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Request: Hi! #3 and #20 Tate please By @tammigrier

#3: “Please, don’t leave.”

#20: “You need to wake up because I can’t do this without you.”

We were doing the same thing for almost two months. We used to hook up and as soon as we were over, he would left me to sleep alone. My mother used to wake me up, so maybe that was the best idea. It would be difficult to explain what he was doing, sleeping in the same bed, half-naked, with me.

But that night was different. 

“Please, don’t leave” I said when he left the bed “my parents aren’t home tonight, please stay with me”

Tate looked at me with bright eyes. His beautiful smile was lightning up the whole room.

“Of course, love” He whispered as we cuddle “I would love to”


When I opened my eyes, I noticed I was sleeping alone. Maybe last night was just a dream, but it felt so real…

“hey there” Tate said crossing the door “I know this is not romantic at all, but you need to wake up because I can’t do this without you”

He looked so worried, I couldn’t help but smile. He took my hand and gave me a rope, so I wouldn’t be walking around the house with nothing but my panties.

“What’s going on?” I asked as we stepped into the kitchen “what is that smell?”

“I was trying to make you breakfast but I suck” he said showing me his burned toast “I’m sorry”

“honey, this is perfect” I smiled and kissed him softly “well, your intention is perfect. Let me cook”

He giggled and stood there, in silence, watching me as I did things right.

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