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Just Another Girl (Rinn)

A/N: hellooo lovely ladies! I haven’t written any fanfics in ages so here you are! It’s a lovely RINN fluffy thing because I am RINN trash :)

This is post-rave and is just a random sexy party. Neither Finn or Rae have made any obvious displays of affection and rae’s a bit drunk and talking more than she should.


I haven’t re-read it because I’m lazy.

Enjoy!’ Xxx


The gang at another one of chop’s infamous sexy parties. They all seem to be bit a bit worse for wear, after downing all of those shot you wouldn’t doubt that they are all drunk. All apart from Finn. Finn has laid off the drink tonight, after saying he wasn’t really much in the mood, he decided to stick to a couple cans of cheap beer that chop had gotten at the co-op down the road. Much to chop’s annoyance that Finn wasn’t drinking, he soon forgot about it after a few shots of the tequila Chloe had pinched from her dad’s liquor cupboard.
The party was in full swing, every one was dancing and chatting and having a fun time. Rae was dancing in the living room to some shite that had come on the stereo and Finn watched her from the doorway, smirking at her a little.
She soon spotted his lopsided grin and she stopped swaying her hips with a little drunken smirk playing on her lips.
“Oi Finnely, wha’ ya starin’ at?!” She shouted over to him.

“Oh nothin’.. Just watchin’ the girl ‘with superior music taste’ dance to take that” he chuckled slightly when he did the inverted commas with his fingers about her music taste as he slowly sauntered over to her.

“Ha bloody ha!” She giggled, the pair standing face to face now. “I’ll have you know Mr Nelson that my music taste is the best in Lincolnshire and I was dancing to take that because I drank waaaay to much of chlo’s tequila!” She slurred

“Alright then, I’ll let you off this time. Only because you’re so intoxicated you can barely stand up straight!” He laughed, however there was a hint of concern in his voice.

She grinned widely and stepped forwards, not realising Finn’s foot was right in front of hers and went stumbling over. By instinct he grabbed her arm and whisked her up straight again.
“I think you need to sit down May” he said calmly and Rae nodded, blinking slowly.

They sat down on the couch that was pushed up against the wall in the lounge. Finn sat down beside her with their shoulders almost touching. The thought of just holding her hand made his tummy flutter.
Just then, Chop had entered the room ever so clumsily and declared that everyone was playing spin the bottle in the bed room upstairs. A few girls from the other side of the room eyed Finn up and down and trotted down the hall and up the stairs.

“Come on Finny, raemundo!! Time to play spin the bottle!!! Woooooo!” Chop bellowed far too loud of Finn’s liking.
“Not tonight chop, I’m going to look after Rae” he said motioning to her nodding off.
Chop rolled his eyes “you two are so borin’!” He soon disappeared up the stairs and left Finn and Rae on their own.

A few moments of silence passed before Finn decided that the quietness was killing him so he got up and walked over to stereo and put on the roses, but turned it down a little so that it was only just audible. He sat back down next to Rae who’s eye lids were fluttering as she tried to not fall asleep. She repositioned herself more upright as Finn say back down and shot him a sleepy smile in which he reciprocated.

“Why’d ya not go up stairs? A bunch a girls were givin’ ya the eye before they went up.” She signed out of her nose.
He hummed in response, not quite sure how to respond. “Well I had to look after you didn’t I, couldn’t of left ya by ya self!” He chuckled nervously.

“I can look after meself Finn, go on, go and kiss some pretty girls. They all want ya to” she sighed again looking down at her hands.

“I don’t want ta” he looked at her in the eyes “I stayed here because I wanted ta spend time with ya” he smiled small.

She hummed in contentment, happy with what he said. And relaxed her head on his shoulder. He felt electrical pulses go through his body when theirs touched. He suddenly went ridged.

“Finn..” She murmured
“Yeah” he breathed
“Why didn’t ya drink ta night? It was sooo good!” She giggled remembering her dance moves
“Honestly?” He breathed
Her head lifted off of Finns shoulder and she looked him dead in the eye and smiled
“Oooh sounds serious!” She giggled for a moment and the stopped. “Wait are you okay?” She sounded worried

“Hahah yeah I’m fine Rae.” He laughed at her worried face “it’s just I didn’t drink tonight because I knew you was and and I I guess.. I guess I just wanted to look after you, I s'pose” he looked down “y'anno, make sure nothing ‘appens ta ya” he smiled as he glanced at her.

“Wha’ d'ya mean?” She chuckled nervously

“I don’t know really, I just wanted to make sure you were okay I guess.” He laughed sarcastically at his own idiocy. “Sounds silly now I’ve said it out loud”

She smiled at him “no it doesn’t”
And he smiled back.

