Why do onions make us cry?

Many a poet has pondered. Is it because their beautiful, multilayered complexity moves us to weep? Are we mourning the majestic bulb as we cut it up and consume it?

Or are these tears induced by the tragic tedium of chopping, chopping, chopping?

Yes, yes. All of the above.

But also, it’s because of a chemical irritant called syn-propanethial-S-oxide, says chemist Eric Block, who has written the authoritative book on onions — and other alliums.

The Science Of Why Onions Make Us Cry

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 tomoscloud replied: phobos is drunk at the xmas party and likes the music

Phobos strikes me as the kind of person who really, really can’t dance (and also the kind of person who makes a bet with Abel about who can drink more without getting drunk and ends up getting so drunk he thinks he’s won)

Hello my darling followers- here, have some genderbent Lieutenant! I would love to color it if I get the chance, but I dunno how much interest there is for it; I guess I’m gonna go with the “if this gets 20 notes” thing again haha :3

Anyways, here’s my own little headcanon on fem! Lieut:

When Amon found her, she was a bitter young woman hiding a golden heart. Her life had been hard, and she always knew that something was wrong with the society she lived in, but she never had the words to say it. She didn’t start out hating benders. She didn’t start out hating anyone. All she knew was that she was treated differently because she was small, because she was a girl, because she wasn’t capable in the ways that others were.

Amon gave her the words to express herself. He gave her the ideas to fuel those words. Some of what he said pricked at her conscience, but sometimes sacrifices must be made for the greater good, as Amon often told her. She never questioned it; after all, there was a reason he was the leader, and she the follower.

She never wanted anyone to get hurt. But she had a lot of righteous anger built up inside, and that’s the very worst kind of anger, because it never goes away. Not really. Not even when things work out the way they’re supposed to.

When Amon betrayed her, she was just nineteen.

I was thinking about white lions… and I was thinking about Ethos… and I was thinking about an AU zookeeper!Ethos who helped take care of the lions….

(and Deimos who took care of the panthers…)

(and one of Deimos’ panthers escapes into Ethos’ lions’ savannah area….)

(and Deimos and Ethos end up meeting, becoming friends, falling in love…..)