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Gummi Bears with Jaded Fox please!

“Want some gummy bears?” Jade Turtle asked, pulling a cellophane bag from behind him.

Vixen cocked a masked eyebrow. “Where were you even keeping those?”

“Trade Turtle Secret,” he grinned, opening the bag. “Want some?”

“Sure.” Vixen dipped a gloved hand into the bag and pulled a few out. “Hey, these aren’t bears.”

“Well, no, but gummy bears can really cover any variety of gummy animals, I think.”

“Is this a fox?” Vixen held up an orange gummy piece.

“Maybe,” Jade Turtle smiled.

“And a turtle, a cat…” Vixen grabbed another handful from the bag. “And there’s the bee and ladybug. Do you seriously have team gummies?!”

“Don’t judge, Vi. There’s this little candy shop down on Rue Gallentes that just opened up and they had them. I thought they were pretty cool.”

Vixen held up a turtle gummy thoughtfully. “They are neat.”

“And tasty,” Jade Turtle added through a mouthful of gummies.

“Tasty, huh?” Vixen smirked, leaning towards her partner. Jade Turtle’s eyes widened as Vixen pressed her lips to his. After a moment, she pulled back. “You’re right. Those are tasty.”


“They kissed! My Lady, did you see that?! They finally kissed!”

Vixen and Jade Turtle spun around to see an ecstatic Chat Noir watching them with a dopey grin on his face. Ladybug stood behind him, trying not to laugh. 

“Oh, who cares, so they kissed,” Queen Bee complained, landing lightly on the rooftop. “Kissing’s not that big a deal, see?” She grabbed Chat Noir’s face and kissed him. 

“Excuse you!” Ladybug pulled Queen Bee back.

“Oh, fine,” Queen Bee huffed, grabbing Ladybug’s face and kissing her.

“T-that’s not– I didn’t mean…” Ladybug sputtered while Chat Noir watched, jaw slack.

“Want to get out of here?” Vixen asked quietly, eyeing their teammates.

“I don’t know. We’re supposed to do some team stuff tonight, aren’t we?” Jade Turtle responded, shifting uneasily.

“We could skip it and finish eating these gummies together.” Vixen curled her tongue behind her teeth.

“Yes, okay, very much that.” 

The Turtle and the Fox slipped away, leaving the Cat, Bee, and Ladybug to figure it all out on their own.

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Thanks for the prompt, @krzed! Since this one and @elements1999‘s LadyNoir one for gummy bears came in at the same time, I decided to make it a team effort. :D

If you would like a ML drabble, send me a word from this list and a pairing and I will get to it when I can. <3