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I'm reminded of the time MAL studied the top series with the lowest % of people dropping it, and HxH was on that list (the only long anime on the list in fact). They examined on average what episode people were dropping those series by, and for HxH it was 46. You know. The episode imminently before Kurapika v Uvogin. HOW could you drop it THERE.

if u dropped hxh right before the uvogin fight you are officially tasteless and are exiled from all good anime ever again for the rest of your miserable life

Some of you guys are young reading adult mature novels so I will forgive however I’m here to address and tell you DO NOT make jokes about pedophilia these books are against pedophilia for one and two it’s absolutely DISGUSTING and TASTELESS. They are people who have been through it and it’s not a joke and it’s not funny nor was it considered it in the books

// I think a lot about how sometimes the writers make it seem like Teru could possibly drug someone “just cus”, but the majority of the time, he’s very against drugging shit? Like he gets genuinly pissed when they assume he’d drug his food in his trial, and he’s obviously really upset with Hiyoko when she drugs his food in the anime?? Like why the fuck did you do that?? And it was right after he had also said that he only dabbled in making drugs and he showed obvious discomfort that his classmates assumed he’d ever drug anyone without telling them, or that it was all he did?????

So the whole scene w Hinata and him apparently slipping a drug into his food at the end of his free time events, it just feels like a tasteless joke?? It goes against his character?????????????????

Personally, I don’t think he’d ever fucking drug anyone, because he fucking said so //

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Hey I'm recovering from BED and restriction ALWAYS make me binge but I'm a student and I try not to spend too much money, I don't have the time to cook (This month I have sooo many exams), on lunch time I have to eat super quick, the morning I eat breakfast half running/half dressing up, for dinner I am so tired that I eat tasteless food...I'm restricting unintentionally and I know this will lead to a binge. What can I do ?? I don't know how to cook and I hate whate I eat.. :/ any tips ?? Thx!!

Learning how to cook is always a good idea! And having foods that are quick are good, that could be making sandwiches, even just a bag of veggies! I know it’s hard, but you need to prioritize yourself here over your grades.