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So wait, you’re telling me this:

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And countless other examples, is just going to be brushed away.

You’re telling me that the girl, Stiles let an evil entity into his body for, is just nothing?

That Malia’s feelings mean squat to you people?

That the girl who loved and was with Stiles for a long period of time, that he loved and was his first girlfriend and his first time EVER and he is her anchor, don’t matter?

They don’t even get a hug.

For crying out loud, he hugs Liam, he tells Parrish ‘I love you’ and then again, to Liam and Mason.

But the girl that meant more to him than any of those people, gets nothing?

And yet, the girl who is JUST realising her feelings after years of making Stiles feel like crap, before they became friends, gets a big romantic reunion?

Forced or what?


Malydia Crime Fighting Couple AU for @tylerssposeys

Lydia is a part-time consultant for the sheriff’s dept in Beacon Hills and Malia is the new girl at school with a huge crush. Lydia reluctantly let’s her tag along on the latest case, and finds herself falling for her clever and beautiful new partner. When they discover the suspect and help save the hostages, Lydia realizes she could have lost her soulmate. It’s the start of a literal kickass relationship.

it took scott a long time to realize the kind of love malia gave. to realize between a bite shaped like a half moon meant ‘i trust you, and i want to do this with you’. scott was warmth during a cold winter, a reminder that there could still be peace during heartache. they are not the first people that each other has loved. their bodies feel used, a book that’s been picked up too often and placed in a dark basement, and there’s dust, but scott grabbed malia’s hand as if it said, ‘handle with care’. there are dark days, sometimes the dark days are simply a whiff of perfume that reminds him of her, or a glance at a boy who malia used to know but is happy for. there are times when they forget that they’re not supposed to be in love with other people, but then there’s a gentle hand, a sense of belonging during a long car ride going straight to nowhere. malia still fucks like a wild animal while scott is soft hands and hard ridges that have seen too much. there’s a peace in knowing that malia can’t hurt him, because he’s been hurt enough, because he trusts her not to hurt him, because they know that regardless of failed relationships, some not by choice – but because you can’t stopped a jagged edge of a sword, there’s still love left to give, and they may be two different people but they know what it takes to understand their kind of pain, and what it really feels like to drown. malia learned that she wasn’t a prize; she was a destination, one that scott took great pride in finding over faded lines in a map. if you were to ask malia what it felt like to love scott, she’d say, “warm.”

And All These Things That You Learn - InkandOwl - Whatever- SJ Goslee [Archive of Our Own]
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Characters: Cam Scott, Mike Tate
Additional Tags: Practice Kissing, Pining, Friends to Lovers, underaged drinking

Cam watches Mike’s mouth in such an obvious way, Mike chokes a little bit on the smoke and coughs, “You should try it with me.”

There’s no easing into the suggestion, nothing to prepare Mike for his best friend telling him he should try his sexual exploration out on him. “Excuse me?” He wheezes and Cam shrugs like it’s an obvious solution.

Big ups to @pantstomatch for letting me borrow her boys and making them kiss faces!! 

My Unpopular Opinions...

Because why not….

I think Stydia ruined everything. Think about it… they kicked Arden off because there “was no room”. The entirety of Season 6 was made to force Stydia to happen. If the fan service of Stydia hasn’t of happened then the main POC couple would still be there. Previous made cannon and promises wouldn’t have been forgotten and ignored. Marrish would’ve lead somewhere because it was obvious it was going to. Stalia and Stiles’ promise to never leave would still be there. Basically fan service killed all that and now everyone is dating their friends exes. (Also apparently Stiles will have a somewhat negative reaction to Scalia ((from a recent interview)) lol this boy better not when he did Malia so dirty and pulled the same shit Scott is doing).

I think Dylan O'Brien isn’t that good of an actor. All I see is mediocrity that’s only glorified because of his “looks”. Also he got off scot free when disrespecting Native Americans by stealing from the land and laughing about what he did on national television. Jennifer Lawrence received immense backlash and had to apologise for it but Dylan doing the same thing? Just gets away with it. Probably because he’s a male and she’s a female. White males can do no wrong in the eyes of the Standoms.

I think Riverdale is one of the most disgusting shows on television today. The cast consists of fat shaming misogynists, racist girlfriend abusers, ignorant people who say borderline homophobic and moronic shit. The show itself glorifies the main character who’s a fuck boy. Makes self harming jokes. Straight washes. Includes unnecessary pedophilia and incest. And sexualises 15/16 year olds.

I really like Sharon Carter (I don’t ship Staron, don’t worry). I like her character and given the opportunity she could become a great character.

I ship Sastiel more than I do Destiel. I know Destiel reigns in the SPN Fandom but I dunno. Sam is my fav and Cas is amazing I just like them together more than Dean and Cas 😅

I see people who ship abusive ships such as Maleo/Matheo and Reylo differently than to how I see other people. Speaking from experience abusive relationships are never something to be glorified and or romanticised.

I do have more unpopular opinions but that’s enough for today 😁

Am I pretty? Tate Langdon x reader

School was full of shit and people not liking you made it even shittier. Girls would constantly call you a whore and a slut for no reason this didn’t bother you until someone called you an ugly pig. “You weird ass mother fucker” one of the girls who always called you names yelled “yeah what an ugly pig” another one of the girls in her group had joined in on the taunting and it had finally gotten to you you ran home before the bell could ring to let everyone go. You slid down the door catching your breath. Friends? You had very few to none but one of the ghosts here, Tate to be exact was one that you had a close relationship to.

Tate’s POV.

I heard the door open and close before running up the stairs of the basement to see Y/N curled up beside the door…crying. I had never seen her cry before. It was…heartbreaking I hated seeing people I loved cry it hurt me to the point where I wanted to cry but I held back those tears for the sake of Y/N. “Y/N are you ok?” I knelt beside her pulling her into a hug “what happened? Was it school?” She just kept crying so I let her cry until she felt like talking about what had happened.

Y/N’s POV.

I felt Tate embrace me into a hug. This felt weird because he was really cold but comforting at the same time I had never been hugged by him before. “T-Tate am I pretty?“

Tate’s POV.

I was bit taken back by the question of course I thought Y/N was pretty. And yes I did have a bit of a crush on her. I take that back I had a huge crush on her. But I didn’t want to ruin our friendship but I also didn’t want to ruin her self esteem so I did the best thing I could think of. Kiss her. Oh god what the fuck am I doing! What are you doing she’ll eventually find out how I died and won’t want anything to do with me! Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck I need to stop but hold on. She is kissing back.

Y/N’s POV.

The sensation of him kissing me felt..good I can’t quite explain it but it felt good if you can imagine. I pulled away flustered and tear stricken. ” of course you’re beautiful Y/N I wouldn’t think anything else don’t ever think that you aren’t" he said with that shit eating grin I love so much “ thanks Tate I really appreciate it”


Inteviewer: Can you talk a little about his relationship with Malia this seaso- his relationships…
Tyler: With Malia?
Shelley: We didn’t know!
Tyler: That’s adorable!