A moment of silence passed before he felt her shoulder bump against his

“thank you” she said softly

“No problem” the corners of his mouth twitched up into a smile as he gazed into her eyes.

Their faces were only inches apart as they look into each other’s eyes. Finn’s head slowly inches in and he closes his eyes, the anticipation building inside of him.
His eyes open again, seeing that his desire to kiss her wasn’t reciprocated.
She sat there next to him, with a sad look in her eye.

He opened his mouth slightly to speak but the closed it again, he seemed to swallow his words, embarrassment now seeping in.

Rae saw him struggle so decided to speak.
“I can’t kiss you Finn” she sighed.

He stuttered slightly before asking “but why?” His voice strained and broken.

“Oh you know..” She sighed “a few reasons”

“Right” now he was just embarrassed that he fancied the pants off of this amazing girl and she had several reasons why she couldn’t kiss him. Brilliant.

“Go on” he spoke

Rae took a deep inhale
“Number 1” Finn’s eye brows shot into his fringe. “I think I have a cold coming.. And I don’t want to you get it.” She chanced a look at him and he looked dumbfounded.

“Rae.. Tha” he being to speak but she interrupted before he could continue.

“Number 2. You kinda had a thing with Chloe for a bit, at the rave and stuff. She’s ma best mate.. Y'anno.” She just shrugged, not knowing how to continue with that one.

Finn was holding his breath.

“Number 3. I’m drunk” she scoffed at that one, even though the effects of alcohol seemed to have weared off now they were speaking.

“And number 4” she sighed massively. And Finn was still sat there looking at her intently waiting her to carry on with what he wishes she wasn’t saying.

“I don’t want to be ‘just another girl’, Finn.” She looked at him with watery eyes.

His eyebrows furrowed “wha’ d'ya mean?”

“I mean that I don’t just want to be just another girl that you’ve kissed. I don’t want to be added to the list of girls that you’ve been with. Especially if it’s just a meaningless kiss.”

“What makes ya think it’s meaningless? What ever gave ya that impression?” He looked offended and slightly taken aback.

“Well I saw ya kiss Julia the other day at rutlands, and she was here tonight and you haven’t even spoken to her! And that girl Anna’s been givin’ ya the eye all night, along with a very long list of other girls.” She didn’t dare look at him but she could feel his stare on her.

“And I guess I just didn’t want to be 'just another girl’.” She felt dumb and defeated, her heart laid on the living room floor.

A moment passed before Finn spoke.

“Rae look at me” and she turned to him, tears threatening to spill.

“You could never be just another girl. I don’t understand how you didn’t see that I fancied ya!” He smiled at her obliviousness when he thought he was being so obvious.

“Ever since I met ya that day in the pub and you played sabotage I knew there was something about ya that I needed. I was drawn to you, I feel gravitated to you and I don’t know whether you felt it too but when we’re near each other Rae, it just feels right.”

She didn’t say anything she just looked at his eyes.

“I thought that maybe it was a silly crush, this fantastic girl had come in to my life. But then I thought that you couldn’t like someone as boring as me. So I tried to get away from you, I kissed others to see if it would make me like you less, but it doesn’t. It really doesn’t Rae. If anything it makes me want you more.” He licked his lips and paused momentarily.

“I didn’t think that I was good enough for you Rae. You were this Rae of sunshine that had made the gang the gang! Everything just feels right when ya here. And I was this boring lad that sat in the corner who sulked. That didn’t really speak to his friends. I was just kinda there but when you came. It made be feel like I belong some where.”

“And it’s kinda scary! I’m 17 and I’ve already fallen for this gorgeous girl! But she’s just rejected my kiss and gave me a list of why she shouldn’t kiss me. And it’s because she thinks that she will be added to a 'list’ of girls that doesn’t exist. That 'list’ was in fact a list of girls I kissed to try and make me get over you. Rae….I like you!” He smiled, finally feeling giddy that he had told her.

“And the thing between me and Chloe wasn’t a thing. I saw you kissing Archie and I got jealous so I kissed her to stop thinking about you. It’s daft I know, it was a dick move.” He laughed at his own idiocy once again.

“And you’re drunk I know, but I couldn’t resist ya Rae.” He looked at her lovingly. “and I’m not bothered about yer cold” he smirked and she laughed along with him.

A few moments of silence passed again.
He swallowed slowly before asking “so what now Rae?”

She smiled at him and leaned forward and left a lingering kiss on his left cheek and pulled back slowly.

His cheeks were glowing pink and the corners of his mouth were twinging upwards and broke into a large toothy smile.

“You’ll have to wait until the mornin’ for ya kiss. When I’m not drunk. I want to remember it properly.”

“I’ll take that” he said with a smile, beaming at her.