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Bangtan reaction to your lips tasting sweet (Maknae line)

Here’s the maknae line I hope you like it. Thank you for requesting! :)

Park Jimin

Jimin would turn into a smol bean after he tasted like chocolate. He would absolutely love it but he would get really shy after kissing you, mainly because he wanted to kiss you again but didn’t know if you wanted him to do so. After spending a few minutes contemplating on whether he should or not he would move closer to you saying “Come here, I want to taste your lips.”

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Kim Taehyung 

Taehyung would love it, I mean we all know how much he loves strawberries. So he would be obsessed with the fact that your lips tasted like strawberry ice cream. He would probably want to kiss you every second after you finished eating it. Only because he would want to taste it over and over again. And also because he just loves kissing you. “Jagi, you should have strawberry ice cream more often if it will make your lips taste like this”

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Jeon Jungkook

Jungkook would be really cocky about it, he knew that you knew how much he loved it when your lips tasted something sweet. That’s why he would always ask you to buy flavored lip balm, and I think he would probably say something like “You know you have tasty lips. Is it for me baby?” and just start kissing you, that may or may not lead to a make-out session.

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Here it is. I’ll probably be posting a few more times today. Also I’m thinking about doing a drabble game here soon.

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'BTS reaction’ to their gf’s lips tasting like something sweet

How would bts react to girlfriend’s lips taste like something sweet ( ice cream or something because she just ate it 😋)

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You would kiss me real quick after you had finished your ice cream and when Seokjin realized that your lips tasted something sweet he would immediately smile. He would also ask you to kiss him. And if you weren’t cooperating he would follow you around your place while puckering his lips till you give him what he wants.


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Some people might think that Yoongi wouldn’t care about it cause he’s cold, etc. But to be honest, I feel like he’s one of the softest boyfriend ever. He looks cold but deep down he’s like a soft and smol bear. Anyway, him being a soft boyfriend would make him super smiley every time you would kiss. So when he realized that your lips tasted something else he would giggle and ask you to kiss me over and over again cause ‘he wanted to guess which flavor it was’.


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Can we talk about his smile????????

Hoseok would be so hyped about it. He loves to spontaneously kiss you whenever you were at his or your place. So when he randomly kissed you he didn’t expect your lips to taste like ice cream. He didn’t know you had something sweet so it was a really reaaaaallyyyyyy good surprise to him and he would constantly kiss you. I think he might hold you on your waist and just kiss you till your lips hurt. 


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With Namjoon, a friendly advice: run. Cause the second he’ll find out that your lips taste like ice cream he wouldn’t let you go. He wouldn’t care if you have things to do he would just hold your waist and kiss you. He might think you did it on purpose to “spice things up”. So yeah, if you have anything important to do these things will have to wait cause your sweet boyfriend doesn’t want to wait.


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This man.. Jimin is a cute smol bean. He would be really shy about it. He would love it don’t worry but he would get all shy after kissing you. Only because he would like to kiss you a second time but he didn’t know if you would be okay with it. But this also could go completely different (cause we all know how cheeky he can be) like ‘come here I want to taste your lips again’.


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Taehyung would love it. We all know how much he loves strawberries. So I think that if you had a strawberry ice cream he would be obsessed with it. He would probably want to kiss you every seconds after you finished eating it. Only because he would want to taste it over and over again. And also because he just loves kissing you.


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For some reason, Jungkook would be really cocky about it. He knew that you knew how much he loved it when your lips tasted something sweet. That’s why he would always ask you to buy flavored lip balm. And I think he would probably say something like ‘you know you have tasty lips. Is it for me?” and just start kissing you. It might actually lead to a make-out session.

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my latest inexplicable coping mechanism is watching Instagram cooking videos of dubious merit to calm down when I’m in a bad way

GDxYou - Brother’s best friend


Hey! It’s admin B. As Admin A wrote last time we have both been sick. We are feeling much better now, and we are both working on requests and other imagines as well. 

This one is just something I have written for fun, and I hope you like it!!!

«Stop checking out my sister Jiyong” You hear your brother, YoungBae says to Jiyong as you walk through the living room where they are sitting, heading to the kitchen. You open the fridge to get some juice.

“I am not checking her out” Jiyong replies, laughing it off, pretending he did not look. You smile to yourself, knowing that you have caught him looking at you from time to time. And you have to admit, you have been checking him out for a while yourself. Not noticeably, but whenever YoungBae did not notice you would. How could you not? His mixture of bad and sweet made him irresistible Also you had known him for a long time, so he wasn’t a stranger to you. However, YoungBae would never accept you thinking so about his best friend. He has always been super protective, especially when it came to you and his friends.

Still, the thought of JiYong ever looking at you more than his best friends’ sister never really crossed your mind. Then again, who could really know what he was thinking. All you could be certain about was how you felt and how he made you feel.

You peek out the kitchen door seeing them both on the couch. You wish for your brother to leave the room. However, it seems as if he is glued to the couch playing some stupid video game along with Jiyong. You sigh and walk to your bedroom.

After watching some episodes of your favourite series, you feel hungry and decide to head to the kitchen for some food. You open the door to your room and step outside. At the same time, you crash with someone. You look up to see Jiyong, apparently coming from the bathroom. You look down at your arms, noticing he is holding onto you, keeping you from falling. Both of you were caught off-guard. He looks at you as well, smiling before he bites his bottom lip. You cannot help but look at his lips as the lust to kiss them rises. There is only inches between you.

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  • Me: you know I’m fine where I’m at, relationship-wise. I’m single and not really looking. if something comes up I wouldn’t necessarily be opposed to it but I’m not going to pursue someone who’s not interested in me
  • Also me: *sends pic of self in new jumpsuit to alleged former crush*
  • Alleged former crush: *screenshots*
  • Alleged former crush: *sends "drooling" in reply*
  • Me: I'm.............fine. this is fineimfine

work hard.play hard. [Listen]

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TASTY - “Neo na ara” for 10 Minutes


i hate how blogs and resources for ~budget meal planning~ are all like

“pasta and a sauce!”
“something you wouldn’t expect to be in a tortilla is in a tortilla!”
“pretty picture of shredded cheese toasted onto a sliced vegetable!”
“this recipe is technically inexpensive but only because it only yields one tiny serving!”
“guess what else you can do with goddamned nutella!”
“what, protein? i guess u can pan-fry a boneless chicken breast in some soy sauce or put a fried egg on it”

what are some good resources for when you are an adult and you know how to cook and you have access to an entire real kitchen with all of the pots and pans and knives and stuff and you actually have the time and energy to prepare nice meals

but you have to feed a family of 6 something filling, nutritious, and tasty every night and you don’t have much money.

you know, less “help me cobble together something edible out of takeout condiment packets, $5, and the microwave in my dorm room” and more “I’m tired of feeding my family hamburger helper but i’m not made of cash”