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okay so I decided that I would start learning to love coffee and I tried learning how to make café cubano con espumita and I tried that and I have no idea if it tastes like the real thing, but I like it, first time I make myself coffee in my life 

Tomato Sauce

There is nothing that I love more than a bowl of pasta with tomato sauce. Tomato sauce is inexpensive, versatile, and so easy to make. You can literally let it stew for hours unattended while you do your thing. I am known amongst my friends and family as the tomato sauce queen. Here are some of my tips and also some of my favorite recipes. 🍅 

Thick Tomato Sauce 

The only way to make thick tomato sauce is to use canned tomatoes. Fresh tomatoes create a thinner sauce. Trust me. Don’t believe the haters who say that a complex sauce can’t be created in a half hour. They are liars! Thick tomato sauce is great for anything from ravioli to shells. It’s also better for weird pasta shapes (like wheels) than thin pasta, because it coats better. 

1. Pricing. There are different qualities of canned tomatoes, different brands costing anywhere from 89 cents to $6.00. You can taste a slight difference with the tomatoes themselves, but not enough to warrant dropping lots of money. I recommend just going to your local Dollar Store and buying bulk cans of whatever is cheapest. One 12 oz can of tomatoes makes two meals for me.

2. Canned variety. Sometimes I like to buy “fire roasted tomatoes” or “herbed tomatoes” to mix it up. Even with the stronger varieties, any initial taste they have will be mostly covered up by whatever you put in the sauce. Remember: fresh herbs are always better than dried ones! 

3. Building your sauce. If you’re going to put anything that needs cooking in your sauce (NOT meat, but any garlic, onions, mushrooms, carrots) cook these in a sauce pan first. Use oil, not butter. Add any dried herbs or spices you want to this initial mix. 

4. Get going. Add your tomato sauce to the pan and get it bubbling. Now is the time to add anything that doesn’t need cooking (olives, capers, anchovies, pickled anything). I like to use brines in my sauces, so I add them at this point. For example, if I’m making a puttanesca sauce, I’ll add my black olives and pour the black olive juice right into my pan. 

5. Taste it. Take a spoonful and taste it. If you don’t like it’s taste, add some more spices. If it’s too acidic, add tomato paste. At this point you can either turn it on low and let it cook for an hour, which creates a very rich and thick sauce. Or, you can cook some meat or veggies and add your fresh herbs. Always ad your fresh herbs in right before you’re about to eat! Otherwise they’ll wilt and you won’t taste their flavor. 

Some easy thick sauces:

  • Puttanesca: From Series of Unfortunate events (and also Italy). Cook garlic and onions first. Don’t let them brown too much, just get them not raw. Add your canned tomatoes, let the sauce sizzle while adding salt and pepper (don’t go crazy on the salt). Add anchovies, black olives, capers, and other pickled things (pickled mushrooms, jalapeños, pearl onions, etc). Pour your black olive juice right into the sauce pan. Let it cook until the sauce has absorbed the olive juice. Top with cheese.
  • Marinara: Brown some garlic and onions in olive oil. Add tomato paste to the pan after the onions and garlic have turned golden, and swirl it around so that it gets toasted. Add your canned tomatoes and any dried herbs you may be using (thyme, parsley, oregano… but be gentle with your oregano pouring). Let reduce if you added the dried herbs, otherwise add fresh herbs and serve immediately. Put this on your pizza or in your lasagna. 
  • Bolognese: Cook your meat first with oil, seasoning with cumin, garlic powder, pepper and salt. Or whatever spice blend you enjoy. Remove the cooked meat, and use the juices as the base for your tomato sauce. Pour your canned tomatoes and mix the sauces. Add chopped carrots or your other favorite vegetables. Cook until the veggies are fork tender, and add your meat back in. Hearty and warming! 

Thin Tomato Sauce 

This type of sauce always reminds me of summertime at my parent’s house when my mom would make her basil tomato sauce (see bellow). A thin sauce doesn’t have to be lighter than a thick sauce, but it definitely interacts with pasta differently and really needs a long pasta or a penne pasta to properly pick it up.

1. Fresh tomatoes. You don’t need to spend your lifesavings on beautiful heirloom tomatoes (in fact I’d urge you to just eat any heirloom tomato you happen upon raw). Any old tomato will do, even ones that are starting to sag and move towards the end of their lives. One fresh tomato makes two meals for me.

2. Cutting tomatoes. Cut the bottom of the tomato off and slice your tomato that way, cutting into the core. This way, no part of your tomato goes unused. For quick cooking, chop the tomato up small. If you have more time, leave large chunks to caramelize. You get a bit more flavor this way, but we don’t all have the luxury of time, so don’t stress about it.

3. Sauce base. With this type of tomato sauce, your base is 90% oil. The tomatoes themselves aren’t heavy enough to carry themselves, so do not skimp on the oil. I recommend cooking garlic and onions and browning them before adding your tomatoes. Allow them to dissolve into the sauce while you do your dishes or whatever. 

4. Acidity. Fresh tomatoes can make for a really acidic sauce. Make sure to cook some veggies or meat to help balance out the flavor. Cook these in a separate pan while your tomatoes are reducing. Remove them, and pour their juices into the sauce. I recommend bacon. 

5. Too much reducing/gloppy sauce. You may have to add water if your sauce becomes too reduced. Don’t worry if you add too much water, just let the sauce reduce to a comfortable consistency. Add your fresh herbs minutes before it’s done. I would skip the spices or dried herbs, their taste is too powerful for this sort of sauce. 

Some easy thin sauce combos: 

  • Hello onion: Caramelize half an onion. Chop it up into thin slices so that it will cook faster. Cook bacon and pour the drippings over the cooking onion. Add your fresh tomatoes and add water to help everything reduce. Be careful adding salt, the pasta will have salt from the bacon juices already. Add the crumbled bacon after you’ve turned the sauce off. 
  • Mom’s basil sauce: Using olive oil and chopped garlic, cook tomatoes with salt and pepper. Add basil when the tomatoes have reduced. 
  • Veggie blast: Brown onions and garlic (or not). After they’ve browned, add your favorite veggies to the sauce. I have a soft spot for squashes so I like to use eggplant and whatever squash we have in our fridge. I encourage you to get creative and to try different things. Add your tomatoes shortly after adding your veggies, because you don’t want the veggies to overcook and becoming mushy. Add spinach or kale after the sauce has reduced, and season heavily with salt and pepper. Seriously, veggies need salt.
100 Reasons Why - 07

BTS 방탄소년단 - Soulmate!AU

Warnings -  polyamorous relationships, swearing, smut

Summary - Love is a powerful thing. Let it settle under your skin and in your bones. Let it live, let it breathe. Do not beat it down and know that your love doesn’t reach one person, but everyone around you.

Glossary - 01. 02. 03. 04. 05. 06. 07. 08. 09

I dreamt of you last night.” Hoseok mumbles, digging his nose into the back of your neck. You groan, arms circling around Taehyung’s shoulders.

“Why do you two always wake me up?” He rubs his eyes, blinking rapidly.

You can feel the bed shift on Hoseok’s side. Yoongi must be awake now.

Yoongi sighs, sitting on the edge of the bed, “Why don’t you tell us about your dream now that you’ve got us all up.”

Though you can’t see him, you can hear the grogginess in his voice. Before you climbed into bed with Hoseok and Taehyung, you had heard Yoongi typing furiously away at his keyboard. You hadn’t wanted to bother him.  

Hoseok smiles into your hair. “You were sitting in a rocking chair, while Yoongi and Taehyung were taking turns reading a story. I remember what story but it was just peaceful and serene. I didn’t want to wake up.”

With a soft hum of acknowledgement, you card your hands through Taehyung’s hair. He looks up at you with bright, curious eyes. He’s like a mirage, so pure and fresh and yet so far away. You feel distant from him though he’s right fucking here, smiling at you like you’re the only thing keeping him alive.

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Prompt: You gradually fall for Simon

Simon/Reader, Fluff and Smut.

Warnings: Explicit Sexual Content, NSFW

When you’d arrived at the Sanctuary, near starved and desperate for the safety, Simon had been one of the first people you’d met. Even covered in more than a week’s worth of grime, hair slicked back and clothes riddled with what felt like more holes than fabric, he’d still find cause to make a pass at you.

At first you’d thought it must be a wind up, a cruel joke to make you look stupid in front of the others but then he’d waggled his eyebrows and the grin that slotted between his moustache had been nothing but genuine. Road weary and still grieving the loss of your husband you’d given him a flat “no, thank you,” that had only made him chuckle before he shook away the word like water off a duck’s back.

That was six months ago.

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Love Yourself | Pt. 2

Originally posted by mayfifolle

Genre: Angst

Pairing: (Personal Trainer) Jimin x Reader

Length: 3.3k

Warnings: M for some language. Don’t read if you’re sensitive about weight issues. Eventual smut not in this chapter.

It was currently storming outside and the sound of thunder jolted you awake. 

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The Child and the Coyote - Malia Tate (part one)

word count: 2081
summary: nine year old y/n meets a friend in the woods while her father is out to work… and it’s quite a mystery to her how they click so well
warnings: dead family members (y/n’s mother passed when she was young)
*gif isn’t mine, credits to rightful owners*

You brought your plate with your sandwich sitting on it outside with you so that you can enjoy the scenery of the woods while you ate.

In the nine years since you’d been born, you’ve lived in a small cabin in the Beacon Hills Preserve.  Your father always told you that your mom had loved the hiking, and that she used to paint the beautiful setting.  So when she passed away, he didn’t want to leave the home that your family had built there.  You were young when she passed, about three years old, so you don’t remember much of her.  Just small memories that are painted in your dreams and when you daze off and your mind goes places you don’t mean for it to.

You looked over the outside, a morning light shining through the trees and casting different shadows and rays of light on the forest floor.  You loved having a non traditional yard, no bright green grass and sidewalk leading towards the front door, but a ground of matted down dirt and twigs and leaves that would fall from the trees on windy days.

After breathing in the smell of pine and something that could only be described as ‘outside’ you took your lunch and sat down at the wood picnic table your father had built before you were born.  You hadn’t seen his boots at the door this morning, so you figured he’d already gone into town for another day of work.  You felt sad for not having been awake to wish him goodbye, but he’d be home before supper to tell you all about his day.

Just as you’d sank your teeth into the delicious sandwich that you took such pride in making, you heard a rustling.  The eerily familiar sound of leaves crunching and sticks snapping as heavy feet fell on them towards you.  You set your lunch back onto it’s plate, your eyes trained on the open part of the woods where the sound had come from.

