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Bestfriends - Tate Langdon Smut

Requested: kinda ish but i kinda changed the plot bc the idea of best friend tate makes my vagina hurt (send me more requests)
Type: fluffy smut
Summary: you’ve recently moved into “Murder House” and quickly become very close with your neighbor Constance’s son, Tate. au where you’re having a sleepover with bestfriend!Tate when you accidentally make him hard and end up having hot sex with him

!!!!IMPORTANT!!!! this is predeath Tate, so he’s alive.
✿ ❀ ✿ ❀ ✿ ❀
Moving into a new town, new house & new school seems scary, but not as scary as finding out you’re living in the acclaimed “Murder House.” The good thing that happened sine you moved in was Tate. He was your neighbor’s son, an from the moment you first saw him when you were helping yoour mom unpack the moving truck, you had to admit you had a little crush on him.

…Or, maybe not so little. Okay, so you had a huge crushon him. The first time you saw him, you guys had very awkward eye contact, before he smiled as his cheeks flushed bright red. He started walking over to you and asked if you needed help unpacking.

“Oh, that’s very sweet of you, but I’m sure you’ve got other things to do. I wouldn’t wanna bore you with this junk all afternoon.”

Tate laughed and introduced himself. “I’m Tate, I live next door.”

“Y/N,” you replied with a smile.

Tate immediatey turned towards the truck and grabbed a box with your name scrawled on the side in Sharpie. “So, Y/N, why don’t ou show me where your room is?”

The two of you had spent the day bonding over your shared music taste, and even when the unpacking was finished, you and Tate ended up having so much fun that neither of you wanted him to go.

And, lucky enough, you had a couple classes together in school. Which was great for both of you, considering that Tate didn’t have a lot of friends either (which you really didn’t understand). And now, here you were, two months later, and the two of you were inseperable. So every day the two of you would walk to school, eat lunch together, and then walk home together. And on most days, you’d go to one of your houses and do your homework together. The two of you would sit together and listen to bands like Nirvana and Blink-182 while you did your homework. Occasionally you’d even end up in a position that most people would call cuddling– sometimes just sitting with your arms wrapped around each other or laying with your head in the crook of his neck, or even spooning. But so far the two of you were just friends. And although you maybe wished it was more than that, you didn’t want to push anything.

Today, Friday, Tate met you at your locker after your last period. “Hey,” he smiled, leaning up against the wall. “Do you wanna go to mine today? My mom’s out of town with some guy this weekend.”

“Sure. Can I spend the night? My mom’s working late, and I’ll be bored without you.”

Twenty-ish minutes later, the two of you arrived at Tate’s house. You laid back on his bed while Tate put in a movie. He danced goofily on his way bak to the bed as the opening music came on, and you let out a giggle and opened your arms towards him in a “stop being an idiot and come cuddle with me” gesture.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

A while later, your eyes slowly cracked open, and you turned in Tate’s bed to look at the clock. 7:30. ‘We must have fallen asleep during the movie,’ you thought. You probably weren’t going to go back to sleep soon, but you figured you may as well change into what you were going to sleep in if you weren’t going anywhere in between then. You glanced over at Tate, who was still passed oout on the bed and shrugged. He wouldn’t mind if you changed in here, rght? I mean, he is asleep after all.

You pulled one of his T-Shirts out of his dresser, and started undressing yourself. Just as you pulled off your jeans and unclasped your bra, Tate rubbed his eyes and slowly turned over.

“Oh, shit, sorry,” you said quickly, holding the T-Shirt in front of your chest. “I thought you were asleep.”

“I-I, uh, sorry, I didn’t mean to-” he stumbled with his words, but you just giggled in response.

“Don’t worry about it.” You turned to face the wall, and pulled the shirt over your head. It went down to about mid-thigh on you,so you skipped pants. You walked back over to your side of the bed, and climbed under the covers. “Spoon me.”

“Um…” he looked nervous, but you weren’t sure why. You’d had sleepoers before, and you usally slept in jut one of his shirts if you were at his house. Plus the two of you cuddled all the time, so you weren’t sure what the problem was. “Uh, o-okay.”

You turned away from him, and he put his arms around your waist but didn’t let his body touch your backside. You frowned, and scooted back until your back was flush against his chest. “Oh my god, wait, do you have a boner?”

You turned around so you were facing him, laughing a little bit. “Stop laughing Y/N, it’s embarassing. Besides it’s not my fault the girl I have crush on decided to get almost naked right in front of me.”

You cuddled in closer to him and put your arm around his waist. “Just shut up and kiss me already.” You whispered. Tate slowly leaned in and pressed his lips to yours softly. His hands tangled into your hair and a few minutes later, the two of you were having a full out makeout session. You straddled him, careful not to break the kiss, and noticed his boner was even more prominent now. “Do you wanna… you know?”Tate bit his lip. “I do, b-but only if you want to. I haven’t really, um, done this before.”“Me neither,” You responded shyly, “but there’s no one else I’d rather be with for my first time.”

