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simple, happy things for a wee break💖

here’s a list of stuff that NEVER makes me feel bad and helps me ease back into doing the productive stuff again:

-read a book
-meditate and say some positive affirmations
-clean your makeup brushes (we all know you haven’t done that for what, 3 months)
-play your instrument
-watch one inspirational youtube video
-listen to the song that’s been in your head
-organise a space or folder that’s been bugging you for a while
-cut, file and paint your nails
-have a quick scroll through your social media feeds (ones that won’t make you feel bad about yourself - my go to is twitter!)
-go outside and breathe in some fresh air and stretch
-make a list of what you’ve accomplished today and what you still want to do
-spray some perfume
-RANDOM DANCING (my top tip: the cha cha slide makes ANYONE feel good)
-draw a little doodle of something you want to picture
-spend some time creating and eating a quick and tasty snack
-do a bit of journalling and let all your emotions out onto one page
-speak to someone who is a positive and happy influence on your life, either in person or over message for a bit of a boost
-brush or style your hair into a nice do, just for you
-light a candle
-clear your inbox
-find a nice quote for your day to motivate yourself

remember that maximum performance = maximum productivity + maximum positivity, and breaks from time to time are vital for both to happen and to prevent burnout! all the best💖

rebecca x

TalesFromYourServer: I've got a question about the sweet potato Alfredo...

Restaurant I work in has a sweet potato alfredo dish with grilled prawns. It’s pretty tasty, if a bit on the heavy side. When people say they have a question regarding the menu it’s frequently regarding this dish and if so the question is always the same: is the sweet potato in the sauce or the pasta. It’s a somewhat slow Saturday night and my window two-top waves me over…

Customer: “I have a question about the sweet potato alfredo.”

Me: “Ah yes, the sweet potato is pureed and in the sauce”

Customer: “Where is the sweet potato?”

Me: “The potato is in the alfredo sauce.”

Customer: “Is the sweet potato in the pasta?”

Me: “No, it’s regular linguine, the sweet potato is in the sauce.”

Customer: “What is a sweet potato?”

Me: “It’s… it’s a sweet variety of potato.”

Customer: “I know what a sweet potato is, I just want to know where it is.”

Me: “It’s pureed and in the alfredo sauce.”

Customer: “ Is the potato in the sauce?”

Me: “Yes it’s in the sauce.”

Customer: “Should I get the burger or the chicken thighs?”

Please pay attention to your server.

By: ajahanonymous

the librarians + cooking headcanons

  • eve can’t cook. like, at all. she could burn actual water. she tries, she really does, but all she can make is ramen noodles and surprisingly good mac n’ cheese. she never enjoyed cooking much anyway, often preferring to live off take-out, good restaurants, and the cooking of her roommate and/or family (and later, her friends). she does, however, appreciate a good meal, especially homecooked, after he time in the military (with all that shit food that ‘tasted like ass’ as ezekiel put it, that one time they went to a military school on a case).
  • jenkins, on the other hand, is the best cook. he can cook like a thousand different obscure recipes and historic and varied cultural foods. spicy indian food? ridiculously good greek? accurate ancient egyptian recipes? ordinary burger and fries? the best chimichangas ever? you name it, jenkins can probably make it.  except salad. he keeps getting the proportions horribly wrong. also, he butchers the sauces. surprisingly, wasabi doesn’t work well with iceberg lettuce.)
  • flynn experiments. he experiments with all sorts of spices and variants and substitutes and cultures, mixing and matching and making new recipes. his cooking is particularly dangerous because it can be really good, if unusual, or horrific (and possibly a little bit alive). once one of his dishes had a side of fried raspberries. he has a little notebook somewhere where he’s recorded all of his favorite made-up recipes.
  • cassandra isn’t the best cook because while she can measure the shit out of ingredients, more precise than many chefs can ever dream of, and she can calculate how it might ratio with the other ingredients, there’s no… heart in it. she doesn’t enjoy it or anything. maybe it’s cliché, but somehow it changes the meal. but she can make hamburger helpers and that kind of boxed shit like a fucking pro. like somehow it always tastes a thousand times better when she makes it rather than one of the others does, which doesn’t even make sense.
  • jake fucking loves cooking. like, he’s no master chef, he’s not even a great cook, but he just really enjoys it, especially trying to make food from the places he’s travelled (french breakfasts and english desserts and african cuisine and shit). even though he’ll never be an amazing cook (he’s mediocre at best) he loves being in the kitchen, and that’s enough. besides, his meals are always interesting because even though he makes mistakes, it’s always tasty (if a bit odd or strangely tangy).
  • ezekiel is an amazing cook, though. it’s true he loves a good greasy meal, like pizza bagels, but he actually likes cooking a lot. like, it’s not his extreme passion, and honestly, it kind of embarrasses him, but he does really enjoy it. he’s no well-trained chef with experimental and varied recipes or good with varied tools or whatever, but he’s damn good at it. especially homemade recipes like really good blackberry pie and steaks and shit. but he has a tendency to show off, which can make him screw up. one time he tried to flip a pancake three times midair and that’s how jenkins made him scrape five pancakes (all failed attempts) of the ceiling. (the sixth one flipped four times and ezekiel has never been more proud of himself. even jake was a little impressed.)
Flicker - Ch. 4 (Final)

