If, like me, you’re an amateur taster of beer and wine, inevitably you’ve asked yourself why you don’t taste that hint of raspberry or note of pine bark that someone else says is there.

Genetics certainly have something to do with why we have different perceptions of tastes. Scientists have shown there’s a genetic component to how we experience bitter and sweet flavors, as we’ve reported. And “supertasters,” who seem to be born rather than made, are said to experience a lot of tastes more intensely.

But what if your ability to perceive nuances of flavor is related to something as simple as your gender?

Turns out that, anecdotally, this is something people in the beer and wine worlds discuss all the time.

Are Women Better Tasters Than Men?

Credit: Maria Fabrizio for NPR

Day 1 of the #goodvibeschallenge! Hi my name is Cassey and here are 3 random facts about me!

1⃣ I am scared of butterflies. 😲
2⃣ The last time I ate chocolate was in 1st grade. I’m a super taster so chocolate tastes EXTREMELY BITTER! 🍫
3⃣ I used to have 7 pet turtles. Now I have 1 and his name is Turtle. 🐢

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writing a UCAS personal statement

@ all of you going into year 13 who will be writing a personal statement for university applications, here are a few tips that a I learned doing mine (just finished year 13)…

  • show your enthusiasm

read, read, read books about the subject/s you are applying to study at university, so that you can discuss them in your PS (personal statement), mentioning the title, author and what you found interesting in the book/s. you don’t need to write a whole paragraph on the book, after all, the focus is on your goals and why you want to study subject x.

take some university lectures (taster courses)! i found this really helpful, as in the lecture designed for potential students, the lecturers talk about what they will teach in the course at that university, and you can include your experiences/thoughts on the lecture (e.g. specific parts of the syllabus that you might be looking forward to studying) on your PS. Remember, you don’t have to take the taster courses of only the universities you want to apply for. Look up taster courses of the universities nearest to you (obv. the taster should be on the subject that you are going to study at uni.

here are some links for some in London:



here are some for elsewhere:



done/doing something related to subject x out of school? INCLUDE IT you’re a history student and you’ve had a school trip to a place rife with historical importance and you learned a lot about a time period, you say? INCLUDE IT.

you want to study modern foreign languages and you had an exchange trip to improve your Spanish/Japanese etc., you say? INCLUDE IT

you want to study maths at uni and you read a book on some kind of mathematical theorem? INCLUDE IT

you’ve had any work experience?? INCLUDE IT

*I’m NOT talking about the trivial stuff, e.g. ’ I want to study physics because I visit the science museum sometimes and I like the displays there’. Anyone can visit a museum, but showing that you have put in EFFORT will show that you have genuine interest in that field of study. 

  • structure

must have an intro, body and conclusion this is probably obvious to you, but I’m gonna say it anyway 

DO NOT COPY FROM OTHER PEOPLE’S PERSONAL STATEMENTS  aside from the fact that it’s wrong to steal other people’s hard work (seriously, why would anyone do it??) , UCAS has technology that will detect copied parts of a PS. Don’t be the idiot who tries it and gets banned or something (idk what the punishment for it is)

  • the process of writing it

don’t compare yours to someone else’s even if they get better grades than you and your think they’re writing a better one. even if someone is applying to do the same subject as you. don’t. compare. your PS is your best chance to show yourself as the unique individual that you are and to show off the one-of-a-kind mix of qualitites and interests that make you you. take advantage of this opportunity. include hobbies. include extra curricular activites. include what got you interested in subject x in the first place.

  • START EARLY!  i mean this in multiple ways:

start reading those books and attending those taster courses early (the taster courses can run out of seats, so book early for the ones you want to attend). the earlier you start, the less you panic and the more reading and taster course you can fit in. it also leads to less conflict between your schoolwork and PS.

your 1st draft doesn’t have to be the whole 4000 characters and it certainly doesn’t have to be perfect, but starting is the hardest part (the 2nd hardest being meeting the 4000 character limit and choosing what to include and what not to include). writing even just one crappy paragraph is a starting point and the more you write and edit your PS, the more confidence you will gain in writing it. you will eventually get a clearer idea of what exactly you want in your PS.

if your are applying for Oxbridge, Medicine, Dentistry, Veterinary sciences (look up your subject to check), your PS has to be submitted by October.


SPELL CHECK YOUR PS. Don’t be the muppet who finds a typo or a sentence that doesn’t make sense only AFTER you’ve hit send. Don’t be that person who lost a university place all because you couldn’t be bothered to proof-read it a few times.

Get your teachers to read your PS. Especially the teachers who are teaching you the subject you want to study at uni (or at least teach a subject related to the subject you want to pursue). They can proof read your work AND add suggestions as to what you could add in, or improve. they can recommend books that you can read and mention in your PS if you ask them at the start of term.


DO NOT mention books that you have not read, don’t mention school trips, taster courses etc that you have not attended. If a university reads your PS and calls you in for an interview, they WILL interview you about whatever you mentioned on your PS. Whatever you lied about will be brought up, you will be expected to discuss in in detail and it will become painfully obvious to the interviewer that you were lying. Why would you want to put yourself through that much humiliation? Also, if you do lie about a book or lecture, you can’t even write about  it in detail, because you know nothing about it? Either way, lying will come back to bite you in the ass.

