tastes like a peach

Hi I don't have a title but here's the lyrics to a song I made (Warning: it sucks)




You taste like peaches

Covered in sugar

Sweet tarts

Oh, sweetheart
I could never spend a day
Without you


-various ooh-ing-

The world’s collapsing
But us, we’re relaxing

-more various ooh-ing-



You smell like citrus

And it’s such

A comforting scent



When I look at you, they start to flutter

-oh hyuck chorus repeats-

have a nice day luigi

Tentacle Boyfriend

I got a lot of requests for a tentacle story, which is one I’ve be wanting to do! Thank you anons! Keep requesting!

   Your cousin came for a visit and gave you a strange potted plant as a gift. She claimed it was a small succulent but you had never seen anything like it before. It came out like thick leaves that formed tightly together into a long cone, going from green to a soft pink color. Your cousin simply told you to keep it watered and sometimes give it sugar water.

   You did so, watering it when the soil got dry and once a week you would use the sugar water on it. You weren’t sure how well you could keep it alive, you had never been a plant person. You had tried keeping herbs gardens and even house plants, but that always ended in tragedy. You had even tried planting wildflower seeds and as it did was result in a bald patch in your yard.

   You were intent on keeping this little plant alive. You did everything the old ladies at the garden shop told you to do, you even talked and sang to the little plant. You kept it on a clear spot on your windowsill and even switched out the pot for it when you were worried it was getting too small.

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Kissing Chats is therapeutic

This is what resulted from a chat I had with @frostedpuffs and well, I’m very proud of it lol. It is kind of short tho.

Marinette was a wrecked ball of stress. It was so bad that people probably could smell stress on her while she passed by, if the dark circles under her eyes weren’t a dead giveaway. She had three tests, two presentations, the deadlines for four essays and a lot of commissions for her online clothes shop. And the cherry on top of her funeral cake was, of course, being Ladybug and saving Paris at any moment when an akuma appeared.

(Which happened a lot lately. Hawkmoth can choke.)

Although, Marinette probably won’t have a funeral cake, because, frankly, she didn’t even have time to die. But the real question here was if Marinette was using that time she had in the evening to do anything related to the before mentioned responsibilities?

Well… no.

Look, her plants had priority okay? Marinette can’t pull through stress crisis without her plants. So that’s how that fine evening found Marinette Dupain-Cheng on her balcony, making sure her hortensias were hydrated enough. She was humming a random tune, as she kept arranging her plants, trying to not think about the load of work she had. With a sigh, she glanced up at the skyline, hoping she to get a glint of inspiration for one that one-night dress that was lying between her commissions. As she looked in the distance, she noticed a dark figure jumping around the rooftops. Seems like Chat Noir was out and about. Marinette wondered if she should get some sweets from down in the bakery. That was how they got close after all. She was minding her own business, working on her sketched, when out of nowhere a cat fell on her because he was trying to steal her cookies. He received some swats over the head, but also some cookies, because Marinette has limits when it comes to how much she could resist begging kitty eyes. And well, what was said about feeding strays was very much true and Marinette was still amused that the biggest stray in Paris came to her out of all people.

“Good evening to you, ma princesse.” Marinette looked surprised as Chat landed on her balcony, making a courtly bow.

“Hey, Chat.” she greeted. “Did you come sniffing after some macarons or what?”

“As tempting as that sounds, I actually dropped by because I wanted to check on you. You seemed stressed.”

Marinette rose an eyebrow. “I seemed stressed from three blocks away?”

Chat rubbed the back of his head in a strangely familiar manner. “Call it a cat’s instinct.”

Marinette rolled her eyes fondly as Chat continued. “Anyway, I noticed you are stressed and luckily I know a wonderful type of therapy for this.”

Marinette glanced at him curiously. “You have my attention.”

Clearing his throat, he continued. “You see, this type of therapy is accessible to anyone, it is free, very good, wonderfully calming, utterly relaxing and prescribed by any doctor who cares about the well-being of their patients. In fact, there had been a scientific research, conducted by the Oxford University that came to the conclusion that this therapy was effective in 99,9% of the cases.”

“And what exactly is this therapy?”

“Kissing cats.”

Marinette sprayed Chat with her watering bottle, making him yowl and jump back a little. “Very funny, Chat.”

His ears dropped. “But I’m entirely serious!”

Marinette rolled her eyes. “Of course you are.”

“Come on, princess! It will work wonders for you, you’ll see.”

