tasteslikefriendship  asked:

WHAT IS THAT is it a 3ds or xl or what tell me i want to buy one this year

3ds, mine is actually a fancy Zelda edition I keep protected in a green case. Um, I prefer the 3ds over the XL mostly cause it can fit in my pockets easier. But the 3ds XL does have a larger screen.

There is also the 2ds, but that one is honestly designed for children 7ish and under. Since it eliminates the 3d portion idea for games, and doesn’t have hinges so drops and breaks won’t be as bad.  BUT It is also the cheaper of the newer handhelds at $129.99. By comparison you can pick up a 3DS for $169.99 and a 3DS XL for $199.99 american.

The 2DS matches the 3DS in an upper screen that is 3.53-inches and a lower touchscreen of 3.02-inches. But the 3DS XL is still a better and bigger screen

  • 2DS: 127 x 144 x 20.3mm
  • 3DS: 74 x 134 x 21mm (closed), roughly 148mm tall when open
  • XL: 93 x 156 x 22mm (closed), roughly 186mm tall when open

The battery life is a bit touchy, cause depending on how long you play and if you use a lot of the 3d function etc depends on your battery life but at a standard;

  • 2DS: 5.5 hours, 9 hours, 3 days
  • 3DS: 5 hours, 8 hours, 3 days
  • XL: 6.5 hours, 10 hours, 3 days

So uh, you have options avaliable to you bee, and all three of them have sd card capabilities too…

Also sorry I think I went a bit overboard. My old Gamestop self like kicked me in the face.