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a quick ficlet idea; Young Fidds proudly showing off Teenage Tate's baby photos to an amused Stan as Tate tries to stop his embarrassing Dad

Omg that’s so cute?

To be fair this is Fidds at any stage of life, he’s so proud of Tate but for your consideration old Fidds learning to use the camera on his phone and sending the twins ten pictures a day of Tate, a forty year old man just sitting there with that same expression, but different back drop. 

Then around noon its a million pictures of Soos when he comes over to watch anime.

That evening a million pictures of Candy and Grenda and sometimes Paz doing their home work with him.

That weekend a million pictures of Wendy doing nothing at the shack and Pacifica visiting the manor and staying with him. 

Then before bed time a million pictures of his pet raccoons scattered around the bed, hissing and fighting each other.


I don’t know if anyone else is into AHS, but I’ve been watching Murder House today, and it’s official - I’m in love with Tate Langdon 🙊👻

I made these just because I was a little bored, and I needed a new lock screen for my phone 🎃 If anyone uses these, please reblog or message me ❤️

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I love the last anon's suggestion of Fidds embarrassing teenage Tate, could you do a little paragraph of it like the trope thing please?

Tate scowled sinking farther into the seat turning up his walkman, being trapped in a car for six hours with his dad, his step dad and his step uncle was awful.

Tate could at least appreciate his step father was avoiding conversations and pretending to write in his diary after an awkward conversation about shaving and getting in a fight with his dad about whether it was safe or not to light ones face on fire.

He wasn’t completely saved from embarrassment though, his dad had moved into showing his new uncle the family photo album, making his already reckless driving more so.

“And this is him learning to use the potty! I had to hold his hand because the silly thing was scared of a monster coming from the sewer! I still don’t know where he got that idea!”

“Heh, maybe he got it from ya, yer imagination gets the best of ya, yer still convinced the toaster is haunted.”

“That’s cause it is stanly and it’s murderous!”

“Yeah sure it is Fidds, just like how the gnomes are dangerous!”

“They have tried to kill us several times!”

Stan snorted to that, “bites on the finger ain’t attempted murder.”