“Hello?” You called, trying to keep your voice as steady as you could.  Logically, you thought, it must be a hiker.  Hikers often came through here, and a few regulars that you and your father had made friendly with.  But this time felt different, you didn’t have your father’s protection in case it wasn’t a kind regular woods enthusiast.

But when the owner of the noise made itself present, you weren’t as terrified at all.  Especially since it wasn’t even a person.  No, it was a young looking coyote.  You smiled at the small and quite frankly, scraggly animal.

“Hello” You said again, but this time with a bright smile at the creature.  “Come here” You clicked your tongue a few times, turning with your plate and sandwich in your hands.  The coyote raised it’s nose, smelling your meal from afar.  You noticed this, and ripped the meal in half.  “You want some?” You said in a light tone, holding it out to it.  Upon the gesture it stepped backwards, taking nervous stature.  “I won’t hurt you” You prompted softly, then tossed the piece of food out towards it away from you, hoping it’d eat it.  It looked like it hadn’t eaten in days.

You giggled and smiled when it took a few hesitant steps forwards, and grabbed it quickly in it’s mouth, practically swallowing it whole.

“You want some more?” You asked, and held out the rest of the sandwich.  Something in you clicked that this animal needed the food much more than you did.  You could always make another sandwich, right?

This time, it came up to you, and carefully took it from your hand, it’s blue eyes not leaving yours as it slowly chewed and swallowed the food, as though savoring it.  You smiled at it, and held out your hand, palm open.  Something your father had once told you about dogs, to hold your hand out for them to sniff so they know you’re safe and mean no harm.

As you suspected, the coyote put it’s wet nose to your hand, and licked it upon taking in the scent of your sandwich.  You giggled, and rose your hand, slowly setting it on it’s head to pet it.  It’s ears went back, not in aggression, but in a slight fear.  Anxiousness as you slowly and gently pet it’s soft fur.  After a few strokes it nuzzled into you, setting it’s head on your lap.

“I’m gonna call you…. Blue” You said.  “Cause your eyes are blue.  Like the sky” You told it.  “Now, are you a boy coyote or-”

It growled at the assumption, and you jumped slightly before you laughed.

“So you’re a girl” You said cautiously, and it nodded it’s head.  You swore it nodded it’s head.  “Do you… do you understand what I’m saying?” You asked, voic quiet like you were sharing a secret.

Another nod.


Another nod.

“Do you… do you have a family? A mama somewhere? Are you lost?”

A small head shake.

“You don’t have a home?”

It looked into the woods, where it had appeared from, then back to you.  You didn’t know what to make of the answer, so you asked a different question.

“Where’s your family?”

A head shake again.

“You don’t have one?”

A head shake.

Your heart clenched and your eyes saddened upon realizing the young animal had no family.  You frowned, petting her softly again.

“I lost my mama too” You said quietly.

Suddenly she stepped away from your hands, and backed up towards the trees.  You wanted to call for her to come back, but you didn’t want to frighten her any more than she already seemed to be.  So you just waved your hand slightly in parting.

“Goodbye Blue” You said quietly, before she turned, and ran off through the woods.

You smiled to yourself as you went inside to make another lunch.  Certain that she would return.

Your father came home from work a few hours later, and he was surprised to find you in the kitchen, standing on the step stool as you stirred a pot of something that smelled too good to be made by a child in the fourth grade.

“Hey princess!” He called, baring as big a smile he could after a long day’s work.  You grinned as you looked over to him, a soup spoon in your hand.

“Hi daddy!” You responded.  “I’m making us dinner!” He chuckled, hanging his coat on a hook and placing his boots away from the door.

“I can smell it! Good cookin’?” You giggled again as he came into the kitchen to inspect what it was that you were making.

“Chicken noodle” You told him, offering him a spoonful to taste.  He gladly did, smacking his lips before ruffling your hair.

“Tastes wonderful y/n” He told you, and you smiled to yourself out of pride before going back to stirring the pot.  “You don’t have to constantly stir it dear, the flavor is well distributed” Your father said as he began to get down silverware and bowls to set the table.

“I know.  I just like stirring” You said, making him laugh at your adorable antics.

“Alright kiddo” He said, setting the tabletop neatly before taking a seat.  “You need any help?”

“Nope! I’ve mastered my chef skills” You said, making him chuckle again.

When you’d filled both of your bowls with the meal you’d conjured up, you fell into a conversation about his day.  Your father worked at a bait shop, selling everything from fishing gear to camping gear.  He tells you about the strange people who come in, as well as friends of your family that stop by to say hi.

You don’t really go into town that often, not that you weren’t aloud to, you did for schooling, but you prefer your home in the woods.  Something about it’s secluded area and quietness just appealed to you more than busy streets.  But some days you’d walk home from school instead of taking the bus, maybe stopping in a few shops just to look around and get a feel for city life.  

(Beacon Hills wasn’t New York City by any means, but to you, it was a city)

“So princess how was your day?” Your father asked, dipping a piece of his bread into his bowl before taking a bite.  You looked down to where you absently twirled the spoon around the soup bowl.  You were conflicted on whether or not you should tell him about the coyote friend you’d made earlier.  Mostly out of fear of him not believing you.

Or worse, wanting to hunt it.

No, he wasn’t the kind of man to go hunting for sport, or even for a meal on the table.  In fact he was more of a fishing guy.  But when he felt there were predators too close to your home, he’d do what he had to to protect it.

“The McCalls called earlier” You said, deciding against telling him about Blue, and instead about your friend Scott.

“Oh yeah? You planning to have your little boyfriend over sometime?” He asked light heartedly, but with a wink and a knowing smile.  You rolled your eyes.

“Daddy I don’t like Scott like that.  He’s just a friend” You told him, and he chuckled, knowing perfectly well that you and Scott were merely best friends.  He just liked to mess with you seeing that your best (and sadly, only) friend was of the opposite sex.

“And what did you and your friend talk about?” He asked, keeping up the banter, to which you huffed, crossing your arms in a sarcastic sort of way.

“Just school stuff.  He wanted to play cars tomorrow at recess because he got a new one from his dad today” Your father nodded, a small huff sound coming from him at your mentioning of Rafael McCall.

You and your father were very aware of the drunken habits of the man.  So you kept special tabs on Scott, just to make sure he was always okay and safe.

“Well if you want him to come over after school, I’ll be home before your day’s over” He said.  “And I could give him a ride home as well if he’d need it” You grinned excitedly.

“Can I call and ask him?” You asked, and he nodded.

“I’ll clean up in here” He said, and you jumped out of your seat to retrieve the phone from the living room.

But not before swiping the bread that you had tucked into your lap and hid for most of the meal.

You grabbed the phone and went outside, closing the door quietly behind you as you clicked the number 2 on the phone, speed dialing the McCall household.  Melissa picked up shortly after it rang.

“y/d/n?” She asked.

“Nope! It’s y/n” You replied, and the woman chuckled, seemingly in a tired fashion.

“What can I do for you sweetheart?” She asked, and you began looking around in the dark, holding out the bread roll in your hand.

“I was wondering if Scott could come over and play tomorrow after school?” You asked her.  “My dad said we can drive him home afterwards” You added.

“Of course! I’ll let him know I’m sure he’d love to” Melissa said, and you grinned excitedly.

“Okay, thank you Mrs McCall!” You said eagerly, before hanging up the phone.

You continued to look around, clicking your tongue and hoping to see Blue appear from the shadows.

And she did.

You happily tossed the bread out to her, about to approach her to pet her for a few minutes, when you heard your father calling for you.

“y/n? Did you go outside?” You wildly looked to the coyote.

“Go!” You whispered loudly, and she seemed to take the hint, taking the bread and running back into the trees like she had before.  “Yeah I’m out here dad!” You yelled back once she was out of sight, and safe.

The door opened, revealing your dad, and you went back indoors with him.  “Just enjoying the scenery” You said, setting the phone back on it’s stand in the living room.  He nodded, smiling at you.

“Your mother loved it too” He said, a sad sort of smile on his lips.  You smiled back at him, before heading upstairs to get ready for bed.

But all you could think of was your new friend.


xoxo ~ jordie


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“Come on sweetheart; don’t give me the silent treatment!” Negan pleaded with you, sitting with your arms crossed and gazing out of the window. You continued to look out of the window, knowing you have to stand your ground firmly to get Negan to understand. “Did you hear something Carl? I swear I heard something, I just don’t know what it is.” You commented, making Carl roll his eyes. Sat between Negan and his sister was proving to be the most uncomfortable situation he had found himself in, it was bad enough he had to sit next to the man he tried to shoot less than two hours ago but it was made even worse because of the argument going on. “Y/N, it doesn’t matter anymore.” He tried to reason with his sister but was brought to a halt when she snapped around to look at him. “No Carl, he shouldn’t have said what he said and he knows that.” Briefly looking towards Negan, and then turning back to the window. “I said I was sorry to the kid Y/N! What more can I do, wife?” You scoffed and rolled your eyes at his ignorance. “Not say it in the first place, husband.” Now it was time for Negan to roll his eyes.

“Against the grain, kid… always against the grain.” Negan lowly laughed, dragging the razor across his skin. You stood behind him, Carl and Judith watching Negan intensely. Carl already felt uncomfortable with Negan being around his baby sister, feeling like he needed to be alert in case he tried anything. “Darlin’, pass me that towel.” Negan held his arm out, palm open waiting to receive the white towel from his wife. You picked up the towel off the rack, walking towards your husband; you pulled him around to face you. You began to pat dry his face, making sure to get the left over water and shaving cream. “You done being mad at me, sweetheart?” He asked a smirk present on his lips. You looked into his eyes, small smile on your face. “Now, how can I stay mad at that face.” You teased, caressing his face with your hand, giving a small squeeze. “Back in the good books kid, looks like sex is not off the table tonight.” He lowly chuckled, looking over at Carl. You wished he wouldn’t be so vulgar in front of your family. Carl picked up Judith, taking her to the kitchen to watch over the pasta that was cooking. “I’m going to miss your beard.” You sighed, eyes trailing over where it used to be. “I had to shave that shit, baby.” You ran your hands around his shoulders, joining them together at his neck. “That’s unfortunate, I loved the way it felt scraping my thighs.” You smirked, giving him a kiss before walking out of the bathroom. Negan watched you as you walked away, hips moving from side to side. “Control yourself.”

