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anonymous asked:

My sister is 11 years old and she is over weight but she isn't huge... She plays volleyball once a week but as her older sister who is very active, I want to get her active and keep her healthy! Any suggestions on how to do this?

That’s a great decision, good sister!

I recommend you to do one sport activity with her. I strongly think that a person start enjoying sports with more than 2 activities per week. Once is not enough.

Do it step by step, you won’t force her to switch from fries to broccoli’s for example. Do something like “healthy meal day”, where you prepare something healthy and tasty after the activity you did with her. As long as you do it with her, she will appreciate the gesture and probably start enjoying this lifestyle.

That’s just suggestions all right? I’m sure she will enjoy the lifestyle if you don’t rush things with her.

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