tastes like a peach

no offense but….. am i allowed to look at her like that? could it be wrong, when she’s just so nice to look at? and she smells like lemongrass and sleep, she tastes like apple juice and peach, you would find her in a polaroid picture, and she means everything to me

star wars characters as my childhood neighborhood
  • luke skywalker: mrs. cooper, who had a boxer puppy named abbi that was actually mine at heart, passed out candy and bunny plushies and let me use her porch to play pirates and had the coolest granddaughter
  • leia organa: good friend from up the street we played really, really complicated games with. nobody has ever played barbies harder than this. there was a lengthy, emotional plot, drama, questioned the value of life. also our elephant toys looked similar, so we married them
  • han solo: me, who named the apple tree a papple tree because i thought the apples it produced, which were very definitely just apples, tasted like peaches, and claimed one tree to be my tree of playing. you couldn't touch my tree. i loved my tree.
  • chewbacca: the tree
  • C-3PO: the big golden great dane named maggie that i tried to ride like a horse. showed up at completely random times. never understood that she wanted me to pet her, not sit astride her as we rode into narnia
  • R2-D2: maggie's evil twin, who we never saw but heard howling in the night, the reason i believed werewolves were real until i was 9
  • darth vader: the person with the cow-themed kitchen, with the cow salt-shakers and the cow apron and the cow chairs. gave me a sea horse plushie with a torn tail out of spite. used to hunt for tiny tomato frogs in their rock garden after they disappeared mysteriously
  • the emperor: the crazy cat lady with three feet of bushes obscuring her house from view, making it look like an urban jungle. her cats populated the woods and i thought they were in a cat gang, which meant the cat lady was a werecat lady, because only cats can be in a cat gang. staked out her house with binoculars. did not know how to work binoculars, mission failed.

Tautened by Jess MacDonald

I kissed her again and lit up once more. She tasted like peaches and laughter and I remember thinking that peaches were my new favorite fruit. She giggled between kisses and I felt myself melting into the pavement. Her laughter burst like carbonation in my mouth, fizzy and sweet. I kissed her again, amazed and in awe of how soft she was. How kissing her made me feel drunker than any liquor I’d ever drank. How I never wanted to stop. How even though we clung to each other, she still wasn’t close enough.

Annabella. Annabella. Annabella.

I’d said before that I liked the way her name felt in my mouth. That didn’t compare to how her mouth felt on mine. Nothing did.

I felt like I was awake for the first time in my entire life.


Some things I like:

1. My secret Valentine gifts! I feel like the address is ringing a bell (maybe, or I’m just crazy)…but identify yourself, friend! And, thanks!! 😁
2. This peach tea is A+! It does NOT (thankfully) taste like peach pie in a teacup; it’s nice and mellow but with a lovely peach taste and smell! 😍
3. I’ve worked out and grocery shopped for the week, and now I’m relaxing for a bit in this explosion of sunshine. ☀️ Really enjoying the book so far!

hc; minghao

head·ca·non /noun/

-to note a particular belief which has not been used in the universe of whatever program or story they follow, but seems to make sense to that particular individual

minghao headcanons-

- likes it when people play with his hair

- will lay his head on your chest just to feel you breathing; will probably fall asleep

- loves grapefruit

- avid supporter of chia seeds bc they taste good in everything honestly

- has super soft kisses, but they’re definitely confident kisses

- tastes like yogurt and peaches

- loves cloud watching

- pastel blue greatly calms him down

- will make ice cream parfaits at 3 in the morning if he can’t sleep; be expecting an amazing breakfast

- likes hugging people around their middle

- has to have his fingers woven through your hair when you’re making out

- smells like coconut and eucalyptus 

- eskimo kisses are his favorite

- never forgets an anniversary. ever

- loves playing charades; always wins

- will dance with you in the living room even when there’s no music playing

- sleeps so close to you that you could be mistaken for one person

- hates tap water

- has to have bubbles when he takes a bath

- has one huge sweatshirt with a cat on the front and you two share it all the time

She smells like lemongrass and sleep
She tastes like apple juice and peach
You would find her in a polaroid picture
And she means everything to me

And I’ll be okay
Admiring from afar
Cause even when she’s next to me
We couldn’t be more far apart
Cause she tastes like birthday cake and storytime and fall
But to her
I taste of nothing at all

—  Dodie Clark // She - Original song //
He used to call me peaches. He used to say that I tasted like the sweetest peach he’s ever tasted with his lips. 
He used to call me honey. He used to say that my hair smelled like 100 roses mixed with 3 drops of honey.
—  A.M  A love story.
What the signs taste like 😉
  • Aries: moonshine
  • Taurus: chocolate pudding
  • Gemini: bubblegum
  • Cancer: peaches and cream
  • Leo: cherry schnapps
  • Virgo: menthol cigarettes
  • Libra: cotton candy
  • Scorpio: espresso
  • Sagittarius: piña colada
  • Capricorn: toothpaste
  • Aquarius: watermelon
  • Pisces: vanilla
  • (is YOUR sign flavorful?)
a poem about peach rings

i have never eaten peach rings but i remember what they taste like
if i try to describe it, its black sludge that falls from my mouth n you cant understand the strained moans that come from my throat
i see them in corner stores, i reach for them but reality glitches and i grab orange slices instead
its weird that i know what peach rings are, yet ive never seen them before