I know this is a long post, and i’m sorry if some of this was so obvious that it seems patronizing or condescending, but I also know that writing your PS is stressful af, so I tried to include everything I could think of :)  good luck

Also @bootleggersbrew had #BlackPhoenix chipotle coffee stout on #nitro. A really good beer made even better with the nitro tap system which brought the chipotle flavor out and made for a much smoother drinking experience. #beer #beerporn #craftbeer #craftbeerporn #californiacraftbeer #ontap #taster #bootleggersbrewery #downtownfullerton (at Bootlegger’s Brewery)

(Another) Seventeen as Food

S.coups - a fancy shot taster plate that seems all cute and colourful and nice and you totally forget that it’s still alcohol and it just messes you up man

Jeonghan - angel food cake

Joshua - a peach that means no harm, just wants you to be healthy and happy

Jun - a brownie you forgot you had and it’s been in the back of he fridge for a while and your not quite sure about it and worried that it might be stale or gross or smth but you try it and holy shit that’s one good brownie why didn’t you eat it earlier like everyone likes brownies and it has sprinkles and everything but you just didn’t give it the chance it needed

Hoshi - a marshmallow banana

Wonwoo - black liquorice, but the really pretty kind with the pink and all the colours that’s nice and lovely even though you don’t usually like black liquorice you still buy the shit out of it

Woozi - literally a grapefruit

DK - Oreos filled with toothpaste and you should be really mad cause who would do that but you just end up laughing cause it’s harmless innocent humour how could you stay mad at that

Mingyu - fruit roll up tongue tattoos

The8 - curly fries

Seungkwan - a muffin and at first you thought it was raisin bran and ur like idk I’m not sure looks healthy but oh my goodness were you wrong you eat it and holy shit it was oatmeal chocolate chip and it’s the best muffin you’ve ever had like hot damn then you get to the middle and there’s icing inside of it and it’s so unnecessary like it could have just stayed a muffin and you would have been satisfied with that but really it was a slightly confused cupcake all along

Vernon - hot lips candy

Dino - Dinosaur oatmeal, but you made it a while ago and forgot you did so it’s a little cold, but you still eat it cause you tried your best and it still tastes the same and there are f*cking dinosaurs in it so why wouldn’t you

A collaborative effort with kyungsoo-kisses-jongin

ok so i’ve had the survey up for a couple of hours now and its had a suprising amount of SUCH POSITIVE answers so I did a thing of all the data and here is a kind of taster of what it could look like? 

btw it wont say #1 on all of them because if you still like the idea of a different number every time someone buys then it will be like that :)


i’ll be leaving the survey up incase it changes and stuff but thank you to everyone that took part, it helped me a lot x

Some of my current projects!
  • Some of my current projects!
  • Isabella Stocchetti

Just sharing a few of my songwriting and music projects I’m working on when I can. These are all personal drafts but hopefully a taster of some things which will be coming either soon as demos when my studio gear arrives, or I’ll be saving to put on my first EP! I want to do some kind of acoustic set soon too ^__^.

  1. Universe - Really excited about this one! I want to get it right and do it properly, so it might be some time before I share the final result with you!
  2. Untitled Film/Screen short - A little preview of something poignant and ‘cute’. Gonna mainly be piano - Randy Newman-esque with some backing vox. The main focus are the other instruments though.
  3. Some kind of End Credits/Film song - THIS PROJECT IS SO FUN ATM OMG!!!! It’s turning into some kind of ‘agent’ theme song and I hope you’ll like the groove when it’s done :3 it’s probably going to work as a DN song for L as well!
  4. Something’s Not Quite Right 
  5. I - I’ve almost finished this one! I hope to share it with you soon. It’s shaping up pretty cool I think.

There are a couple of others but I don’t want to share everything ;) just thought it’d be cool to show you a little bit of what I’m up to musically at the moment!

anonymous asked:

Could you write a headcanon about the MFW guys finding out MC had a kid with someone else (BTW I absolutely love your blog!)

Its up! deary!! Here is a taster and link below for the rest of the story!


He knew you had your secrets from your previous relationship but he had no idea the secret was this big. He knew you didn’t like to talk about him, Your EX, and he respected that he didn’t care much for his Ex either, But why would you keep this from him? He wasn’t heartless he would just leave because you had a child to him.



I sprained my ankle on a large dude’s foot at volleyball last night and declined crutches at Urgent Care but I can’t put any weight on it and have been rolling around the house on a large office chair. 

 But! Today I get to continue taster training at work and there is a fun party for the fermenter I helped recommission AND it’s yogapizzabeer’s birthday celebration tonight so lord help me I will rally. Even if it means rolling around on an office chair. (Kidding. I’m gonna get me some crutches.) 


ellewood117 said: I’m kinda excited to hear about Theo and how horrible of a dipshit he is. It’s rare when the TW fandom can agree on something but united have they been on their hate for him.

Let me put it bluntly for a taster: Theo Raeken makes Gerard Argent look like a perfectly upstanding, morally sound, sane and reasonable human being. If you thought Gerard was an unstable and utterly unapologetic sociopath then he has absolutely nothing on the unending pit of delusional depravity that is Theo Raeken.