“Damn, that smells good. Baby, come and taste this.” Negan heavily sniffed the air, taking in the aroma of the bolognaise cooking. He took the wooden utensil out of the pan, holding it up with the sauce in the spoon, turning towards you. He raised the spoon, towards your mouth. You wrapped your lips around the spoon, tasting the red sauce. “You never told me you could cook Negan.” You questioned, crossing your arms across your chest. He chuckled, scooping up a second spoonful, sliding over to Carl. “Want a taste?” Carl stared up at him, a light scowl on his face, continuing to set the table. Negan continued to look at him, laughing, taking a taste for himself.

You all sat around the table, Olivia sat with Judith on her lap, Negan sat at the opposite you with Carl at the side of you. Negan began to tap his fingertips on the table, obviously becoming restless with waiting for dad. “I’m not waiting for your dad anymore; I don’t know where the hell he is but…” He announced, placing Lucille upright on a chair. “Lucille is hungry. Not only that, my girl is eating for two. She can’t be waiting around for her daddy. Well, her father anyway” Negan snatched the napkin off the table tucking it into the inside of his shirt, getting ready to eat with you blushing at his comment. “Carl, pass the rolls.” He asked, turning his head to look at Carl as he didn’t make a move. “Please.” He said, sounding forced. Carl looked towards you; you raised your eyebrows and shrugged your shoulders. Carl picked up the rolls, passing them over to a smug looking Negan. 

You watched Negan outside from the window, talking to a man in a grey thin jumper. Arat was stood guarding the front of the house, just below the stairs. You had no clue what was going on, when you felt a presence come at the side of you. “Why do you love him?” you heard the voice say, recognizing it as Olivia. You turned your head to her, with a puzzled look on your face. “And what makes you think you can question me about that?” You replied bluntly, annoyed this woman clearly judging your relationship with Negan. “After everything he’s done to us, your dad and brother? How could you?” You walked towards her, Olivia backing up a little in fear. “You want to know why? I’ll tell you. Because ever since this world went to shit, he has protected me, my dad sent me away. Making me choose between my husband and my family. That showed me he didn’t fully care, Negan supports me and our child. Sure, he treats you like shit but that is not my problem, you wouldn’t understand his reasons and I don’t expect you to Olivia. But don’t you ever question me and my husband’s relationship.” You backed up from her, walking outside to the porch of the house.

“Only thing missing is a pool table, nothing better than a good game of 8 ball.” You heard Negan proclaim, with a small glass of whiskey in his hands. You moved towards him, placing yourself behind the rocking chair he was sat on. “Hey baby, Spencer I’d like you to meet Y/N, my beautiful wife.” He said, as you placed a hand on his shoulder. He brought you hand to his mouth, placing a kiss to it before turning back to his conversation.  Spencer pointed over to another house opposite the one you were at. “House across the street has one in the garage.” Negan smirked, raising his eyebrows. “Oh Spencer, you may just be my new best friend.” Spencer smiled genuinely at Negan but you knew better. He was naive, thinking Negan actually had friends. “Such a nice day though, too nice to be cooped up in some garage, don’t you think? Oh, I got a better idea.” He exclaimed, standing up taking his leather jacket off the back of the chair. 

You knew there was a reason Spencer wanted to talk to Negan, and it was Rick. He claimed Rick to have a big ego, saying his mom used to be the leader of Alexandria before your dad came along. Spencer wanted to become the leader, follow in his mother’s footsteps. Residents of Alexandria began to gather around the pool table Negan had moved into the street, watching the game between Negan and Spencer. You normally could tell what Negan was thinking or plan out his movements but he was unreadable. You didn’t know what game he was playing, if he would actually take Spencer’s proposition into consideration. “You know, I’m thinking, Spencer. I’m thinking how Rick threatened to kill me, how he clearly hates my guts but he is out there right now, gathering shit for me to make sure I don’t hurt any of the fine people that live here. He is swallowing his hate and getting shit done. That takes guts.” Negan explained, taking another shot with the cue then placing it down on the table.

“And then there’s you. The guy who waited for Rick to be gone so he could sneak over and talk to me to get me to do his dirty work, so he could take Rick’s place. So I got to ask – if you wanna take over, why not just kill Rick yourself and just take over?” Your eyes wondered over Spencer, is that what he had wanted to achieve? To get Negan to kill your dad off, so he could take back control of this place, Spencer looked at Negan in disbelief. “What? No, no.” He denied, looking worried and confused. “You know what I’m thinking? ’Cause I have a guess.” Negan was inches away from Spencer’s face, looking him in the eyes. “It’s because you got no guts.” He whispered, pulling out his machete plunging it into Spencer’s torso. You heard gasps and cries coming from the Alexandrians, you in a state of shock yourself. No matter how long you had been with him, you still felt that sinking feeling coming to terms with this side of Negan. The cold, heartless side, always making you doubt your relationship with this man a little. “Ohh. How embarrassing. There they are. They were inside you the whole time! You did have guts.” Negan joked as blood dribbled out of Spencer’s mouth, him holding his organs in his hands.  “I’ve never been so wrong in my whole life! Now, someone oughta get up here and clean this mess up. Oh. Anyone want to finish the game? C'mon, sweetheart how about you.” Negan pointed over to you. “Now come on baby, don’t get soft on me! It’s just a little guts and blood, don’t be scared. I was winning as well!” He cooed, you stood in your position, not being able to move. You looked over at a young woman with brown hair, noticing her shaking with anger, staring at Spencer’s body with a rage in her eyes.

A gunshot went off; you immediately tackled this woman to the ground, shoving the barrel of your gun into her neck. “Shit! What the shit?! Shit! You just – You tried to kill me?! You shot Lucille!” you heard Negan going off at her, while all she did is stare at you. “You try and kill my husband, right in front of me?! The father of my child?!” Negan walked over to the bullet, examining it. “What is this? What is this? This little bad boy made from scratch? Look at those crimps. This was homemade. You may be stupid, darlin’, but you showed some real ingenuity here. Baby, move that gun up on that girl’s face.” You did as he asked, breathing heavily while your heart was racing. “Lucille’s beautiful, smooth surface is never gonna look the same, so why should yours?!” he roared, staring down at the girl. “Unless, Unless you tell me who made this.” She looked towards your husband. “It was me. I made it.” She tried to get Negan to believe her, but you knew he was too smart for her.

“You see, now I just think you’re lying. And you lying to me now?! Such a shame. My wife’s going to have to put a bullet into that empty head of yours.

A Bit Shy (part 1)

//Part 2//

Author’s note: This story freaking wrote itself, man. 

Songs: I actually listen to piano covers of kpop songs for this story. Go check out Smyang piano on youtube!

Pairing: Reader x Jungkook(BTS)

Word Count: 1036

Genre: Fluff and Humor?( Well the word vajayjay was used so that a sign this is not that serious of a story)

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How does one get someone who is afraid of girls to notice them? I tap my spoon on the edge of my bowl watching Jungkook eating his lunch with Jimin. They were laughing and throwing bits of food at each other. Ok “afraid of girls” was a strong phrase. My mind wanders back to the first time we met as I watch the two boys acting like idiots. Just thinking about it makes me want to dunk my head into my burning hot soup.

    It was only my first day here. I found myself down a hallway that I wasn’t probably allowed down. This is what I get for not asking my boss where the bathroom was. But I am an independent girl who needs no man to her where the bathroom was. I turn myself confidently down yet another corridor with the same gray walls, somehow everything looks big surprise, the same. I sigh out in defeat as I lean against the wall. Ok, maybe I do need someone to tell me where the bathroom was located. I close my eyes and wish I was back at my desk with a computer that won’t even turn on. At least I had no control over that issue. I’m lost because of my own stupid pride. If it was only my bladder, I would have held my pee in for the rest of the day at my desk but mother nature has other plans for me. My desperation to find a bathroom became more apparent by the cramps and uncomfortable moistness of my womanhood. If I didn’t find a bathroom soon, I know I will have a nice red stain on the back of my white skirt. Nice way for people to remember me by, right? I run my fingers through my hair trying to clear my head.

    “Excuse me, are you lost?” there was a sudden intrusion to my train of thought. I open my eyes slowly, trying to rack my brain on what excuse I should use on why I was most certainly was not lost. But with my luck, this person was probably a higher up or my boss.

    “No, I…” I stopped mid-sentence, once I took a good look at who was the owner of the voice. No, it wasn’t a higher up. No, it wasn’t my boss. No, it was Jeon Jungkook of BTS staring at me with a weird expression on his face. Out of all of the employees of this company, the one I run into is my first bias of BTS. Truth be told, I knew I was going to meet him eventually because we both now work at Bighit. But I never knew I going to meet him with blood coming out of my vajayjay and a desperation to find a freaking bathroom so I could just put a goddamn tampon in.

“Well um..uh…yeah I am-m…wher-re is the umm..bathroom.” I sputter the sentence out. I push myself off the wall and look down at my flats, suddenly interested in the floral pattern etched across them.

“Oh it just around the corner, you won’t miss it.”

“Thank-ks.” I walk past him with my eyes still on the ground.

“wait…uh …miss.” I turn around and look jungkook in the eye. His face was a flush red and he holding a long sleeve flannel shirt that he was wearing moments ago.

“Uh take this you have uh something on um the back of your skirt.” He looked down at the floor and held out the shirt a bit farther to me. Oh, God. I whip head around and lo and behold there was a bright red stain forming on my butt for the whole world to see. Oh God. Embarrassment boiled in the pit of my stomach and need to throw up became the first thought in my mind. All I wanted was the floor to give out from beneath me.

“Thank-ks.” I took the shirt and bowed to him. Oh, God. I shot down the hallway and turned the corner, sprinting the last steps to the bathroom. I pry the door open and run straight into the first open stall I see. I leaned against the door of the stall and took deep breaths. I looked down at the shirt in my hands and rubbed the material in between my fingertips. At least he was nice enough to give me his shirt.  I took one last deep breath and started to fix my issue down under.

The rest of the day went smoothly without any more little surprises from mother nature or hot male idols. But still to this day, over a month later, embarrassment still surges through me just thinking about it.

Today was the first time I saw him since our little run in. I watch him from the other side of the small cafeteria. Seokjin had joined the two boys and was now scolding them, probably about throwing food. I laughed into my now cold soup. I stirred my spoon around chunks of meat, not feeling a bit hungry. I wanted to give him back his flannel but I had no clue where I could find jungkook. But even if I did know where to find him, I would have been too embarrassed to even give him it back. For now, the shirt’s home was at my apartment laying on the back of my desk chair, mocking me.