“Me too.” Tate smiled, letting one hand rest on your hip and the other one push a strand of hair behind your ear. You pulled your (well, his) shirt over your head, and you could feel your cheeks flushing. Even though he’d seen your bare chest just a little bit earlier, it was only for a second, and no one else had ever seen you like this before.

One corner of his mouth lifted up in a smile, “You’re so beautiful, Y/N.” You leaned down to kiss him in response, tugging at the bottom of his shirt as a hint that he should undress too. He gingerly lifted you of of him and placed you gently on the bed. He stood up to undress, so you slid your panties off and tossd them with the rest of your clothes.“Oh, wait,” Tate mumbled, reaching into his nightstand for a condom.

“What, you expected this to happen?” you aske with a laugh.

His face flushed and you could tell he was embarassed as he answered, “Well, no, I-I just have the ones they give you at school… You know, just in case.”Once Tate was sully naked and had the condom on, he climbed on top of you, careful not to hurt you, and lined himself up with your entrance. “Are you sure you still want to, baby?”“Yes, I’m completely sure.” You assured him, wrapping your arms around his neck and your legs around his waist.

Tate planted a kiss on the tip of your nose, and then started pushing into you. “You doing alright?”“Mhm,” you replied. You’d expected it to hurt more, but it was just kind of uncomfortable at first. “You can start moving.”

Tate started slowly, scattering kisses all over your collarbones and breats as he went. You could tell Tate was holding back so as not to hurt you, so you let out a quiet moan to encourage him. His eyes widened a bit and he bit his lip as he started to quicken his pace. You could feel a buzzing feeling start in the pit of your stomach, and you bit your lip to try and keep quiet.Tate must have noticed, because he mumbled, “Don’t hold it in, baby. I wanna hear all your pretty sounds.” 

Feeling your orgasm close, you reached down to your clit, and let out a loud groan. Tate started going harder and faster, noticing you were close, and you . “Cum for me, princess.” Soon after, Tate moaedn against your chest as he released into the condom. The feeling made your nails scratch down his back and your toes curl as you came right after.

The two of you laid there together for a few minutes, sweating and panting, and not sure what to do next. He rolled off of you, pulled the cover over both of you, and wrapped his arms around you. Tate turned onto his side and rested his head on his hand. “You feel alright?”

You smiled and tunred to fac him. Never been better.”“Good.” he responded. You cuddled into his chest, breathing in his scent, and closed your eyes.

“I… I, um…” you barely heard Tate say. You looked up at him, confused. “I love you Y/N.”

“I love you too, Tate.” you smiled. “Now go to sleep, we gotta get up bright and early for a round two.”

hi guys !! im not sure if this is quite what you wanted but im not v good at wrting fluffy smut bc im a kinky little shit lmaooo anyway i hope this was ok!! and guess wHAT! IM FINISHING UP PART 4 OF KIDNAPPED RIGHT AFTER THIS, ITS TAKEN 6 MONTHS TO GET AROUND TO IT LMAO BUT ITLL BE POSTED TONIGHT! (if u wanna know when its posted u can turn my notifs on or shoot me a message and ill message u when i post it!!!) xx -l

A new beginning - teen wolf

chapter 3

“ Y/N” i  heard my name being called and looking who it was “  kira what’s up” i asked as i closed my locker. “ are you free tonight?” she asked me as we where walking together “ yea i free tonight why?” i asked as we reached the others. “ did you ask her?” stiles asked kira “ i was getting to it” kira said and looked back at me “ the reason being is that we have a  lacrosse game  and we’re versing another school” kira said and i nodded. “ yea i will be there” i said back and i heard stiles say “ see i told you that she would say yes” i looked at  him and he looked at me and smiled. “ ahh so what time do i have to be here?” i asked “ well the game starts at 7 so come around 6” scott said and i nodded. as we where standing there the bell rang which meant all of us went to our classes.

when lunch time came all of us had sat down and talked about what happened so far. “ hey Y/N” i heard someone whisper to me and i turned around to see that it was stiles. “ yea” i said back “ how was your coffee date  last night with theo?” he asked me “  first how did you know ? and second it was not a coffee date” i said back “ well i wanted to get to know you better since your new here” he said and i shook my head. “ stiles you could of just asked me you know.. i don’t bite” i said as i looked at  me. “ i’m the one that can use the sarcasticness” he told me in a playful way “ no problem use all of the sarcasticness you want” i said and both of us just laughed and the others just looked at us.

the bell rang and all of us got up “ alright ladies we have to leave and do some lacrosse  practise so we will see you tonight” scott said the others nodded besides me and then boys just left. the other  girls started to walk “ hey Y/N are you coming?” lydia said to me  “ yea sorry.. i was out of it” i said as i walked over to the other girls. all of us went to our lockers and put our books away and headed home..

