Tataaaaa, here’s your surprise:

Raúl Esparza drawing Nr. 146: Raúl telling his story of “Theater Gone Wrong” - one my fave Raúl interviews, coz it’s so funny imagining him lying on the floor, singing! 😂


Hope you guys have/had a great day and I hope this makes you smile, if you feel a little down today. 😘❤️

Tataaaaa! Surprise! Next Raúl drawing is gonna be a Tick Tick Boom one!! Do you like my choice, guys?? 😉 It’s a damn hard challenge coz all the TTB pics are in such low quality… I still try to do my very best though, to give this fandom at least one hq pic to look at! 😄❤️
PS: I hope I can post the new Barba drawing soon.