Marinette sighed, before glancing at him. His ears were dropped and he was giving her those typical kitty eyes and Marinette wanted to hit herself over the head with something for being tempted by the offer. Honestly, if he wanted a kiss he could have just said so. Albeit, it would have been a kiss on the cheek, but still. Glancing aside, she considered her options. Well, she already kissed him once to get him out of mind control. No feelings there. Absolutely not. There couldn’t be anything happening from a peck on the lips for ‘lowering her stress levels’. Putting her spraying bottle aside, she turned to Chat.

“One kiss.” he declared, making him smile brightly.

“One dose of anti-stress coming your way, princess.”

Marinette opened her arms allowing Chat to bring her in a loose embrace. Tilting her head, Marinette closed her eyes as Chat bent his head and captured her lips.

Marinette found herself really enjoying kissing Chat. Maybe it was because there was no akuma involved this time. Maybe it was because his lips tasted like peaches. Or maybe it was just because Chat was a good kisser. Marinette let herself relax against him as they keept kissing. And then a gentle rumble filled Chat’s chest, making her smile against his lips. He was purring. And oddly enough it made her relax even more, her body going almost limp against Chat. It felt just simply wonderful. And when Chat finally pulled away, his purring stopping as well, Marinette let out an annoyed huff.

The little shit was smiling victoriously. “So princess, was I right or what?”

Marinette couldn’t even roll her eyes, because yes, he was right. She just nodded. “Not bad at all either.”

To her surprise and satisfaction, Chat blushed a little. “Well, er… I… only the best for the princess.”

As he gesticulated, Marinette caught a glimpse of green. Grabbing his hand, she brought it closer for inspection. She gasped. These weren’t always here, were they? She would have noticed. She poked them.

”You have beans!” she giggled then poked them again.

”A new design detail to my suit.” he explained, clearly amused by her actions. Taking advantage of the fact that her hands were on his, he grabbed the left one and pressed a kiss against her knuckles. “I’m glad I could help you, princess, but now I have to bid you adieu.”

”Whoa, whoa, whoa.” Marinette said, once she was pull editare out of the cute green beanies trance. “You aren’t going anywhere.”

And with that, Marinette pulled him by the tail, in her room.

Marinette created a very strong opinion about how therapy with cats should become a thing. She spent a couple of hours in Chat’s arms, his purring echoing soundly in the room as she worked. Honestly, she didn’t remember the last time when she had been so calm and relaxed. This was the only reason why she was cuddling Chat. Because it was calming and it was lowering her stress levels. There was no other reason. Honestly.

And with Chat’s purring and cuddles, she managed to finish two essays, four sketches for her commissions and the layout of her presentations. And with a peek on the lips for him, she went to bed (at a reasonable hour, for once), playing with his beans until she fell asleep.

Chats were truly therapeutic.

EXO’s China Line gone wild

A collection of my favourite wild lyrics


  • Juice:
  • Can’t lose I got juice 
  • Got the girls dancin’     
  • She shake it, make it jiggle, make it pop     
  • She drop it low, I’m throwin’ money nonstop     
  • Gettin’ nasty cause I got the sauce  

Bonus: *this isn’t wild but I came across it and couldn’t stop laughing*    I’m merely one stalk of Chinese cabbage  -(Bad Girl)  (Does this have a special meaning I’m unaware of? If so I’m sorry)


  • Black White (AB):
  • I don’t give a SHHHHHHIT    
  • Me, you got it fuck   


  • Lu:
  • I’m just tryna get you in the mood   
  • Now blow it like a flute ooh ooooh ohhh ohhh OOOoooOOHH   
  • Bend that body like a gymnast gumnast     
  • Come at me I’ll press u like some juice 
  • Good Good:
  • I got that good good    
  • I’ll tell you about how it’s gonna feel. I’ll get you high   
  • Make you wanna scream     
  • Don’t hold back your deepest fantasies, I know you’re actually wild


  • Peach :
  • Hold up Lil mama;   
  • Just back that thang up;    
  • Gon make that thang jump;    
  • I love the shape of that body;     
  • Baby switchin while she sticking it out;    
  • Baby you got a nice peach babe;      
  • I might I just wanna taste it;      
  • Girl your peach a gift like Santa put it down the chimney;       
  • Your friends got little bitty ones but girl you got that fire one;      
  • If you gimme that peach then I’ll be James and the giant one;     
  • Shake your money maker;     
  • Girl you know I love the way you move the peach  

The funniest thing about all this is that Tao has the most tame lyrics whereas our sweet sheep Yixing has some of the wildest.

*I went through all those reactions above while reading these lyrics*

On the topic of vaginal health though, make sure you’re hydrated, learn the different discharge colors and monitor any significant differences, stay away from heavily perfumed products, clean gently, be careful if you shave, and your vagina will be just fine doing its own thing.