I finally take a small sip of my soup, scrunching my face up at the taste. I drop the spoon back into the bowl and pushed it away. I look back up from my soup and got this sinking suspicion someone was watching me. I scanned the small cafeteria and found a pair of dark eyes watching me. They belong not to jungkook but to the smaller boy sitting next to him. He had a smirk on his face and never broke eye contact with me. I was bewildered to why Park Jimin was staring at me. He leaned over to jungkook and whispered something into his ear. He then pushed back his chair back and stood up. He started walking not to exit but straight to my table.  

More to come.(sorry not sorry) As always I hope you guys enjoyed reading this as much as I loved writing it!!<3

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'i want to hold your hand and give you warmth' with wonwoo, please? thank you!

17: “I want to hold your hand and give you warmth”

A/N: Whee~ Another drabble game done! Thank you for your support, it was really fun getting this done ^^


Genre: so fluffeh i’m gona die
Word count: 932
Warnings: None!

“Sorry, I’m late,” you breathe out breathlessly as you slid into your seat in the restaurant. “The line at the washroom was crazy. I hope you didn’t wait long.”

“No, of course not,” Wonwoo smiles gently back. “I just arrived not too long ago too.” He lifts the menu and hands it over to you. “Go ahead, I already decided on my meal. But if you ask me, I’d recommend their cream pasta.”

You take the menu, but set it aside on the seat next to you. “Then, I’ll take up your recommendation,” you declare with a happy bounce and Wonwoo beams like the summer sun, raising his hand to call the waiter.

He initiates a small talk about school as you both wait for your food to arrive, and you sit there taking in the sight before you, a part of your brain still unable to register that as reality.

Damn, he’s so beautiful.

Though he’s known as the shy bookworm of your school, Wonwoo’s been nothing short of sweet and caring to you. In the weeks you’ve been dating him, you’ve come to witness the side of Wonwoo his circle of friends come to dub as his ‘natural state’. With puns and dad jokes galore, your dating life has been a colourful and wondrous experience.

But in your time spent with him, you’ve never been able to hold his hand.

You’ve never dared to initiate any form of skin contact with him because you had been afraid of what he would think. He’s shy and reserved, after all. What if he’s not ready yet? What if he thinks that this relationship’s going too fast for his liking? What if it made him uncomfortable?

“So, how’s school treating you?” Wonwoo’s voice cuts through your flurry of worries, and you repress them and promptly address his question.

As you converse, your eyes can’t help but drift towards Wonwoo’s left hand that’s idly tapping a restless rhythm on the tabletop.

Skin a creamy porcelain with a silver ring adorning his pinky finger, there’s something about Wonwoo’s hand that made you want to hold it. You don’t know if it’s the right word to use, but it just looks so… reliable. You just want to be able to feel his taut knuckles under your fingertips. You want to feel his long fingers intertwined with you as you walk down the streets so that you wouldn’t lose each other.

If only you could just bring yourself to hold his damn hand.

Your food arrives and you both have a hearty meal between giggles and light banter.

“Here, try my baked rice, it’s really good,” Wonwoo says, blowing on then lifting up a spoon of warm, cheese-coated rice to your lips. You hesitate, your eyes widening at his sudden forwardness, but your inner fangirling teenager gets the better of you and you’re enclosing your lips around his spoon. The taste of the food is the last thing on your mind right now as all you can think of is him.

Your face has heated up to unmeasurable levels by the time you swallow that mouthful, and you can’t even lift your head to meet his gaze. God, forget Wonwoo being shy, you’re even redder than a beetroot with such a simple interaction.

Will I ever be able to hold his hand?

When you’re both done with your meal, he pays and opens the door for you. At once the both of you are greeted by the fresh fall breeze. “Wow, it’s getting cold now, isn’t it?” you observe, waiting for Wonwoo to close the door behind him.

“Yeah,” he agrees, walking up to stand next to you. “Come on, let’s go see that movie.”

And so the both of you stroll through the leaf-littered sidewalk. You occasionally give the golden brown fronds a playful kick, sending them scattering in the air, much to the amusement of Wonwoo.

A powerful, autumn-chilled breeze sweeps through the streets and you halt in your path, unable to repress the shiver that passes through your body. Though your head is tucked into your collar, you can see Wonwoo’s concerned gaze on you, his body seemingly immune to cold.

“I’m fine!” you quickly assert before he can ask if you are okay, and you’re moving again once more. Wonwoo’s steps falter, and you pause curiously, “Are you coming?”

His eyes dart about nervously, his bottom lip snagged between his teeth as he seemingly contemplates his next move.

Then it happens so fast it snatches the breath out of you.

Wonwoo’s hand finds its way around yours and squeezes it securely, melting every fibre of your being from your fingertips up to the roots of your hair until you swear you’re a puddle of goo at this point.

Wonwoo is holding me!

He studies your reaction behind his round-framed glasses, his free hand rubbing away at his nape sheepishly. “I uh… I want to hold your hand and give you warmth,” he says in one breath. “Is this okay with you?

“It’s more than okay!” Embarrassed by the sheer magnitude of your grin, you turn and hide your face against his coat. He chuckles at your cute behaviour.

“I wanted to do this for a while now,” he confesses softly.

At that, you look up at him, tightening your hold on his hand. “Well, I hope it was worth the wait.”

Another laugh, akin to sunshine in the cold weather, and Wonwoo lifts your intertwined hands up to his chest, admiring how well you both fit together like lock and key.

“It was.”

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fugue || chapter 1

What: BTS Fic
Genre: Mercenary/Assassin AU
Pairing: Min Yoongi x Reader
Words: 1.9k

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Summary: Your profession isn’t the ideal breeding ground for romantic relationships, however when your husband is the legendary G.Host of the mercenary industry, things tend to be smoother. That is till the day you both receive assignments that threaten to tear your carefully crafted world apart.

Preview - (here)

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Tastes of Love. (V-day Special)

“Something special?”, - Gray halted after hearing her words.
He was walking lazily on a narrow path that went through the trees and led to a low hill, with a happy and slightly flustered Juvia walking right beside him.  
“I thought you said you didn’t want anything special and us just being together would be enough?”  
“Juvia meant that Gray-sama didn’t have to do anything special, but she didn’t say she wouldn’t!”, - she beamed. Gray kept from rolling his eyes, but his shoulders fell slightly. 
“Great,” – he thought to himself, - “now I feel like a jerk…”
“But Gray-sama shouldn’t feel bad about it,” – Juvia added, while fidgeting with a strand of her hair.
“Huh? Read my mind?”,- he thought.
“Juvia’s actually been meaning to do this for a while and Valentine’s Day just seemed like the perfect opportunity.”
She was keeping her eyes low, and it looked like her cheeks turned a shade brighter. 
“Opportunity for what?” – wondered Gray.
“Ah! We’re here!”
Before Gray could ask, Juvia leaped forward and turned around to face him, ready to present her surprise.

They were now standing right on top of the hill, and it took him a second to realize that the soft orang-y glow wasn’t coming from the sky. The sun had already set, and the day was coming to it’s end, so when Juvia suggested going for a stroll before calling it a night, he certainly wasn’t expecting any surprises. They had spent the whole day together, and Juvia showed no signs of preparing anything for later.
“This woman…. Is really good at hiding things”, - Gray couldn’t help but think back to the days he met the “closed-book” Juvia, when her face was unreadable, and no inner thoughts or emotions could be detected.  It was amazing to see she retained those skills, but Gray didn’t like the idea of being so easily deceived by her.
“Ta-da!!” - Juvia stretched both her hands out, drawing his attention to the heart-patterned blanket spread over the grass, with large throw pillows forming a border, and a few small heart-shaped ones lying here and there. There was a single tree standing in the field, all covered with romantic ornaments, and light garlands, lighting up the scene perfectly. Amid all the white and red, there was a small basket set on the blanket.
“A picnic?” – figured Gray.
“Not just any picnic”, - she corrected, -“Gray-sama and Juvia’s first picnic as a couple!!!”
Now that they were officially dating, Juvia was excited to start crossing things off the list of their firsts as a couple: first walk as a couple, first sunset as a couple, first mission as a couple… Thankfully, Gray took the initiative and took care of their first kiss as a couple.
“Does Gray-sama like it? Juvia tried to keep it simple.”
“Nothing is ever simple with you…” – Gray smiled faintly, “But isn’t it too late for a picnic? We did have dinner already”, - he noted, straitening. 
“Well… This is not a traditional picnic”, - Juvia tilted slightly to the side.
“Of course it’s not,” –he mumbled sarcastically, widening his smile, -“Wait, what do you mean?”
She registered the question, parted her lips, but after a few seconds, there was still no sound from her.
“Hey, what is it? You cold?” –Gray stepped forward.

When he reached her, Juvia suddenly took his hand in hers, and looked directly at him. Her beautiful blue eyes were so piercing, Gray swallowed, unsure what caused the sudden mood change. 

“Juvia …”, - she started slowly, as if carefully choosing her words, -“Juvia really loves you very much, Gray-sama. She… Really wants to let him know how he makes her feel…”
That was an odd thing to say even for her. Juvia has been making her feelings abundantly clear from day one.
“Juvia knows that the path to a mans heart is through his stomach so she’s decided to use that and show Gray-sama her feelings through taste!”
Gray stood still. There was a slight lull followed by rapid blinking and confusion, until he finally squeezed out a “what now?”.
“But first! Do you trust Juvia?”
“That’s a stupid question.”
“Juvia needs Gray-sama to say it.” –she insisted.
“Yes, of course, I trust you, Juvia.” – he breathed out slightly annoyed.
“Wonderful! Then would you please mind putting this on?”,- she said stretching out a white silky piece of cloth.
“A blind fold?”

“To heighten Gray-sama’s senses!”
“Oh, like that restaurant where you eat in the dark.”- Gray inferred. They had been to a place like that before, and it was actually an interesting experience. 
“Hm… Okay, but just for a little while.”
As soon as Gray tied the cloth around his eyes, Juvia opened the basket, and took out everything she had prepared for the late evening.
Gray heard a lot of metal clinking around, some glass, some plastic, - all of it laid out carefully onto the thick cloth. With his vision gone, his other senses were elevated. He could tell it was a warm night, there was a weak breeze carrying the smell of grass and flowers. He also noticed he was getting a bit tired from walking, and the blanket probably seemed a lot softer than it actually was.