Kim Junmyeon/Reader
Word Count: 2,903

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As soon as the doorbell rings you rush to open the door to find two of your closest friends behind it, smirking with bags of beer and snacks.

“Don’t give me those looks,” you immediately snap at them.

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  • Kid fan: If you have another big hit tv show series to go in besides Penny Dreadful and Doctor Who, what would it be?
  • Billie Piper: I really hope that it would have a music theme. You know it'd be cool to be in something with a strong music theme. And then there'd be maybe some dancing, something a bit rock and roll. Something a bit tasty and X-rated. Not *too* X-rated. You know what I mean. Just funky. Just a bit sort of late night. Not like final but just a bit wild. Something wild.
  • Facilitator: You can't watch
  • Billie Piper: Something you can't watch. Yet. (Pause) X-rated was too far.





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CW’s DC Shows as Your Evening Meal

- Arrow is like the green vegetables you get out of the way at the start of the meal; fibrous and full of vigour but you don’t really want to, yet you know you kind of have to, and force it down.

- The Flash is the delicious meat and potatoes bulk of the roast, that’s wholesome and satisfying and goes down fairly painlessly.

- Supergirl is the tasty dessert afterwards , a bit too sweet and fluffy and you feel oddly guilty for wanting it, but it makes you feel happier and is pleasing to look at.

- DC’s Legends of Tomorrow is the pizza you order at 2:36am, half drunk after the pub, and it’s too much all in one go and you feel sort of nauseated and bloated and bewildered but there’s so many toppings it’s sort of delicious, and eating it makes you feel like a kid again.

Mikkeller’s Leprechaun Juice (a blend of additions - lemongrass, tangerine, green tea, and chlorophyll - to Fruit Face). A 3 of 4. For St. Patrick’s day, this is a relatively natural way to make a green beer. Quite tasty, although a bit discordant and weird in places. The tea qualities are relatively prominent, as well as a light lemon citrus acidity. Tart on balance, but a bit more sweetness than you’d expect from the base beer.


So people had been asking for cooking posts and I had some time today and I made gnocchi! Gnocchi is a kind of pasta that is usually made with potatoes, but can be made with really anything you can form into a dumpling. 

You start with some potatoes. You want them to be cooked all the way for this dish. The recipe I used called for roasting two potatoes, but if you already have cooked potatoes then just use those. You want the potato to be very smooth, so if you have a potato ricer this is a good time to use it. If you don’t have one, it’s fine. Just put in some elbow grease and mash the potatoes. 

Next you add in ¾ flour, ¼ cup of ricotta cheese, and salt and pepper. Just as a reminder potatoes need a loooot of seasoning, so use way more salt and pepper than you think you need to. Many recipes call for adding some kind of herb into the dough as well. Thyme is quite popular, but you can really use anything and flavor it to your pallet. Once you’ve got the dough combined pretty well, make a well in the middle of it and then mix in a beaten egg. The dough is pretty thick so using your hands is probably the easiest way to actually mix it here. 