as the time came to go back to the school, i had got in the car and rove to the school where i saw lydia and malia out on the parking lot. “ thank god your here.. i was beginning to think that you were not coming” lydia said to me as we started to walk. “ there was traffic” i said. once we got closer we decided to sit the front row in the middle. “ so who are they versing?” i asked as i grabbed my bottle of water  “ Devenford Prep” lydia said which made me chock on water. “ are you okay there?” maila said as she was  softly hitting my back. “ yea i’m fine” i hardly said it. “ are you sure because you seemed shocked” lydia pointed it out for me. “ just surprised” i said back and both of them nodded. “ i’m heading to the bathroom.. i will be right back” i said as i got up and walked off.

when i came back and as i was walking i heard a voice which sounded so familiar “ well, well ,well isn’t it Y/N standing in from of me” brett said with a grin on his face. “ well isn’t it mr  Brett Talbot  himself” i said as we both hugged each other. “ what are you doing here?” he asked me as we unhugged “ well i go to this school” i said and he nodded. “ but why did you move from black north ridge?” he asked me “ mum got a new job and other things” i said to him and looked quickly way and then back at him. “ you know you can tell me right” brett said as he stepped a bit closer “ i know but not now” i said and he nodded “ hey i have to go..  but we have to catch up sometime.. is your number the same?” brett asked me “ yea it is” i said and he nodded as he was walking backwoods. “ good luck” i said and he slimed at me and headed off to his team.

“ why were you talking to  Brett Talbot?” lydia asked me as i sat me to her. “ my old school and his school know each other.. that’s how i know him” i said and both of them looked at me as i was looking at the boys and they where looking at me as if they heard the whole conversation but i shook it off. “ hello ladies” a another voice appeared “ theo what are you doing here?” maila asked as he sat next to me “ what can’t i watch the game” theo said and i saw maila roll her eyes. once the  game had started all of us was quite and at times would yell at the team. half time came and the teams where both on break and we went where scott, liam and stiles where. “ good game so fair” i said as they stood up when they saw us “ well it would of been better if the other team wouldn’t try to kill us” stiles said which made me smirk. “ i’m sure that they aren’t that bad” i said which made stiles scoff “ that’s what you think” the told me.

“ weren’t you talking to brett before the game Y/N?” liam had asked which made everyone look at me “ ahhh yea we were.. we kind of know each other from our schools” i said and they all looked at me in a wired way..  “ why?” i asked “ it’s nothing” liam said which made me raise one of my eyebrows. “ alright we better go back and take a seat backs cause they are about to start soon” maila said and the boys went on the field and the rest of us back the benches. as the game continued  we kept watching and talking. “ so Y/N liking the game so fair? theo asked me “ to tell you he truth.. i’m really not a fan of sports” i said and theo nodded “ but why did you come then?” theo asked “ i came here for the hot boys” i said in a sarcastic way which made theo laugh. “ sure” he said as he nudged me.

the game had finished and the  winners of the game was  Devenford Prep. we got up and walked over to the parking lot where we were waiting for the others to come. “ you did a good game” said as i tried to cheer up liam, scott and stiles. “ we lost” stiles said to me “ Y/N don’t worry about stiles and thanks” scott said and i nodded. “ so you owe me a date Y/N” we had heard a voice and all of us turned around to see who it was. “ nice try brett” i said as i looked at him. “ but we won” he told me in a joking way “ yes i know that you won.. but we did not agree to the date” i said in a playful matter. “ i know i’m just messing with you” brett said and i just rolled my eye at him. “ saw that” he said back and i stuck out my tongue. “ any ways good game to you guys” brett said which made stiles scoff, liam mad, but scott nodded “ thanks” scott said to brett. “ well i better get going” brett said and some of the others nodded and he started to walk away.

just before i though that brett was gone i heard him say “ oh by the way Y/N were still on of the date tomorrow” brett said and he walked off before i had the chance to say anything.


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Remember Me - Malia Tate AU Imagine

Originally posted by menyc1ty

Summary: Y/n McCall is the younger twin sister of Scott (she’s human though). She and Malia have been dating for 3 years now. Instead of Stiles being taken by the Ghost Riders it’s Y/n. Stalia never happen here but Stydia is canon. Story will be told from both Malia and Y/n’s POV.

Gifs are not mine credits to owner.


I saw them. 

My heart raced as I felt some beads of sweat fall down my face. I raced down the hallway running into my brother “Scott!” I smiled at him he turned around and looked at me weirdly but replaced it with a small smile “Hi” he spoke “thank God listen I saw them I saw the riders they’re coming for me” I said all in one breath “what? who’s coming?” Scott became panicky “the Ghost Riders from the Wild Hunt” I told him freaking out completely “Listen calm down” he spoke softly I took a deep breath and exhaled slowly “why don’t you tell me your name.” Scott smiled that’s when I felt my world shatter,my own blood even know me.

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Work Comes Home - Part 3

Summary: You work for the company that publishes Hamilton: The Revolution. You meet Lin-Manuel at work and who knows what will happen?

Words: 2505

Author’s Note: Here it is! Thanks to @secretschuylersister for reading it over crazy late last night - you’re amazing, wouldn’t be doing this without you!

Warnings: Some swearing.

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