“So how is this gonna work again?”
“There’s no need to be nervous, Gray-sama” –she chuckled.
“I’m not,” – he lied.
He heard her close the basket, and shift towards him carrying on some movements with her hands.
“Will I be able to guess what it is?”
“Gray-sama can certainly try,” – she sounded very excited about the idea. “Juvia will start with something simple then.”
He heard the sound of wrapping paper, and then she placed something heavy and long in his hands.
“This is what Juvia remembers our first meal together like”, - she said and urged him to take a bite.
Gray recognized the shape almost immediately, though it was a lot smaller, than it should’ve been, the smell was all too familiar, and when he bit a piece off, he smiled satisfied that his guess was correct.
“Caramade Franks” – he said, and Juvia cheered.
Somehow, right then the taste of something so familiar felt very comforting. It was one of his favorite foods, and eating it with a person he cared for deeply right beside him was soothing. It made him relax, and he breathed out. This must be how she felt back then. Even though she was nervous, being the newcomer, and didn’t know what to expect, casually grabbing a meal with someone you like can really put you at ease.
“Next one,” – Gray said, after finishing the half-portion sandwich.
“This was the very first mission Master told Gray-sama to take alone with Juvia”, - she brought a fork to his lips.
Gray thought about taking the cutlery out of her hands, but this wasn’t the first time she tried to feed him, so he accepted the offer. It was light, not too sweet, juicy, very soft, and there was cream too. It was a simple dessert, definitely. Being blindfolded really changed the experience of eating food. Gray thought that this was somehow a safe dessert.
“Is that… Sponge cake?”
“Yes! Gray-sama is really good at this!”
He remembered that mission well. They had to walk for quite some time; Juvia had short hair, and for a substantial amount of time, she was walking with her eyes closed, letting the sun warm her shoulders. He didn’t like that he was assigned a task, but he actually enjoyed completing the mission. Juvia was very easy to work with and she quickly proved to be a reliable partner. She was still a bit shy, fidgeting with her gloves a lot, blushing, and looking down.
“That was a good mission,” – Gray said, tilting his head back, - “You just joined the guild.”
“Juvia was so happy to be alone with Gray-sama, but she was still a bit nervous”, - he heard the smile in her voice.
“Really? I couldn’t tell. You were asking a lot of questions,” – he teased.
“Only because she really wanted to know,” – she chuckled.
“Next?”, - he adjusted himself.
This was fun. Gray was becoming more intrigued.
“Does Gray-sama remember the Fantasia Parade?”
“Right! We were on a float together,” – he nodded.
This time he felt a drinking straw touch his lips. He took a sip, and felt a sizzling sensation pour down his throat. He tasted berries, and something cold. The taste was so unexpected, and the way it kept lingering, Gray could only think that this must be what excitement tasted like.
“Bluberry… Ice Cream…and something else,” – he couldn’t quite register.
“Amazing, Gray-sama! This was a bluberry ice cream soda shake!”
“Hah, close enough”
They talked a bit about their preparations, the costumes, how Juvia was excited to be his princess for the occasion.
“We should do that again sometime,” – he said, tightening the blindfold, that was beginning to loosen.
“Definitely! Um…”, - she reached for the next dish, -“Does Gray-sama remember our very first meeting?”
She was talking about the very first time she saw him, during the battle between Fairy Tail and Phantom Lord. After Juvia fed him another spoon, Gray felt a punching feeling that went straight to his gut. The flavor was so rich and thick it made his mouth water. It was cold on the outside, but hot on the inside, and the flavor kept dancing around. It was consuming, hard to determine, there seemed to be so much happening at the same time he didn’t even realize that he had already swallowed it. Even then, the difference in temperature, the flavor, jumping between sweet and slightly stinging kept tickling his tongue.
“Chocolate volcano with ice cream and raspberry sauce” –Juvia smiled, when Gray failed to guess what it was. “This next one Juvia felt a lot during her time right after she joined.”
Gray was intrigued, and after this failed attempt, he was determined to guess correctly.

As soon as Juvia let go of the spoon, Gray tasted liquid that was incredibly bitter, sour, salty and spicy. It was disgusting.
“Oh, God, what is that!?”, - he tried to wipe his tongue.
“Hot lemon juice with salt and spices. This is what Juvia felt like when Gray-sama was alone with Lucy-san.”

Gray stopped spitting and exhaled heavily.

“Ah,”- he thought to himself, - “So this isn’t going to be just the happy things. All right then. Bring it.
The next experience on Juvia’s list was the times he has comforted her. They were her Gray-breads. Soft, squishy, freshly baked, warm, comforting and they felt like home. Seeing him every day was vanilla cheesecake. “Very girly,” – Gray thought. The time she noticed he was wearing her hand-made scarf – was milk chocolate.
“Caramel ice cream and salty pretzel is our unison raid?” –Gray asked.
“Two things, that are so very different from each other, yet go perfectly together! Isn’t it delicious?”,- she explained.
Though Juvia couldn’t see his eyes, she could tell he was staring.
“What?…” -  she asked quietly.
“… How long were you planning this?” – he asked, but she brushed off the question and offered the next dish.

She proceeded to more complicated feelings, and after a while Gray gave up trying to guess the flavour. The time he showed her his vulnerable side, living with him, training with him, when they officially started dating, when her feelings were accepted, their first kiss, him trusting her, - all those were very unusual combinations of taste and yet they explained everything so well. Days living with him did vaguely remind him of hot chocolate with marshmallows, but somehow cozier. The time she realised she was important to him tasted like blueberry and orange parfait. But it wasn’t only the good times. Juvia gave him a piece of thick and hard flavourless gum to mimic how she was waiting for him, when he left to infiltrate the Avatars. But the two that stuck out the most, was unsurprisingly – her happiest and most horrible memories. The time Gray had died in front of her tasted so awful, he almost chocked trying to spit out the goo. It was bitter, salty and tasted like metal. But the time he took her rain away, was like a breath of fresh air. It was cool water, so refreshing and liberating, so perfect and fulfilling. Juvia timed it very well too, so that he could wash down the dirty flavors. Gray grabbed the bottle and chugged it down in a matter of seconds. He didn’t even notice how parched he was. It was one of those moments when you realize that if you could live underwater – you would. The desire to cover yourself from head to toe in this feeling and never let go. How could she make water taste so incredible?!

“This is the last one, Gray-sama.”, -she said after a while.
If Gray weren’t blindfolded, he’d see that Juvia had run out of items in her basket. She moved to sit closer, and Gray could feel the heat coming off her body.
“So far, Juvia has been talking about the things we’ve already done…”
“So many things have happened…”
“Mm,” – she hummed in agreement, - “But there are still so many things out there that are waiting for us, and Juvia hopes …”, - she was beginning to stammer again, - “She, ah… She will do everything in her power to stay at Gray-sama’s side.. and.. She hopes Gray-sama would stay with Juvia too… So..”
Gray wasn’t sure where this was going, Juvia’s voice changed slightly, but he couldn’t tell if she was becoming more excited, or sadder.
“This is what Juvia hopes her and Gray-sama’s future would be like.”
“Out future?”, - Gray wondered, - “Oh, probably something sweet. Maybe caramel? Or something liquid? Maybe the taste…”

“….Of her lips?…”
Juvia placed the softest kiss on his lips, Gray couldn’t tell for a while what was happening. Her lips were so gentle and warm. Gray pushed slightly forward, kissing her back. He reached for the back of her head, and pulled Juvia closer, urging her to part her lips. He traced the bottom of her lip with his tongue, and heard her suppress a moan. This taste he knew very well. It was his Juvia, and that’s how she would always stay. Always smiling, always beautiful, always warm and forever his. He squeezed her shoulder, and then he felt her pull on the blindfold as their lips parted. It took him a moment to adjust to the light, but once he was able to see, he saw her smiling and blushing hard, straitening a strand of her hair.
She looked up at him and gave him her warmest smile:
“Happy Valentine’s Day, Gray-sama.”

It was getting darker, and the wind was picking up. Gray sat silently, watching Juvia tidy up. He kept staring at the blindfold. He traced the silk with his thumbs, looked around the setting, the pillows, the lights, and something heavy was starting to form inside his chest.

“I could never do this…” – he mumbled barely above a whisper.
“Huh?” – Juvia asked.
“This,” – he drew his hand around him,- “All this is… so out of my league. How do you even come up with stuff like this.”
“Did…”, - she stopped what she was doing, -“Did Juvia do something to upset Gray-sama?”
“No, I’m talking about me… Even flame-head did something sappy… And that metal-ass with his stupid song…”
Juvia was looking at Gray, not fully understanding what he was talking about.
Gray sighed, and slowly inhaled.
“Gray-sama looks guilty” – Juvia suddenly stated.
He shot his head up: “Why would I be guilty?”
“Juvia’s not sure…”, - she was looking into his eyes, and she saw something, - “Did Gray-sama like the evening?”
“Of course I did.”
There it was again.
“Does Gray-sama…. Feel guilty…. Because he enjoyed it?…”, - she trailed.
Gray pondered over her suggestion, and it didn’t make sense… until it did. He was feeling guilty. Juvia was always there for him, whenever he needed someone, whenever he felt down, whenever he needed to share something he wouldn’t have shared with any of his other friends. Juvia talked so much about what he did for her, he couldn’t help but think of all the things she did for him, and how she made him feel. He told her he was grateful, and he wouldn’t mind saying it another fifty times, but… Will he ever be able to show her his feelings, the way others do?
Gray starred at the blanket, and not raising his head said:
“I just don’t think I’m cut out for thi-
“That’s not it!” – she cut him off.
“Eh?”-Gray trailed, surprised by her tone.
Juvia’s eyes were wide open, and then for some reason she started smiling…and then laughing. She was laughing so much tears began forming in the corner of her eyes.
“Love doesn’t have to be big gestures or proclamations, Gray-sama,” – she said gently, and smiled wider when Gray teasingly cringed at the L-word.  “Sometimes it doesn’t even have to be words”, - she turned her gaze to the band on Gray-s underwear that visible now that he had stripped his pants of, and it read in bold “G X J”. He blushed, and quickly threw a pillow on himself to cover the label.

