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Hey, Mimi... What do you think Jungkook finds tasty in Busan. He never gave us the answer and Jimin's vague "it is exactly what you are thinking" tells me nothing! I demand answers 😂😂😂

Busan is veeery known for, you know …

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HE STARES AT IT because it looks so yummy

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HE WANTS IT even when he is on diet

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HE GRABS IT while its hot

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HE SMACKS IT to make it tender

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BUSAN is known for Its BIG BIG PORTIONS so he needs a big bite

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UNDERSTOOD? Busan it known for its buns but I may be wrong, there is also sausages.

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Double Trouble

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Husband Minhyuk helps you take care of the twins


Minhyuk x Reader - Fluff

Sejun and Minjun were two remarkably energetic four-year-olds, they would wake up every day at 7 am and start the day by making a lot of racket.

Today was no exception

Sejun ran out of his room yelling for some breakfast while Minjun was pretending to be a police man; you loved your boys but they had too much energy. Their loud chatter and laughter was your queue to get out of bed and attend to your two little boys

“Okay boys, daddy is sleeping, so we have to stay quiet” You hushed as you walked out of your bedroom; closing the door behind.

“Is daddy going to stay home today?” Asked Sejun who followed you into the kitchen, you twisted around and smiled at the curious little boy “Yes, but he’s tired, so he needs some rest” You answered softly

Hastily, Minjun hurried into the kitchen with his toy police car in his hand “Mommy! Look I’m a police man!” He waved the small plastic car about excitedly. You chuckled at his enthusiasm and nodded your head “I see!” You spoke before ushering the boys into their seats at the table

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