@traxeln is starting her morning the right way! This delicious smoothie bowl is topped with raspberries, banana, cacao nibs and Cocofina Coconut Chips. Why not try this tomorrow! #picoftheday #vegan #healthy #breakfast #veganfoodshare #vegansofig #vegetarian #fruit #smoothie #smoothiebowl #fitness #fitfam #cocofina #coconut


When I was a teen I felt a nasty mixture of guilt, shame and hatred when ever I ate junk food. This damaged my confidence quite a bit and gave me a very negative mindset.

Since then I’ve taught myself some Things…

  • It’s OK to treat yourself now and again- it’s enjoyable and it helps with cravings.
  • Don’t aim to be “Skinny” aim to be happy and healthy.
  • Only eating salad or under eating is extremely unhealthy. Balance is the way to go.
  • One day of unhealthy eating wouldn’t make you gain weight, one day of healthy eating wouldn’t make you lose it either.
  • But never be scared of a little weight gain, numbers aren’t important. There are much worse things that could happen to you.
  • Don’t let food control your life.


1/3 avocado

1/3 mango

1/3 cucumber

Juice from ½ lime

½ cup coconut water

1 tsp honey


Ultra fresh summer flavor. Mix and enjoy.