“It’s the little things too….Juvia never wanted any of the big things… If Gray-sama wants to be the kind of guy that buys a 1000 roses than Juvia will happily accept them, but if he doesn’t – then that’s okay too.”
Gray was listening carefully.
“The only thing Juvia really ever needed is for Gray-sama to be here… To be with her.”, - which was exactly what she said when Gray asked if she wanted to do something for Valentine’s.
“It might not seem like a big deal, just being with a person,” – she lowered her eyes, and faintly pulled her brows together, -“… but it is to Juvia. She never thought…that she would have someone special in her life, so… she knew that, if by some chance that were to ever happen, she would be nothing but happy. She would be so grateful, so much she’d celebrate everyday she got to spend with that person.”
“Is that why you keep throwing us ridiculous anniversaries?” – Gray asked.
“Yes!” – she beamed.
Gray smirked, and looked up at the starry sky.
“You make it really easy.”
“Juvia isn’t here to make your life harder…She’s here to make it happier,”-  she said simply.
“I am.”
“So is Juvia!”
“Then I guess…”, - he slowly turned to face her, - “ If we’re both happy…”
“Then everything is wonderful!” – Juvia finished cheerfully, -“Just do what your heart tells you, Gray-sama.”
Gray smiled gently, and slowly shifted his gaze from her eyes to her lips, which she didn’t leave unnoticed.
“Mm, I think it’s telling me to do something right now,” – Gray leaned in, - “What should I do?”
“The heart never lies, so Gray-sama should definitely do it,” – she said matter-of-factly, and he chuckled.
“Tch, c’mere.”
He pulled her in, and placed a slow and soft kiss on her lips, pushing slightly harder, after she laced her fingers with his. In that moment, time always stood still for both him and her. It was just the two of them; there were no worries, no fear, no doubts… And for some reason they both knew. No matter what lied ahead, this feeling would always be the same. It really was the taste of their future.
“Maybe someday we could have a real picnic?” – Gray asked.
“Juvia would like that.”, - she said softly, and laid her head on his shoulder, as they stayed to watch the starry sky.

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Imagine that omegas go into preheat where they spend the week before their heat all emotional, hormones haywire and scent strong. They get all needy for attention, especially ones from their alpha (or if unbounded any alpha) so if course with Steve's serum it only enhances it and Bucky is in for a loooong week. Especially since his omega is a little shit.

Ohhh! I am so ready for this! Hope you likey! -Ree


There they were, alone in the kitchen on a sunny quiet day. Everyone in the tower was either gone or on a mission. Clint was at the farm with Laura, Nat and Bruce were off in Fiji for the next few weeks, and Tony and Pepper were out buying clothes for their bundle of joy that was soon to join the team. Steve and Bucky had been thrilled for them, Tony was over the moon. He and Pepper had tried for years and eventually gave up hope on a pup of their own. But here they were six months in and Bucky was making fun of Tony the Whale. (as he’d taken to calling him.) 

Steve was making dinner in the kitchen and as he stirred the sauce for the spaghetti he decided to taste it and see how his favorite food was. He stirred it one last time and went to sip a taste off the spoon. Immediately when the flavor hit his taste buds he started crying. Bucky heard from the sitting room and came rushing in to find Steve sitting on the floor crying. 

“Stevie? What’s the matter, baby?” 

“The sauce is horrible! What happened?! I’m sorry Buck I tried, but it’s awful!” Bucky decided to try the horrible sauce. When the delicious flavor touched his tongue he couldn’t figure out why Steve thought it was awful. 

“Baby this sauce is fine? What do you mean it tastes bad?” 

“I don’t know! It’s just not good!” 

“Honey are you not feeling good? Maybe you’re getting sick.” Bucky pulled Steve into his arms and felt his forehead.

“Buck I’m fine. Only a headache.” Bucky pulled him into his chest and nuzzled his Omega. He inhaled and then it hit him. Heat. Steve was in Pre-Heat. 

“Baby, you need some tea and cuddles. We can get something else for dinner.” Steve nodded and set to making tea and calling in some take out. He didn’t dare say anything about the Heat though, that only made things worse for Steve. 


Steve woke up and felt like crying again, he was hot and uncomfortable and his head was pounding. A tear fell down Steve’s cheek and Bucky woke from the distress Steve was letting off. 

“Baby, you okay?” Steve shook his head and buried his face in his hands. Bucky could see the flush in his skin tone and pulled his shirt over his head. He knew his head still hurt, and the tears only made that worse. Bucky sealed his lips over their bond mark and Steve realized back and relaxed with the sweet pleasure. Bucky lightly nipped at the bond as he placed his fingers on Steve’s temples. He slowly started taking on the pain of his headache. Alpha’s had the ability to absorb their omega’s pain as their own. It was a way to protect them in their need. Steve relished at the feeling of the pain and uncomfortableness leave his body and he finally relaxed into Bucky. 

Wednesday through Friday

Steve was an emotional mess, he still hadn’t realized his heat was a day away and he was miserable. He dropped a mug and cried for an hour over it yesterday, and today he couldn’t fit into his favorite jeans because he was bloated. He was cranky and tired and he felt sick to his stomach. 

“Buck? Buck, I don’t feel so good.” Steve started to pale a bit and Bucky quickly grabbed the bin beside the bed. Steve let loose and fell back into Bucky. 

“Stevie? It’s your heat baby. It’ll pass honey.” 

“I know buck. The fact that I’m sitting in a pool of slick kinda told me that.” Bucky rubbed Steve’s back and took a deep silent breath. The smell coming off Steve was intoxicating. It was almost like the serum amplified Steve’s heats and all that came with. This week all Steve wanted to do was cuddle and be attached to Bucky. At one point he had to carry Steve into the kitchen just so he could get some coffee. Steve couldn’t get comfy or sleep unless he was wearing one of Bucky’s shirts with Bucky’s arms wrapped tightly around him. Only then would sleep lull him. As his heat neared it only got worse, he was needy and clingy to the max and he refused to eat anything that wasn’t toasted bread. Bucky was just waiting for the hunger cravings and crazy sex drive to kick in. It wouldn’t be long, and Bucky knew it. They laid in bed until Steve woke Bucky up with that look in his eyes. 

Happy Anniversary

Summary: Kaitlyn tries to surprise MC with dinner for their one-year anniversary.

           Abbie exits her room and enters the kitchen to find Kaitlyn standing at the counter as she chops vegetables. “Uh…” Abbie looks around at the mess of flour, rice grains and seasoning all over the place. “What are you doing, Kaitlyn?”

           Kaitlyn looks up and blows a strand of hair out of her face that had gotten loose from its ponytail. “I’m trying to surprise my girlfriend with an amazing dinner because it’s our one-year anniversary.”

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sweetchocobae  asked:

Southern US follower here. I'm like still so excited that you wrote a drabble with Ignis imitating his s/o with a southern accent. It has made my whole week. May I please request a drabble with them? I'm sorry, I know that's not specific. Maybe there's a misunderstanding because of accents? Whatever you can do as long as you're feeling inspired to do it suga! ;)

That’s more than enough Darlin’, I have a southern accent myself, and movin’ north brings it out a little more, or at least it’s more noticeable when I’m excited, or visit family. I’d be honored to have Iggy and his little lady have some accent fun!

I may have accidentally made her more New Orleans than originally planned.


“Careful, there Darlin’s those little mudbugs will snap you something fierce.” You called to the two youngest members of your group, before moving into the trailer,  turning to your tall boyfriend over a large pot. “Need some help, Suga?” You asked filling up another pot of water, before setting it on the burner behind his pot.

Ignis held out an arm, as you stepped into his embrace, “I do apologize, love, I’ve been trying to figure out how to get the perfect recipe for you, to remind you of home.”

You blinked up to the tall man, waiting for your pot to boil, giggling at the fact that he seemed so stressed about this. “Can I try?”

Ignis held the tasting spoon to your lips, as you tried a little of the broth for the seafood gumbo, after you suggested that Noctis wouldn’t even notice the vegetables in it. He watched as you tried placing the flavor, he figured he had everything but there was still something missing. “Love?”

You waited for a moment, before smiling, “All ya need is to dress it up with a shot of Tabaska, and you’ve got the bee’s knees, Suga.”

Ignis started, one of the things he loved about you was your adorable accents, but at times he found it rather difficult to understand what you meant. Unlike Cindy your words didn’t have a flair accent to him, sometimes words meant something completely different.  Such as when you kept referring to Noctis and Prompto as ‘Boo’, a term that simply meant someone younger than yourself. Yet you saved the term Suga for him and him alone, which he quickly grew fond of.  

Both of you turning as you heard a loud snap and then a yelp from Prompto than another from Noctis, as your feet quickly carried you outside, only to hear you yelling at the two.

“What are ya’ll! I said to be careful with those mudbugs.” Ignis heard you called, followed by Noctis and Prompto,  apologizing meekly, and Gladiolus snickering.

“Can’t hurt that bad. Fuk!” Gladiolus groaned, as Noctis and Prompto begun to laugh.

Ignis turned back to the pot, than to the spices he had, he had to admit he had never heard of this ‘Tabaska’ that you had referred to. Maybe it was something different, yet what sound similar to ‘Tabaska’?

Only to hear you come back in a few moments later, holding the large container of crayfish, as you sat it down on the countertop. “They’re fine, just a little bobo, nothing too serious. Iggy, Suga, are you fine, ya look like ya cher left the coop?”

Ignis turned to you, before back to his spices, then back to you again, “I do apologize, my love, I don’t believe I have an Tabaska, nor am I aware of what it is.”

“Ya kiddin’.” You giggled walking over, checking his spices, picking a few red bottles up, before placing them down. “Ya know they’re…oh what do ya’ll in the city call it,I guess ya ain’t. Stay here, Suga, I think I got some in my bag.”

Ignis watched as you disappeared out the screen door again, before quickly appearing with a small red bottle in your hand. Handing it over to him with a bright smile.

“A girl, gotta keep her some in her bag at all times. I’ll have Ma and them make ya a batch soon.”

Ignis took the bottle, before realizing that the item was Tobasco sauce, or Hot Sauce. “How much would you believe would be needed?”

You rinsed the crayfish off, before dumping all of them within the boiling pot, “Just a couple splashes should be fine.”

Ignis stared at you, “That’s not a measurement, love.”

You waited for the hissing of the crayfish to finally stop, before capping the lid, “Ain’t no thing such as measurements with a Gumbo, Suga, you just have to go.” You took his large hand within your own, uncapping the lid. Leading his hand over the pot, as you gave a few shakes, giving a quick stir, then holding the tasting spoon to his lips. “You first, Iggy.”

Ignis wrapped his lips around the spoon, before turning large green eyes to your own, “This is amazing, love.”

