tastes like diabetes

I just had the most adorable headcanon.

Headcanon that Guzma loves all Bug type Pokemon, regardless of how they look.

From the terrifying Golisopod to the Tastes-Like-Diabetes level of cute in Cutiefly, he doesn’t discriminate.

Speaking of Cutiefly, sometimes, if he’s in a super good mood, a swarm of them appear and linger around him for a bit. Harming them leads to severe repercussions, although he will let his grunts catch them if they want one and swear to take care of it.

anonymous asked:

Hey, would it be alright, if I were to ask, what kind of gifts the team would give to Yamagata?

Ushijima: He got one of those glass shaped moulds thinking that Yamagata said he wanted them for something fun. Oh how he didn’t realise that Yamagata just wanted to make jelly shot glasses.

Semi: Semi got Yamagata those tetris lights that you can stack. Yamagata plays way too many videogames so it seemed fitting.

Reon: He’s the one who made the cake for Yamagata. Yes, it tastes like diabetes. No, nobody regrets a thing.

Tendou: These two are absolute nerds. Tendou got Yamagata an ultimate skin on LoL. “I can’t believe you got me DJ Sona…” “Yeah, I know you liked her ass, man.” That’s true broship.

Goshiki: Goshiki didn’t know what to get for him but he thinks that his senpai literally deserves the whole world. He couldn’t afford the world but he gave one of those tiny LCD pocket games; they’re hard to find but it’s appropriate for someone who would skip school for videogames. 

Shirabu: He got one of those phone tracking cases for Yamagata since the guy’s a literal hot mess. Now Yamagata just needs to whip out his keys and press a button and he can just follow the beeping to find where the fuck his phone went. 

Kawanishi: “Where the hell did you even find this?” An alcohol flask in the disguise of an umbrella is a hilarious gift despite the fact that NONE OF THEM ARE OF LEGAL DRINKING AGE but he’s still going to use it so…

Sunday Afternoon

Oliver is greedy for touch.

Once Felicity has gotten it through his head that yes, come over here, you big goofus, it’s just a hug, I’m not giving you a kidney, this is really not a big deal – once he actually believes that, he can’t get enough.

“I didn’t expect you to be so snuggly,” she says when he tugs her against his side. She fits neatly under his arm, head on his shoulder and free arm across his waist.

He gives her a squeeze. “What did you expect?”

 “Honestly, I think I expected a Joey Tribbiani hug-and-roll.” She hums a laugh, then presses a kiss to his neck. “That actually would have been fine, because I sprawl when I sleep.”

“You sprawl?”

“I roll and kick too. Once I’m out, you’d better watch it.”

She’s ticklish, which is cheating, but Oliver has never played fair in love or war. “I think I can take you.”

“Stop it stop it stop stop Oliver no!”

“Promise you’ll stay right here next to me,” he says, trapping her legs between his. The way she squirms against him is not at all unpleasant.

“I promise!”

He doesn’t let up. “Swear on your tablet.”

“I swear on my – damn it, Oliver! – I swear on my tablet.”

 He relaxes back into the pillows, and if his smile leans toward a smirk, that’s only because he doesn’t get to win like this very often. Felicity grumbles back down into the space beside him, offering uncomplimentary opinions about his honor and gentlemanliness.

“Yes, I’m a very bad man,” he agrees. He slides his fingers up the back of her neck, burying them in her hair and cupping the back of her head. Gently, hesitantly, he pulls her head down onto his shoulder, and when she doesn’t object he tugs her leg across his waist too. Laurel used to hate that. Do you have to manhandle me, Ollie? Just ask. Sara took it as a challenge. Oh, we’re playing that game again? Just a reminder: you lost the last three rounds.

Felicity just laughs. “Okay, Mr. Grabby Hands. Am I cuddling you correctly now? Is this where you want me?”

“It is.”

It really is.

Spectrophobia by Lady_Arrowwood

Summary: Post-Dededetour. Meta Knight looks a lot like the knight Dedede destroyed.

(A.k.a. Tons and tons of angst and fluff with lots of Lady and Knight dynamic because I have an embarrassing obsession with mild interest in chivalric romances. And also sappy love confessions because if I’m actively setting out to write slash, I must go all out.)


I wanna hire these guys and order this meal for my birthday party! x3