Tips on writing Southern style for Leonard McCoy.

Here’s a link to part 2 of McCoy writing tips.

Being a native southerner and living in Georgia - the home of the great Dr Leonard McCoy and DeForest Kelley - I thought it would be fun to offer some tips for writing about the South.  I love reading Bones fanfics, but I see a lot of misconceptions about my home state and city, Atlanta.  THIS IS NOT MEANT AS CRITICISM OF ANYONE’S WRITING!!!  Hopefully people will see it in the fun spirit with which it’s intended!  I’ve also tagged a few people who have written Bones stories that I’ve really enjoyed.  I hope that’s ok!!  I love everything you creative writers do!!

2. Georgia is the peach state, but we’re not drowning in peaches.  The state doesn’t smell like peaches, taste like peaches, or drip peach juice.  1.  Y’all is plural.  And yes, we say y’all all the time, but only to refer to groups of more than one person.  It’s never you guys or even you when referring to a group - ALWAYS y’all.  I can’t talk without using that word!

3. What we are drowning in is Coke.  AKA Dixie champagne, the elixir of life, the secret formula.  Nobody calls it Coca-cola, it’s just Coke.  Coke is headquartered in Atlanta and employees are not allowed to have any other soft drink on pain of being fired if they’re caught!  (True!!)  I’ve known people who wouldn’t attend a church event because someone was serving Pepsi!  Also, all soft drinks are called Coke.  If someone says, “Would you like a Coke?”  It means “Would you like any carbonated beverage of the Coke family?”  It’s never called pop or soda or anything else (especially Pepsi.)

4. Atlanta is not a small town.  It’s a city of about 5 million people if you count the whole metro area! If your story setting is Atlanta, then remember that there are no rolling fields or country roads here.  But there is Lenox Mall, Phipps Plaza, lots of nice restaurants, and lots of streets named Peachtree.  Peachtree Street, Peachtree Way, Peachtree Avenue, and Peachtree Battle Ave. are all within about a mile of my house.

5. We don’t call each other “Darlin’”.  Sometimes we call each other “hon’” or “sweetie” or I might call a boy “bud” or “buddy” but I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone called “Darlin’

6. I would suggest not writing in Southern dialect.  It’s hard to read and frequently sounds more country than Southern.  And yes, there is a difference.  Country is more redneck, Southern is more elegant.

7. We frequently say “Bless your heart”, but it’s sort of a way of saying “Isn’t she/he sweet but stupid…”  For example, “She ordered a Pepsi, bless her heart.”

8.  Outside of metro Atlanta is rural.  Really rural.  Georgia is a beautiful state that has both beaches and mountains and we love to take advantage of both!  But not everyone lives on a farm.  I would love to read a story where Bones takes the reader to Amelia Island or St Simon’s Island - it would just be so real!  Also, we don’t ever call it the shore.  It’s always the beach.

9. It does get hot here.  REALLY hot!  And humid. But it also gets cold here - but cold to us is anything below about 45 degrees.  And the reason we’re so cold is because nobody knows what to do with it - we might own one winter jacket, so when it goes down to 20 degrees everyone just freezes.  But it’s not hot here year-round.

10. Manners are super-important.  Children are taught to say “Yes Ma’am” and “Yes Sir” from birth.  I still say yes ma’am and sir to people older than me. Gentlemen pretty much all still open doors for ladies, pull out their chairs, and stand when a lady approaches your dinner table in a restaurant (then the lady always says “Go ahead and sit!! Don’t stand on my account!”) McCoy would totally be into doing this. We ladies enjoy it.  Nobody is insulted.  But ladies also open doors for gentlemen.  We just try to be nice to each other.  I apologize if anyone ever met someone met someone rude from Georgia!  They must have been having a bad day, bless their heart. (Maybe someone offered them a Pepsi…)

11.  It’s true that tea is always iced.  And sweet. And we drink it all the time. Unless we’re drinking Coke. 

12. To me, McCoy does not sound like he has any accent, - I just don’t hear it. But Kirk sounds a little funny sometimes! 

 OK - I’m going to stop here.  If anyone has any questions please feel free to ask!!  I’m hoping to read a lot more Bones stories and I hope this helps!

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anonymous asked:

omg please explain to me how do you do that tea because it looks AMAZING and I want one right now!!?

It’s very simple: 

- Take a black tea of your choice ( Black tea goes much better with a touch of sugar and the sprinkles won’t affect the taste. Something light like a White peach tea has such a light taste that it would most likely alter it. ) 

- Don’t add milk ( duh. ) or else you won’t see anything. 

- Steep your tea to your preference. 