You gave a giggle mimicking his accent, a feat you did often to throw him off, “You’re not so bad yourself, love.”

Ignis chuckled, pressing his lips to your own, “Your style of cooking is amazing in itself. You’ll let me assist you with future endeavours?”

You blinked confused, waiting for the words to settle, between Ignis’s smooth accent and his extensive vocabulary there was a few times that you had to just stop attempting to figure what he meant and just ask. “What was that, Iggy?”

Ignis chuckled, pressing another kiss to your forehead this time mimicking your own accent, “I’d be honored to help you in the kitchen, Suga.”

You gave him a playful nudge, before turning to your crayfish boiling, “We got about ten minutes, I’ll tell the boys to set the table. Next time I’ll tell you how to make a Boiling Pot, Love.”

Ignis smiled, watching you leave out the screen door to set up for the evening, blowing him a kiss, “I look forward to it, Suga.”

Happy Anniversary! | Bucky Barnes x Reader

Description: You and Bucky celebrate their anniversary in different ways.

Words: 2124

Notes: Sorry.

Characters: Bucky Barnes, Steve Rogers (because what is a Bucky fic without Steve?)

Ships: Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier x Reader


“Are you sure you’re alright, honey?” Your best friend asks a final time. Brandishing the fake smile that gets’s more realistic every time you wear it, you assure her with a nod that you’re fine. For emphasis on your “fine” condition, you put on hand on your heart and look skyward, where he now is. Your best friend eyes your appearance and slowly nods,”Call me if you need anything.” She requests softly, before her heels click past the rose-bushes and she’s gone.

You close the door and your eyes, folding yourself against the wood and feeling the welcome mat with your toes. This is where they came and told you. This is where you screamed and cried and accused. This is where he dropped you off after the best date of your life. Uneasily, you flick the memories from your shoulder and head into the kitchen.

Everything about your home screams family, and yet there is no pitter-patter of children’s feet running down the stairs. There is no flap of newspaper as he turns the page, reporting the week’s events to you as you ate breakfast together. You couldn’t re-marry. How could you ever remarry? You couldn’t fill your home with smells that weren’t his, or kiss lips that weren’t his.

You can’t speak his name, or even think it, with the memories welling and boiling in the back of your mind. At first, it was a phone call from Steve, short and incomprehensible through the poor man’s tears. And then a month later they came. After a month of tears and worries, yells that burned your throat, and breakdowns that could capsize an island. Then they gave nothing but a pair of dog-tags (that they had found after searching the ravine) and a “we’re sorry”. But then again, what else could they do? With the war done and over, they had hundreds of those messages to deliver. Maybe thousands.

Passing the hallway filled with his things is hard enough. There are photos—little black and white things taken at “key moments”. Your first date, the week after your wedding, you half asleep in his arms. Little things, that make talking and concentrating hard. You turn your head as you walk down that hall. Why do you even keep them up?

Taking the ice cream from the ice-box, you do what you do every year on the anniversary. His clothes don’t have his smell anymore, and the face of his dog tags have been smoothed from your constant caress. After ten years, you would’ve at least thought you were better. When the world came crashing down you’d always imagine you’d find someone and everything would get better. You were only partially right. Everything’s okay now. You survive. But the week before is always depressing, and on the day of your heart is clenched by pain’s bony fingers. So you do what you do every year. You sit in his shirt, in the space he used to occupy, and eat and weep.

It’s worrying how easy it is to start. Every time you think of him your eyes well up, but this is the only time you allow them to overflow. You weep until your light and airy, you cry until the echoes of his voice become one and the memories get happier. Peggy’s lucky; she has a family now, and a husband that loves her. You know she hasn’t gotten over Steve, but she’s in a better state than you. You’re half surprised she didn’t call you today. She always does. But the conversation is never emotional and filled with thoughts of your beloveds, Peggy only asks how you’re doing and urges you to find something to make you happy. You lie to her. She knows.

After what feels like an hour, your fantasies of him returning die and the imagery of your possible children fade like ripples in water. You’re proud of yourself; it’s always been hard to get the imagery out of your head. The bowl of your treat is now soup, as every spoonful tasted like him and it’s hard to eat. You put it in the sink regretfully.

The only sound in the house is your muffled sniffles, which are slowly subsiding with every breath. Your lungs can fill completely now, not blocked by choked gasps for air between sobs. There’s always whiskey in the cabinet for times like these. But you never have gotten it before, not once. And yet today—tonight, judging by the moonlight casting shadows over the backyard—things are different. Maybe just once.

You’re about to open the cabinet when there’s a knock at your door. The doorbell rings once, twice, and then a third time hurriedly. It’s desperate. The bell continues to sound as you creep to your living room window and try to identify your sudden visitor. The only thing you can make out is the gleam of something in the shadows of your porch. Either it’s jewelry, or the reflection of moonlight against your 55’. The 1955 Chevy, the new one on the market that you had bought to make yourself feel better. It didn’t work.

In your sweet watery oblivion, you fail at maintaining caution. With no way to view your visitor you assume it’s your best friend. She’s so forgetful, maybe she forgot something? Wiping your tears as the doorbell desperately rings, you make sure you’re presentable in the hallway mirror and unlock the locks on the door. He’d installed them himself, just to make sure you’re safe. Every night he’d come home from the docks and ask,”Did the locks work?” You’d smile, wrapping your arms around his neck and kissing his sweet skin,”I’m here, aren’t I?”

It’s incredibly quick. So quick you don’t see their face. Something strong and unbreakable grips your shoulder, so hard you hear something break beneath the skin. It shines in the dim light cast down the hall from your kitchen. Something else does too, and then sticky liquid rises to the surface of the wound in your stomach, bubbling around the blade embedded in your torso. You choke on your own breath (or maybe blood), and the attacker slowly lowers you to the floor, onto the welcome mat now stained with your blood.

You suppose that maybe someone up there must love you, because you see his face just before the pain registers. The hand not clutching his jacket—or is it armour?—rises to his face, caressing the stubble beginning to surface on his skin. You whisper his name quietly, so quietly you’re sure he doesn’t hear it because he doesn’t react to the sound. Eyebrows furrowing as the pain mounts your shoulders and tries to take you under, you watch the light glimmer against the tears falling down his face,” James?” You whisper softly.

He doesn’t say anything. He doesn’t say anything at all, and that’s how you know it’s not him. Sure, this man has your lover’s face, his beautiful eyes, and enchanting visage. But the man you loved is gone, buried beneath codewords and training he doesn’t remember having. He doesn’t remember. But he remembers his mission; kill the girl so we know you belong to us.

Your choked cries meet his ears with sweet relief. He’s done it. He doesn’t know this girl, he doesn’t know why they want her gone, he doesn’t even know what she looks like because her home is so dark. But he knows that if he doesn’t play puppet that they’ll wipe him, and then he’ll lose the grip he has on the pretty girl and the blonde boy. He barely remembers anything, but the boy is so nice, and the girl is his only comfort when they put him in the chamber. She calls him James, in his dreams and visions. The boy called him… what did the boy call him again? Wait… what about the girl? What girl? What was he doing again? Why are his hands sticky? Why is he—oh.

The man behind him, his “handler”, gives a nod of confirmation once her soft cries for help fall silent. He’s praised, and the man looks pleased. They won’t wipe him this time. They won’t wipe him, he’s good. He is good, right? He’s done well? He flinches when the handler points to the girl. He’s told to pick her up and dump her.

James Barnes unknowingly picks up the love of his life, now dead, and the familiar feeling sparks something in his conscience. He’s done this before. With the girl in his visions. The sickness settles in his stomach, boiling and burning there. He feels ill. Why does he feel sick? He follows the handler down the steps, and with a final look at the familiar house, they’re gone.

Years later…

Steve doesn’t follow him out this time. He stays in the apartment and lets Bucky be for once. But Bucky can’t exactly blame him. He’s the last person Steve has, and anyone could take him away at any given time. Like he took you away. He hates how he didn’t know, he hates how he wasn’t pleading and screaming and begging for it not to be you. He hates how he didn’t remember the face of his everything. All the Winter Soldier cared about was keeping his memories. Which, right now, Bucky would give all over again if it meant you could live out the rest of your life.

He couldn’t be there for your funeral, but according to your half-niece, it was very you. They played your favorite song. You were buried beside your parents, your family cried, his sister came and offered her condolences. Rebecca Barnes was lucky, and now in retirement. Why couldn’t you be the same? At least everyone knew how much he loved you. He shouted it from the rooftops, so much so even HYDRA heard.

Killing you was the first test. It was to see if he was really working, if he wasn’t a broken machine to be tossed aside for parts. And it worked. He’d fought for so long. 20 years. For 20 years, he screamed and bit and yelled. But every day became longer and every night harsher. Bucky Barnes was washed away and repainted with red, your red.

Your actual grave site is empty. After a year of you gone, you were presumed dead and never found. The little signs left behind weren’t enough to convict a killer or a kidnapper. Your coffin was left empty but they buried it anyway. Only Bucky really knows where they put it, and every time after that night he would see it and get sick. Sick, sick, sick. They just thought he had sea-sickness, but no. It was without grace or ceremony. He just threw you in without a second thought. There was no final “I love you” or even a thought of your name or your face. No, you were thrown and forgotten like you never meant anything to him.

Bucky tears another petal from the (favorite flower) and holds it at the center of his palm. The wind the sea creates takes hold of it and carries it over the water and into the sky. Twisting the stem between his fingers, Bucky examines the flower for the last time. Gently, with all the care and love he possesses within him, he kisses the plant. Standing, the soldier gives a final look to the flower and murmurs,”I love you.” He tosses it into the waves, and it’s taken under to be with you.

His wedding ring, the most valuable item on this Earth, shines silver in the dim light casting through the storm clouds. He holds it to his lips and closes his eyes, breathing deeply. The audible slice of the blade and the choked cries of you drowning in your own blood ricochet against the inside of his skull, striking the sides and making his head pound. The headache doesn’t go away. The pain in his chest doesn’t subside. He could never move on.

“James,” You whisper, giggling as he presses kiss after kiss against your skin. He hums against the inside of your wrist, kissing up your arm exaggeratedly. Your feet are hooked with his as are your hearts. As soon as he reaches your elbow, he whispers,”Yes, doll?” Your wedding ring shines with your eyes, both E/C orbs glowing like the diamond embedded into your jewelry. You pause his movements for him, lifting his face so it’s beside your pillow,”I love you.” You coo gently. Bucky picks up your hand and presses his lips against your knuckles, smiling like he’s the luckiest man in the world. And to him, he is.

