tastes like burger heaven

Alex Galchenyuk #4

Requested by Anon:  Hey! I love your writting! You’re the best imagine blog on tumblr. Take your time, but can I have an imagine where the reader is dating Alex Galchenyuk, but prefers gally’s burger in McDonald’s duel gallagher vs galchenyuk? Something funny where the boys chirp eachothers about it. Thank you ❤️

*Hiii! Thank you so so much! Here it is. I hope you like it. :) Funny and sweet! Enjoy!:)*

Word count: 838

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The door to the dressing room banged open and you almost jumped from shock. A grinning – very widely, by the way – Brendan Gallagher led the pack of exiting athletes. His grin spread even wider when he saw you leaning against the wall at your usual spot, a little farther from where the fans gather – so they can have their time with the athletes and not for any other reasons.

“Sooo,” he drawled, walking over to you, “I heard you went to McDonald’s,” he wiggled his eyebrows.

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Undisclosed Desires, 4


Within in the week, Niall takes you on two more dates.  

The second is to a local team’s baseball game - Niall says it isn’t really his sport, but the two of you get popcorn and soda and he finds himself cheering for the home team anyway.  Your seats are terrible, but no one recognizes Niall in his heavy coat and ballcap, and if you miss a few batters because he’s kissing you quite thoroughly, well, no harm no foul.  Afterward, you actually introduce him to a friend you have on the team and you watch Niall straighten up a bit, puff out his chest, and it’s so silly, but it makes you warm and fuzzy on the inside anyway.

Harry texts you pretty regularly before and after each date; always a hello and an inquiry about how you’re doing, if you had a good time with Niall.  You look forward to them almost as much as the dates.

The third date, Niall takes you to a quiet, hole in the wall pub that you didn’t even know existed until the car pulled up to the sidewalk outside of it.  It’s warm inside and the food is better than expected, not to mention the drinks are affordable.  You get carded at the bar, but no one seems to ask if the fellow with you ought to have that long neck bottle you set down in front of Niall.  You share a secret smile, but he orders water the rest of the evening while you warm yourself up on a couple more beers.

Out on the sidewalk, holding open the door of the black sedan, he says, “My plane leaves tomorrow afternoon.”

You bite your lip and tell him, “I was wondering when you’d have to go.”

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You know how at the end of The Avengers they were all sitting around eating at that restaurant?

I need that to happen at the end of this season.

Where the pack is all together (including Derek and Kira and ffs Danny too) and they’re all just hanging out, exhausted. Eating burgers in Derek’s loft. And they’re all just laying about on the floor or on the sofas or chairs just contentedly eating and sighing about all the supernatural bullshit and thinking about how tired they are, but FUCK these burgers taste like they came from the high heavens.