- When it’s poured in your cup , put a small tea-spoon of the golden cake sprinkles ( Pick ones that are very small, and almost look like sugar itself. ) Like this :

DON’T PICK THESE. ( Top right is okay )

These won’t totally dissolves in the hot tea. Not made for that.


( It needs to be hot tea for the sugar to dissolves ~ ) 

The Arrangement: Part 9

Title:  The Arrangement: Part 9

Summary:  He’s a mechanic. She’s a lonely woman with more money than she knows what to do with. Fate brings them together and sparks fly. But only for six weeks. That’s the arrangement.

Need to catch up? The Arrangement Master Post

Author:  Dean’s Dirty Little Secret

Characters:  Dean Winchester x Female Reader

Word Count:  3119

Warnings:  angst, explicit language, explicit sexual content, unprotected sex

Author’s Notes:  This is a multi-part series. Shifts between multiple points of view.

Originally posted by im-bigbrother-dean

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Tautened by Jess MacDonald

I kissed her again and lit up once more. She tasted like peaches and laughter and I remember thinking that peaches were my new favorite fruit. She giggled between kisses and I felt myself melting into the pavement. Her laughter burst like carbonation in my mouth, fizzy and sweet. I kissed her again, amazed and in awe of how soft she was. How kissing her made me feel drunker than any liquor I’d ever drank. How I never wanted to stop. How even though we clung to each other, she still wasn’t close enough.

Annabella. Annabella. Annabella.

I’d said before that I liked the way her name felt in my mouth. That didn’t compare to how her mouth felt on mine. Nothing did.

I felt like I was awake for the first time in my entire life.

summer greets
me, a kiss on each
rosey cheek
every morning.
she whispers, you were never weak,
just gentle as breeze.
she is the season
in which i come back
to life.
my hope is not found in
fireworks or midnights,
nor new borns,
daffodils, blossom.
my hope sounds like friends singing
indie pop out of key,
tastes like lemon sorbet melting
faster than it can be eaten;
smells like peach scented factor 50 we
apply to each others backs;
looks like turquoise water where
shallow ocean strokes land.
my hope feels like sand
between my toes,
like saltwater burning my throat,
like hugs from my best friends,
like showering off sweat,
like picking out a postcard for
my grandmother, like holding pinky
fingers when it is too
hot to hold hands.
yes, summer can lash out, yesterday she
burned my back but
it was in the shape of
angel’s wings.
Holding men to their own expectations..

If my vagina supposed to taste like peaches🍑&🍦cream your cum better taste like a strawberry🍓🍌 banana smoothie…

If we dating multiple ppl don’t be mad when other ppl hit my line😎

If you ‘single so you can do what you want’ dont ever forget while you doing you Ima do me..💃💅

If Im 'supposed’ to shave then so are you😌

If you think its cool to fuck one of my friends while we’re dating but not yet in a relationship don’t be mad when I put it on your homie 💁

Ain’t none of that being sad over a dude who aint acting right too many fish in the sea & I got me a brand new fishing pole

‘fraidy cats (remus lupin x reader)

summary: reader and remus stay back to study during the christmas holidays, and up playing a game of cat and mouse.

pairing: remus lupin x reader

prompt: “beg for it…” + “p-please… i want…” + “please what? I won’t know until you tell me.”

word count: 1.6k+

warnings: smut, unprotected sex, language, dirty talk, oral sex, dom!remus 

Originally posted by nellaey

Christmas approached quickly, the way honey dissolves in tea. The dormitories in Hogwarts fell silent, but they were still bursting with the presence of friendship; the sun-dusted air still seemed to carry the voices down the halls, still seemed to ‘plode with laughter. But it was just Y/n and Remus, laughing quietly to themselves down the halls as if not to disturb the castles peaceful slumber.

“ ‘Swear, Y/n, ask Sirius if y’ want.” Remus said though a string of laughter, “Them fleas, they’re murder.”

Y/n tossed her head lightly, a tomato-blush settling on her nose as they walked back to the Gryffindor common room together. Most of their studies had been becoming quite brief as the week continued; the full moon came slowly. Remus just seemed to lose more focus  than usual, but it meant more alone time for the two of them. They’d been flirting back and forth all week, and Y/n be lying if she said she didn’t enjoy all the attention. Remus made her feel… warm inside – then suddenly, a thought.

As they approached the Common room, Y/n tugged on Remus’s sleeve, a smile sliding up her cheeks as she looked up at him, “Remus, you know what we should do?”

He smiled at her odd bit of affection, tilting his head curiously. “What’s that, Y/n?”

“We should sneak into the Prefects bath, yeah?”

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