand down his face. “You do realize that might make you as crazy as I am, right?” I nodded. “I know but I really don’t care.” I smirked, moving to sit in Tate’s lap. We kissed, wrapping our arms around each other.

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