Is This Touch Enough To Break You? - Rated NC17 (dominating!Loki, submissive!Reader, multiple Lokis, bondage, rough, teasing, dirty talk)

“You’re looking a bit flustered, my pet.” he cooed. “Surely you haven’t reached your breaking point yet?” A moment passed in silence before Loki chuckled and said, “You may speak.”

In The End - chpt 16 - Rated NC17 (slight dominating!Loki, submissive!OFC, multiple Lokis, double penetration, rough, slight bdsm, dirty talk)

The unspoken fantasy lodged in her throat before she allowed herself to speak. “Can you…please…conjure another illusion of yourself and both of you fuck me?” she asked softly.

Sweet Like Candy - chpt 1

“Sweet Like Candy” - [WIP] Rated NC17 (top!Tom, bottom!OFC, halloween, holiday fic, teasing, oral, cosplay, sweet, fluff, romantic, multichapter) 


The party was a success. Chris and Elsa worked their magic to put together a wonderful night of costumes, candy, games, and dancing. The crowd ebbed considerably after midnight, and there were only couples left to gather in the home-theatre. Tom and Jeremy browsed Chris’ collection of DVDs to pick out a spooky movie to play on the overhead projector. He noticed a shy smile on Jeremy’s face when his eyes landed on a copy of The Other Boleyn Girl, then quickly flickered over another row of titles.

“You know it’s not like we’re all surprised,” Tom said in a hushed voice. “You’re perfect for each other. Everyone has been waiting for you guys to come out about it. Ev and I are very happy for you. Have to say I didn’t expect it at the party, though, since Scarlett is so hush-hush with everything.”

Jeremy blanched, the colour suddenly rushing back to his cheeks as he ducked his face away from Tom’s examining eyes. He chuckled nervously and rubbed the back of his neck with one hand, plucking a DVD from a shelf with the other. “She wasn’t the one that wanted to keep it a secret,” he admitted.

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Sunday Night Smut Seminar with tasteofhiddles - ***Tonight*** (30/9/12 @10pm Central US)


If you are a writer or an avid reader of smut/fanfiction, and if you have questions about it, then feel free to join me tonight (30 Sep, at 10pm Central US time) for our 3rd discussion!

Some of last week’s Q&A included:

  • Pacing and history - How to sum up your characters’ lives in a PWP
  • Same sex, different day - How to keep it fresh and varied
  • Imagery Vs Sensation - How to engage your readers with word-porn

Any and every question concerning smut is welcome! Bring me your inquiries tonight and I will do my best to give solid advice and a listening ear.


anonymous asked:

Um I just wanted to say that although I don't have a tumblr I have been stalking your blog for a long time and have no regrets. I FREAKIN LOVE EVERYTHING THAT GOES ON HERE. Can you please write a fic about Loki taking a girls virginity. I need it to help with the extreme boredom that hurricane sandy has forced. Thanks for listening. :)

Thank you :) Stay safe!


Svalinn” - Rated NC17 (dominating!King!Loki, submissive!virgin!OFC, dub-con, rough)

A/N: An elven bride from the realm of Alfheim has been procured for the newly crowned King of Asgard. Though she has accepted her fate and hopes to find acceptance in her new marriage, how can she win over a stranger who deems himself a monster?

A Small Kindness” - Rated: NC17 (slight dominating!top!Loki, slight submissive!bottom!OFC, hurt!prisoner!Loki, caring!OFC, shackles, muzzle, bondage, hurt, comfort, angst)

We knew he would end up with us once his punishment had concluded and no one had wanted the task of being his carer. So we had drawn lots, each person sighing with relief when it became apparent that they had escaped the job. When I drew the long stick I had stared at it for a moment and then looked around their assembled faces, reading the pity and the relief.

I do indeed! It just hasn’t made it on the Masterlist yet. :)

Reminder - Rated: Teen (dancing/club, shy, fluff)

You kept that reminder towards the back of your mind, telling yourself not to get too attached cause once he left, you two would be done.  You kept your heart at a distance…so why did it still hurt so fucking much to look at him and to see how he looked at you?