Once you have the dough made you want to break it into chunks and roll it out into a long cigar shape, then cut roughly bite sized pieces off of it. Once you’ve got them cut press your thumb into the top of them lightly to make a little dimple. Supposedly this is so whatever sauce you serve it with can sort of pool into it and be absorbed into the potato. 

Now that you’ve got all of your pieces made it’s time to cook them! Bring some water to a boil and then dump them in. Be sure to give the pot a shake so that they don’t stick to anything. Let them cook in the boiling water until they start to float. Once they have wait a moment more then drain the water from the pot and take the gnocchi out to dry. While they are drying heat up some olive oil in a pan. I really recommend a non stick pan for this part since I had some trouble with them sticking to my stainless steel pan. Once the oil has heated up and the gnocchi are dry put them into the oil. All you are trying to do here is saute them and add some color to each side since they are already cooked through. 

Let them cook on each side for a few minutes or until they are golden brown. It only took a few minutes when I did it, but every stove top cooks differently. Once they are browned on one side, flip them over and let them cook on the other. You’ll want to use a bit more oil than you think you need for this part since the gnocchi will absorb quite a bit of it leaving very little left in the pan to brown the other side. Once you’ve got them browned on both sides, throw in a know of butter, some peas, and the zest of a lemon. If you are using frozen peas like I did you just want to warm them through in the butter and bring everything up to a nice hot temperature. 

And now you’re done! Dish the gnocchi up and serve it with fresh Parmesan cheese. This recipe didn’t have much going as a sauce other than some butter and oil with lemon zest. The gnocchi is pretty much a vessel for sauce and whatever herbs you make it with, so once you’ve figured out how to make the gnocchi you can do whatever you want with it. Maybe you want to use a heavy cream sauce, maybe a nice white wine and butter sauce, maybe some kind of tomato sauce. They all would work, and you’d just have to alter the spices slightly to make sure that it all tastes well together. I think bacon, or since this is an Italian dish, pancetta would go quite well on this. 

Anyways that it’s for today. I hope y’all learned something about how to make gnocchi! It’s a tasty versatile pasta that is a nice recipe to have in your arsenal. I would say it’s of medium difficulty. It has quite a few steps and if you’re not familiar with how each ones goes it’s possible to go really wrong. But if you have solid fundamentals then it’s a walk in the park to make. 

Also if you’re making for just 1-2 people I would half the recipe. I had so much gnocchi that I had to cook it in 2 batches, and it seemed like enough to feed 4 or so. 

Ducati Spain recently commissioned three Ducati Scrambler customs, and @russellmotorcycles were one of the shops to get the call.

Eduardo Igelsias and his team are nuts about supermotards and saw potential. So they redesigned the Duc with new fiberglass bodywork and a decidedly motard vibe. A few tasty bits round out the package: like Rizoma levers, and a one-off exhaust muffler.

Double tap if this looks like it’d be fun.

@scramblerducati @ducatiesp #ducati #scrambler #scramblerducati #landofjoy #supermotard 📷 @k4lvo


someone revoke my cake making license i had about ten minutes to ice this, without any kind of picture for reference but as I have apparently turned twenty two five today…



Alcoholic Butterbeer Shots

Butterbeer is a very popular wizarding beverage sold in numerous places and has been described as tasty ‘a little bit like less-sickly butterscotch’. With this in mind, we set out to create not one, but two versions of it! Here’s the alcoholic one. Not only do you get the head spinning magical filling, the shot glass is edible too!

- MJ & K

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tasty bits, part three by Danielle Nelson
Via Flickr:
Image made with my Nikon F100.

A gentle reminder from the Texas Highway Dept. not to eat “Highway Doritos,” a nickname given the many triangular shaped bits of tasty preternatural debris found littering south Texas roadways and parking lots in the spring of 1946 after an unprecedented series of rift transgressions, the “chips” found by the motoring public to contain a strong neural intoxicant.

Though Baby Gruenwald tried sucking on the corner of a chip on a dare from good pal Nancy Reagan (née Davis), he claimed not to notice any ill effects, though it’s reported that for a week he regularly filled his diaper with what looked like 6-sided D&D dice.