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Happy Monday 🍒🍫🍌 I’m still waiting on Amazon to figure out what happened to my peanut butter powder since it never arrived. 😓 It looks like it was delivered to another city…somehow. In the meantime, this 52% dark chocolate from Carrefour is just as tasty on my oatmeal. 😋 These cherries are massive as well and sooo juicy. Also big thanks on 13k followers on Instagram!! 🙏🙏 I’m just happy that so many of you are interested in healthy plant-based eating! 🌱 Thanks for your support and I hope you have a great day! 🙂

A Sweet Christmas Morning

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Title: A Sweet Christmas Morning

Pairing: Gabriel x Reader

Word Count: 868

Warnings: Fluff

A/N: This was requested by @wxnchexters! I am not sure if they changed their url or not, but that is who requested it lol! I hope you all enjoy this! I have up until Christmas planned out! So I hope you’re all ready for a bunch of Christmasy fics! Sweet Treat Saturday is off to a good start!

With Dean and Sam gone on a hunt, you were able to sleep in this morning.  Sure it was Christmas morning, but Sam and Dean weren’t here.  There was no reason for you to celebrate Christmas all by yourself.  You’d wait to celebrate Christmas until they got home.  That’s how your morning would have gone, if you wouldn’t have been woken up by your boyfriend Gabriel.

When you heard the sound of bells in your doorway, you turned in bed.  This was not how your morning was supposed to be going.  You tried to cover your face with the other pillow you had in bed, but Gabriel took it from you.  You heard the pillow hit the floor across the room.

“Wakey wakey [Y/N],” Gabriel sang, yanking your covers off of you.  

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persephonah  asked:

random hc: jehan loves porridge and when they mention it to montparnasse he's like???????? why would you eat that tasteless pulp???? because he's thinking of that watered down shit he got served as a kid. but then one day jehan makes their Special Porridge™ for him and it's full of fruits &nuts and finished off with honey and it drastically changes parnasse's opinion about porridge

Montparnasse was not a grand lover of breakfast foods, for no other reason that one had to be awake before noon to enjoy breakfast foods. He much more enjoyed the comfort of a warm bed than the bottom of a cereal box. Jehan, on the other hand, didn’t share the same schedule. Early bird and night owl might shared the same bed, but mornings often drew them apart.

A soft kiss landed on his cheek, along with the tickle of sunlight. Montparnasse buried his face deeper into his pillow with a sleepy moan.

“Rise and shine,” Jehan crooned.

Montparnasse huffed softly. He wouldn’t get up this early and he certainly did not shine. A hand started to comb his hair and he leant into the caress like a touch-starved kitten.

“Come on, get up. I’ve made you something.”

The room was too bright for him. Montparnasse let out a pained sound as he tried to open his eyes, his retinas assaulted by the rays of the sun. He squinted towards Jehan’s voice, his lips pursed into a disapproving pout.

“ ’s too early,” he whined.

If he were to believe his experience with bedheads, he looked either adorable or terrible, there was nothing in between. Jehan had earned themself a ticket for the puppy eyes show.

“Just a couple more hours,” he yawned.

“It’ll be less good if you eat it in a couple hours,” Jehan explained softly.

Montparnasse frowned, definitely more awake.


He hauled himself up onto his arms and sat up in the bed. Carefully, Jehan took a fancy bowl from a tray and gave it to him. The glass was warm in his hand. The goo inside it reminded him all too well of the bland porridge he used to be fed at the orphanage’s cafeteria. There were some noticeable differences though. That particular goo was significantly pinker and smelt infinitely better.

“You made me porridge?” he asked.

“I made you strawberry and pistachio oatmeal, yeah. Here.”

They gave him a spoon that read “Good morning boatiful”, yet another sign their hours spent roaming on Etsy were getting out of hand. Montparnasse probed the oatmeal with his spoon like one pokes a fearsome beast or an alien life form.

“I didn’t put rat poison in it,” Jehan laughed.

Slowly, Montparnasse dug into the pink paste. It was thicker than he expected. He crossed Jehan’s encouraging gaze as he lifted the spoon to his mouth. Decided to humour them, he took a shy mouthful.


Montparnasse licked the spoon clean. All things considered, it had nothing to do with the poor excuse of a breakfast he had suffered for years. For one thing, it was actually delicious.

“It’s good,” he admitted, his free hand finding Jehan’s. “I’m sorry, I just―I’m not used to… this.”

‘This’ did not only cover actually tasty oatmeal.

“Thank you,” he added warmly.

He was graced with another kiss, one his forehead this time. Taking their own bowl from the tray, Jehan settled next to Montparnasse, half of their back leaning against his shoulder. They clinked bowls.

“Needless to say you’ll do the washing up,” Jehan said with a sly smile.

“So this was just a grand scheme to get me to wash the dishes?”

“Astucious and nutritious.”

I kid you not when I say I have been having this every day! This was from yesterday. Haha I am seriously in love:
Banana & date oatmeal made with rice & coconut milk, topped with sliced banana, strawberries, raw almond butter, melted Green & Black’s dark chocolate, slivered almonds, zante currants, and a drizzle of honey. Yum yum!

Yesterday’s breakfast was banana, kiwi & date oatmeal (made with soy milk, ground cardamom and cinnamon) topped with banana and kiwi slices, strawberries, almond butter and a drizzle of agave. This was a tasty one! :) 🌞