“I love you too, doll. More than anything on this Earth. And I will never forget you.”

He lied.

Tobi’s Special Pasta Sauce

This is my Special Pasta Sauce. It is special because it takes almost no effort and I fucking love it. There are no fresh ingredients required! This sauce is ideal because it uses up only very few spoons (depending on what extras you choose). And it’s really good!

Serves Four (if they’re not too hungry, maybe Two if they really stuff themselves, and let’s be serious, this shit is delicious) with ~300 grams (~11 oz) of pasta (gluten free if needed).


For the most part I won’t give you precise amounts, because I don’t measure that precise myself.


  • 1 tube (200 g, ~7 oz) triple concentrated tomato paste

    • This is the important ingredient, if you can’t find the exact amount or concentration, scale it or the other ingredients to fit

  • ½ liter (~1 pt) water

  • 2 teaspoons vegetable bouillon powder

  • 1 tablespoon olive oil

That makes the most basic sauce, it is better than eating your pasta with ketchup, but it is rather boring. So we come to the


  • 1 teaspoon granulated garlic

  • ½ teaspoon “mediterranean” herbs (Pasta or Italian or de Provence)

These alone take the sauce from merely okay to good. Optionally add some or all of these to taste and spoons, to make it a great sauce:

  • 1 tablespoon freeze-dried onions

    • You’ll want to buy these in bulk, the small packages are ridiculously overpriced.

  • More garlic!

  • 1 teaspoon mustard

  • No, more garlic!

  • Pepper or chili powder, if you like it hot!

  • That’s not enough garlic!

  • Replace half of the water with red wine

    • Be sure to talk to everyone you’re cooking for about this! The alcohol shouldn’t be a problem, since it’ll simmer for about an hour, but make sure everyone is okay with wine in their food!

    • Don’t worry about leftover wine, just put in the fridge and use it next time. Worst case scenario: It turns to vinegar and your sauce ends up a little bit sour. It should still be perfectly safe to eat!

And that’s it. You can replace the granulated/dried garlic or onions with fresh ones if you like, but then you have put in more work, so…


Put all the ingredients in a pot, mix thoroughly and put on high heat. Bring to a boil while stirring frequently. Once it boils, turn the heat to low and let simmer without a lid for one hour while stirring occasionally.

When the hour is almost up, cook the pasta as instructed on the packaging.

Or just put the pasta in a microwaveable container (no lid!), add a lot of water (roughly five times as much as pasta by volume), and put in the microwave at highest power for about 1½ times as long as the instructions say to put in boiling water (adjust time for microwave power and amount of pasta. Experiment!). Taste to see if they have the right consistency, and once they do, pour the water off through a strainer, or use a lid for the container to keep the pasta from sliding out with the water.

Serve with grated hard cheese (or vegan replacement) for extra deliciousness!

Cassandra: The Inquisitor hears she’s craving blueberry sweet rolls, and they make a fresh batch. Cassandra, abashed and flattered, agrees to try one, and she stops short as she puts it in her mouth. It’s warm and sweet, and the taste of sweet blueberry hits her. They’re sticky and stain her fingers blue, but Cassandra doesn’t care. It takes great effort not to start moaning in ecstasy, it’s so good, tinged with bittersweet memories as she thinks of Antony. The Herald asks, hopefully, if she likes it. Cassandra, in turn, nods eagerly and takes another sweet roll. She’s tempted to take the whole plate. “You are the Maker’s chosen, indeed.” she declares. “It’s wonderful.If romanced: her love surprised her with the sweet rolls, and it makes her heart swell with adoration. She drags him off to a quiet grove, and the two eat the pastries and cuddle, her head on his shoulder. New memories together would be nice.

Blackwall: He thinks he’s about to get standard camp fare when the Inquisitor makes stew for the others. When he tastes it, though, he’s actually shocked by the exquisite taste. He stops short, spoon still in his mouth, and stares down at the bowl for a moment before wolfing it down. He’d ask for seconds, but the whole pot is already gone, finished by the others. He sighs in mild disappointment, then looks to the Inquisitor with so much joy, so much hope. “If we get the ingredients for you, could you cook for us in camp from now on? Please?” If romanced: he tries to help by doing whatever his girlfriend tells him to. The food comes out delicious, and she giggles and praises him. He laughs and shrugs sheepishly. “Oh, I was just following your orders, my lady. Only thing I had to offer is love.”

Iron Bull: The Inquisitor was showing Sera their cookie recipe when he asked to try one. More than half of the plate was gone already because Sera nabbed them, and she reluctantly allows the Bull to take one. The taste of melty, sweet warm chocolate and sugary sweet cookie dough actually makes him moan in ecstasy– he doesn’t hold back. “This… you made this, Boss? Wow.” The Inquisitor nods and goes to get another batch out of the oven, and Bull’s eye is full of hope and desire. “Boss? Can I have this batch to share with the Chargers? Please?” From then on, he always hovers around the kitchen whenever they cook, eager for a taste. If romanced: He’s not much of a cook, but he tries to help anyways. By “help” he means intermittedly coming into the kitchen, dipping a spoon into whatever they’re making, tasting it, and nodding. “Yep, Kadan, it’s good. Aren’t you glad I’m here to help you taste-test?” They kiss, and they get second-hand taste in doing so.

Sera: After tasting her cookies on the rooftop, the Inquisitor drags her to the kitchen to show her their cookie recipe. They giggle and toss flour at each other as they cook, and when the cookies come out, Sera hardly gives them a chance to cool before tasting one. Her eyes bulge at the flavor, and with a moan, and she immediately reaches for another. “Soooo good. And you! You made me not hate cookies anymore. These… these are friendship cookies, yeah? You’re the best cook ever.” Like Bull, she starts hanging around the kitchen whenever the Inquisitor is cooking. If romanced: Both of them are covered in flour and their faces are covered in melted chocolate, especially around the lips that kiss, and they’re giggling like maniacs. “These are us cookies, yeah?”

Varric: He mentions braised nug with elfroot, and how awful it was, and the Inquisitor is on a mission to make it appetizing. They soon present him with the dish, and he fully expects it to taste moldy and dry, but he’d be damned if he didn’t try it. To his shock, the meat is moist and melts in the mouth, and rosemary combined with a hint of dried elfroot just right, just tantalizing right. “Maybe I ought to change your nickname to Chef.” he says wryly.

Cole: He doesn’t eat, so instead he takes to distributing the Inquisitor’s baked goods to people in need throughout Skyhold. Spirits are raised immensely with the gesture, and soon thereafter the kitchen is asking for the Herald’s recipe after a bunch of requests for more. “it won’t be the same,” Cole says, “they put love into it as the main ingredient. They have to make it.”

Dorian: He was talking about a traditional Tevinter dish that he hasn’t had since he left home, mentioning how much he was craving it, but no one would make it. The Inquisitor then looks up the recipe and makes it themselves, and presents rice and curry to a surprised altus. He tries it, and he’s utterly floored, and so, so happy that he got to have it again– it tastes like home. “It’s even better than at home! Thank you!” he says, sincerely, as he reaches for more. He then pauses and reaches for a bottle of wine and looks up to the Inquisitor, grinning. “This goes down well with it. Dine with me?” If romanced: Dorian is breathless, imagining two things: being home, and being home and living in peace with his amatus as they eat the delicious food. So they settle for looking over Skyhold together, and he’s rarely been this happy before.

Solas: He makes an off-hand mention that he would like to get petit fours next time they go to Val Royeaux, and he’s actually surprised, for once, when the Inquisitor presents him a few hours later with a full plate of lemon and raspberry petit fours. He thanks them and reaches to try one, but he never expected it to be so good. Sweet, tart lemon filling and a sweet crumbly base melt in his mouth, and his eyes widen. “These are… delectable. Thank you…” He tries to surreptitiously be around the kitchens whenever the Inquisitor is done cooking, though he denies it. If romanced: “Vhenan, open your mouth.” She does it, and he gives her a half of a petit four he cut in half. She giggles as he tries to feed her, though he does it with closed eyes and misses her mouth and hits her nose instead, leaving cream on it. He’s mortified, but she thinks it’s hilarious.

Vivienne: She had asked to talk to the Inquisitor, and was surprised when they brought up a few of the petit fours they managed to spirit away from Solas, who took most of them. She sends for tea, and the two talk for awhile when she finally reaches for one of the petit fours. She was absolutely not expecting them to be so good, and she asks where the Herald bought them. When they reply that they made them, she’s even more surprised. “Truly? Well, my dear,” she says, eyes hopeful, “we’ll have to have tea time again sometime soon. With more of your petit fours.”

Cullen: One day, when he’s particularly stressed, the Inquisitor makes him simple shortbread cookies. He’s excited to see them, of course, and after eating one sweet, buttery cookie, the entire plate is gone within the hour. He finds them later and thanks them profusely– it really cheered him up, as well as complimenting them on their cooking skill. If the Inquisitor ever wants to give him a gift or anything, he only wants one thing: more shortbread cookies. He actually dreams about them on rare occasion, when not having a nightmare. If romanced: The next time they go to make butter cookies, Cullen comes to help, and together they make cookies that are even better than before. He forgets his worries for a while as he stirs batter and cuts the cookies, and the two sneak dabs of cookie dough and tease each other.

The Inquisitor sends her some petit fours from a batch they make, and Leliana has already heard from the others how good they are, so she’s eager for a taste. A rare smile blossoms on her face as she tries them, and she wants to savor them, enjoy them for as long as they last. She offers her compliments to the chef, and one day when the Herald mentions they’re in the mood to cook, she has an agent take care of whatever they were going to do to free up their time. “It seems as though you now have some free time. And the chef is out of the kitchen! Have fun.”

Josephine: When the Inquisitor is asking her about Antiva, she mentions a popular dish there– paella. After being unable to get fresh seafood to Skyhold, the Inquisitor settles for making a vegetarian paella. Josephine is eager to try it, and when she does, the spices and flavor takes her back home, if only for a moment. “Thank you so, so much,” she says, utterly floored as she leans back in the chair, thrown back by the flavor, “I just… it takes me back to the shores of Antiva City. Would you be willing to make this again, sometime?” If romanced: she carves out some time to go cook with them, and she giggles and chatters away happily as they cook together. A few times, she stops them just to give them a kiss, and then they go back to cooking, all blushes and spices.